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  1. @SashaGrey Ah yeah, I remember you wanting to show me them the other day. Also, nice folder names lol
  2. In addition to my last reply, we had a case recently where NFO blocked a player's IP on the firewall level due to something on their network/device performing port scans on NFO's IPs. This isn't allowed. This may be the same case depending on the results and I would have to open a ticket with NFO to confirm. I would recommend performing scans for viruses, malware, etc. on your device if possible. There is a possibility you have a virus doing this behind the scenes. Thanks.
  3. +1 from me. Sarcasm if you haven't noticed lol.
  4. Can you try performing a trace route to the server's IP with the following command (Windows Command Prompt): tracert Paste the results back here. With that said, can you private message me your IPv4 address which can be found here. I'd like to perform a trace route from the NFO server to your IP. If it does time out, try pinging another IP from NFO's Chicago location. Example: ping Please let me know how it goes. Thanks.
  5. Getting ready for my family trip. Leaving tonight and will be away for a couple weeks. Won't be able to play any games and I'm going to try to take a legitimate break. I only plan to work on GFL if it's an emergency (e.g. TS3/website/MySQL server going down). We'll see how this works out because after almost 8 years of working on GFL, I don't think I've ever taken a legitimate break that lasted over two days lol. Though, I feel I need it.


    Will get things going with the CS:GO division after my break :) Progress will be made by others while I'm a bit inactive.

    1. k2nod


      Even if TS3 goes down don't stop your vacation. Anyway enjoy!

    2. rapperdan


      was out all day and just got back on recorded that to meme on someone who can't turn off there damn phone so I had to show them how to do it with there pc then send it to them when I got back which was just recently also sorry for the messages that I just read in discord lmao the discord messages is in regards to other people just to clear any possible confusion up.

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  6. 11-10-18 Updated SourceMod & MetaMod which fixed the server crashing when choosing a team. Changed the server's host name. Thanks.
  7. I honestly completely forgot that Steam groups have chat rooms. I will have our mods take a look. Thanks.
  8. You, my Sir, are gay.

    1. Roy


      That is, rude

    2. Ashy The Neko

      Ashy The Neko

      That comma isn't supposed to be there, dumb ass.


      That is rude.

    3. Zexired


      Now, that's, what, I, call, a, battle, royale,

  9. Image result for middle finger gif

    1. SashaGrey


      Fuking bring it, 1v1 on CSS to decide if we SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

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  10. I've added you on Steam. I will be available after 4 PM CST today. If you have Discord, you can also add me there (Roy#6777). I personally respond quicker in Discord since I'm usually in offline mode on Steam. Thanks!
  11. Do you have any servers that currently have this mod? I'd like to test it out myself if that's possible. Thanks!
  12. My Age: 120 My Talent: im a cool guy Hours/Week: 1100
  13. Apparently applying for developer without an account just puts it under my name. @Wesley 10/10 application. Thanks.
  14. My Age: 55 My Talent: How the fuck? Hours/Week: 1500