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    • 04/27/2019

    Suggestion Forums moved/created:

    With the intentions of making the forums clearer, certain types of suggestions redirects have been created:

    Thanks to @queue for the suggestion to do this in the first place.


    Removed Divisions/Servers:

    Due to an inactive player base, admin team and/or lack of a manager, several servers and divisions are now closed in order to reallocate our resources.

    • The KF1/2 Forum and servers are no more.
    • The COD 4 Forum and servers are no more.
    • The Squad Forum and servers are no more.
    • Rust 1000x and Rust 2x Vanilla servers are now closed.



    Added Divisions/Servers:

    • TF2 Reintroduced.

    You may have seen that GFL has a few servers that are not listed officially on the forums or sourcebans. They will be integrated into GFL soon, similarly to how TF2 was. These servers are part of the Anycast network. Roy discusses the Anycast network in the thread located here


    "Bug Fixes":

    • Various grammatical fixes, all over the forums
    • Updated GFLCore and Server names to be consistent. These two things will be properly maintained from now on.
      • For those wondering, the format for Server names is: [GFLClan.com] (gamemode) (location (optional)) | (tags(optional)) | (tags(optional)) etc.

    Thanks to @Jerry Hat Trick for pointing these two things out in the bug reports section of the forums.



    If you notice any website-related bugs, please make a bug report here: https://gflclan.com/tracker/bugs/unresolved/


    Thank you!

    Edited by Liloz01

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