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  1. HIA NOOB.

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      i won 5 rounds against you earlier :lenny:

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      my mouse is unstable okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM BETTER THAN THAT ROY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT STeAL MY PRIDE FUCK NOUUfoaicpoacikplaæØ.

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  2. Gimme "Trusted", I wanna help the community by banning hackers n shit :lenny:

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  3. You're matching a string, so yes. For example: if (myString == "Christian Deacon") { std::cout << "You entered \"Christian Deacon\"!" << std::endl; } In these cases, I would recommend lower-casing the user's input and string. For example: // Got this code from here: THIS IS NOT TESTED. - Roy #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> #include <string> int main() { std::string sName; std::cin >> sName; std::transform(sName.begin(), sName.end(), sName.begin(), ::tolower); if (sName == "christian deacon") { std::cout << "You entered Christian Deacon!" << std::endl; } } Thanks.
  4. Welp, time to purchase another OVH machine (MC-32) to replace our current MC-32B machine. I have around fifteen days or so to setup this machine but knowing myself, I will probably rush it and try to get it completely setup in the next couple days. I will be setting up B3 RCON bot on this machine along with moving our CoD 4 TDM server (I want all CoD 4 servers running on the same machine so we only need one B3 installation). Unfortunately, the CoD 4 TDM server will change IPs but this server is currently not populated (only gets to ~3 - 5 players peak).


    Apart from that, I want to finally move our main website to the new VM @balon has setup for us along with upgrading to IPS 4.2.x and optimizing our MySQL server to gain better performance. I plan on doing this after getting the other stuff done. After all the back end work is done, the Director team will form together and start working on the front-end of GFL.


    On a personal level, I will be receiving a call shortly that will tell me the complete test results (e.g. how bad the infection is and such). After I take these antibiotics for 10 days, I will schedule my appointment to get surgery on my hernia. Once that is done, I will update my "Taking a break from GFL" thread with the date, etc. I also have other personal projects to work on as well (coding and Linux).


    I still plan on taking it easy for the next couple weeks. Although, not really sure if doing back end stuff is considered "easy" :(

  5. Ah yes, I forgot about that Haven't coded in C++ in years lol. Thanks.
  6. Use the code block in the future instead of a spoiler. The formatting of that code is a big mess with the spoiler! Anyways, I'm trying to understand your question. Are you saying you want two conditions to "match" or do you want two separate if statements? If you want two conditions to match in an if statement, you can use operators (you'll likely use the "Logical Operators" in your case). For example: // && = AND (e.g. if myString == "what" AND if myString2 == "ok"). If ALL conditions are true. if (myString == "what" && myString2 == "ok") { std::cout << "myString equals \"what\" AND myString2 equals == \"ok\"" << std::endl; } // || = OR (e.g. if any condition is true). if (myString == "what" || myString == "ok") { std::cout << "myString equals \"what\" OR \"ok\"" << std::endl; } If you want two separate statements, you can use else if. For example: if (myString == "what") { std::cout << "myString equals \"what\""; << std::endl; } else if (myString == "ok") { std::cout << "myString equals \"ok\""; << std::endl; } else { std::cout << "myString doesn't equal \"what\" or \"ok\"" << std::endl; } I hope this answers your question! I apologize if I didn't explain it well (I'm not very well at explaining things). If you would like additional support, feel free to reply to the thread or PM me! Thanks!
  7. frankfurt server down @Roy help save us wtf is going on the world is burning around us. favorites gone laz1abyzem5ssjr7xsy7.gif&key=a53fa07b1d7

  8. Well, I had nothing to do today so I decided to setup another CoD 4 server along with the B3 RCON tool. It took me most of the day since I ran into multiple errors but it is completely setup now! The B3 RCON tool is also logging to the FFA server. However, since B3 isn't running on the same VM (TDM and FFA run on two different machines), it is currently slow (e.g. delayed responses when entering commands). I will have to setup another B3 RCON bot on the FFA machine for best performance :( It most likely won't take as long as last time since I know what to do now.


    Anyways, I have my laptop and desktop idling on the server. The server got to 11 - 13 players earlier already! It is currently 40 slots and I have confidence this server will become popular just like FFA did!


    P.S. Yes, I know I should be taking a break and I will be in the next week. I just had literally nothing to do today and was bored out of my mind. I just wanted to do something I feel I would enjoy and it had to be done eventually.

    1. rapperdan


      so @Roy when can I watch you streaming using hammer?

  9. I can't be the only person who finds hospitals interesting and not "scary", right? I mean, other than seeing the other patients (which is sad), I somewhat liked it (other than that Ultrasound..).


    My sister is a Nurse, so that may also be why I have an interest in it (she has taught me some stuff about it).

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    2. Joshy


      To come think of it: I don't think I've read a mystery book.  I think I would like it because it's one of the mechanisms I enjoy in dystopian literature, which are my favourite to read.  Thanks for the recommendation!

    3. Pyros


      hospitals are fun when you don't need to stay for too long, otherwise it becomes boring 

    4. Nap14hockey


      Theres something with you and diseases.  I have a different perspective after watching "it follows" with you and kubnair.

  10. Moved to Member Activity just so everybody is aware of my activity in the next couple weeks. Thanks.
  11. Hello everybody, I posted this as a status update but that can easily be unnoticed so I decided to post it here. Taking A Break I will be taking a break from GFL for the next couple weeks. I've had a lot more stress recently than normal. I've been also going through pain possibly caused from the stress (more sick, etc). Therefore, I just want to relax for a little. I haven't ever took a break from GFL other than going on vacations out of town (in which, seem to always go wrong because something critical happens in GFL while I'm gone). I'm going to give this a shot. With my current health issues, I feel this is necessary. Health Update As some of you may already know, I've suffered from a hernia for the past two or so years now. Yesterday after having my IRL friend over to watch a movie (haven't seen him in 6+ months), I made the mistake of wearing tight shorts and I was sitting awkwardly in chairs I don't normally sit in (located in my basement). Anyways, my hernia started hurting me and I decided to go upstairs to change pants. Around half-way there, the pain worsen from going up the stairs and the pain became so bad I took off my pants and well, the pain caused me to pass out (first time passing out in my life). Thankfully, my parents were there and took me to the hospital. I was there for around seven hours or so (6 PM to 1 AM) and took two tests (Cat Scan and Ultrasound). It is a confirmed hernia + I have some kind of other infection in there (this hernia is located in the scrotum). Surgery will be required and I need to get it ASAP. In the meantime, I will be taking antibiotics to lessen the swelling and infection. I at first got this looked into back in January and the doctor said it was a hernia (first time finding out so). But due to financial issues (insurance, etc), I couldn't get it further looked into (when I went to the doctor, it was initially for something required by the state to look after my nephew). Anyways, since I am registered into the system now, getting surgery will not be difficult at all and I can finally get this issue that has affected me for so long fixed. Advice for anybody else who has a hernia, DO NOT BE LIKE ME AND GET IT LOOKED INTO IMMEDIATELY. Yesterday was the scariest experience I've had since I thought the blood flow may have been cut off (hernias can become strangulated which can lead to death in many cases). Just wanted to give an update. I'll keep you all updated (especially any of you who have me added on SnapChat ). If you want to move this thread to other sections, feel free to. I just wanted to let the Server Admins+ know. I may move it to Team Members+. Thanks.
  12. I'm going to try taking a break from GFL in the next couple weeks. I've been under a lot more stress than normal recently and I just want to try to relax. There is still a lot of things to do, especially in the front-end and I am well aware of it. Though, I will admit the back-end takes a lot of my time. When I become active again (who knows, maybe I won't take a break), I will try to focus on the front-end.  I'm also going to be contacting some people outside of GFL to see if they're interested in helping.


    I hope you understand.



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      baddy @Xy_

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      So when am i going to be the founder?

  13. Hello everybody, I’m going to be giving an update on our OVH setup. Things did not go as planned but I believe we’ll be fine. Let’s begin! Our Initial Plan If you’ve read other update threads/posts I made about OVH, you probably already know the plan. However, I’ll go over it again for those who do not know. Basically, after switching from NFO to OVH in our European location, we found our OVH machine having too little space. Since linking files isn’t supported in the new control panel we use, our CS:GO base installations take 15+ GBs alone. The machine only comes with a 240 GBs SSD (only ~200 GBs available). With that said, we had to use some of that space for another mandatory VM on the machine. Basically, we don’t have enough space and we need a better solution. This machine’s specs are: Name - MC-32B Processor - Intel i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz Ram - 32 GB DDR3 Storage - 240 GBs SSD Datacenter - SBG (Strasbourg, France) Price - $79.00/m OVH recently opened a new datacenter located in Frankfurt, Germany and they had a great deal on one of the machines there. Here are the machine’s specs: Name - DISCOVER-DE Processor - Intel E3-1245v6 @ 3.7 GHz Ram - 32 GB DDR4 Storage - 2 TBs HDD Datacenter - DE (Frankfurt, Germany) Price - $54.99/m This machine was less expensive and had more storage space. This is one HELL of a deal in my opinion. These specs are better than the NFO machine we had (other than the hard drive which doesn’t matter much in our case) and our NFO machine costed $164.98/m (yes, this Germany machine is basically ⅓ the price of the NFO machine)… I wanted to replace the MC-32B machine with DISCOVER-DE and move our block to the new DISCOVER-DE machine. What Didn’t Go To Plan? When the OVH Germany datacenter opened, we had to wait to purchase a machine because additional IPs weren’t initially supported (something required for us). This took a little over a month but last week they finally added support. Therefore, I decided to purchase the machine and set it up (took a couple consecutive days to setup). Once things were successfully set up, I was ready to move the block to the new Germany machine. However, I noticed the option wasn’t there and after contacting OVH’s support, I found out there wasn’t a way to move IP blocks from datacenter to datacenter (both of those machines listed above are in different datacenters). I would have normally expected this but since I ordered the block under the Germany geo-location/pool specifically, I thought there wouldn’t have been any problems (moving a Germany IP block over to a Germany machine, what could go wrong, right?). Furthermore, when contacting OVH asking when additional IPs will be supported in the Germany datacenter, they made it sound like we wouldn’t have any issues moving this IP block over once additional IPs were supported in Germany. However, in the end, this is my fault for not directly asking them about moving the block over to the new Germany machine before purchasing it. I do apologize. So yeah.. We can’t move any of our servers from the MC-32B machine over to the DISCOVER-DE machine without changing IPs. I was thinking about just moving the servers over with another IP change but players and admins are already frustrated from the last IP change on the CS:GO servers. With that said, our very popular CoD 4 server is on the MC-32B machine. We also paid $12.00 for the block and honestly, I really don’t want to put this IP block to waste. What’s The New Plan? I’ve been thinking about this a lot for the past few days occupied by frustration. We have TWO highly powerful but also highly underloaded OVH machines in Europe. The one we would like to get rid of has our most popular CoD 4 server on it (something we do not want to change IPs for). I feel like I’ve setup the DISCOVER-DE machine far better than the MC-32B machine when it comes to software and such. With that said, the MC-32B machine does NOT have enough space for our needs. After a while, I decided we’re just going to keep the DISCOVER-DE machine and look for another machine to replace MC-32B (in the same datacenter so we can move the servers to the new machine). The DISCOVER-DE deal is something we cannot avoid in my opinion. After looking at machines in other OVH datacenters, I’ve found that most of the cheapest machines are $70+/m for the Intel E3-1245v5 (the DISCOVER-DE has the E3-1245v6). The DISCOVER-DE deal won’t last and it’s best to purchase the machine now and although we’re going to be paying $54.99/m for a possible underloaded machine, we will benefit from it once we put the machine to use and the deal is erased. What Machine Will We Replace With The MC-32B? I’ve been thinking about this as well and I believe it’d be best to purchase the newest OVH GAME machine for an extra $10.99/m. The machine would be an upgrade to the storage (240 GBs to 480 GBs), ram (32 GB DDR3 to 32 GB DDR4), and processor (Intel i7-4790K to Intel i7-6700K). The new machine’s full specs are: Name - MC-32 Processor - Intel i7-6700K @ 4.0 GHz Ram - 32 GB DDR4 Storage - 480 GBs SSD Datacenter - SBG (Strasbourg, France) Price - $89.99/m I believe it is worth spending an extra $10.99/m for these specs. Otherwise, we can just get one of the ~$70.00/m machines that comes with the Intel E3-1245v5. I may end up initially purchasing the Intel E3-1245v5 machine and once we start using the machine more, upgrade to one of the GAME machines. Does This Mean Another European Expansion? I’ve been planning on expanding into the European division again for some time now and I think this is the start of it. We started our very successful European expansion back in September of 2013. We should do the same this September/October and now that we have two VERY powerful machines fully setup, this gives us motivation to do so. I will discuss this in detail in another update post. Overall Although things did not go to plan, I believe everything will work out in the end. We can easily support both of these machines financially and believe it or not, these two machines combined are still less expensive than the NFO machine we had (even with the upgraded MC-32) and more powerful. NFO Price - $164.98/m OVH Price - $144.98/m ($54.99 + $89.99) I will be looking for things to add to our DISCOVER-DE machine to put it to use until we setup game servers on it. A few years back we hosted GameBanana mirrors that advertised GFL. I feel like doing something similar again would be nice! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this thread or PM me! Google Doc Thanks for reading!
  14. CoD 4 server is doing so well :D



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      When you don't see @Roy's name in the top ten...




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      When are we getting another server 😂😂😂

    3. JerryBomb


      That's awesome! We need another server that requires no downloading any mods so I can play it :)