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  1. Ya know, I've been thinking for a while now. I feel like I should have done so much more for GFL. Like, I know I was stressed and whatnot, but I feel like I should have avoided that, and just went on GFL servers, see how they were operated, and wrote down everything that could have been improved from my perspective + made threads/posts to see what others thought. I feel shitty I didn't do that in the end, especially with me learning so much about programming/networking. I really feel I could have done so much more towards the end, but my motivation/stress just didn't allow me to (life/personal reasons). For some reason, I was so unmotivated towards the end and I don't even know why (still trying to figure this out to this day, but I guess things were just so much different years ago in regards to society and my life since I was in middle/high school still). I've tried gaining motivation, creating teams, etc. that I felt would have motivated me/made a huge difference to GFL (it was never personal, I just tried doing what was best for GFL from my view), but it just didn't work out and I know it was mostly my fault.

    I know in most people's view I was back-end only and in-control of the Anycast network, but I feel I should have done a much better job at that Anycast network. Due to the A2S_INFO caching, it gave us a lot of population, but I never capitalized on it. Almost the same thing in 2015, we had a huge spark in population (like we were at the top in terms of population amongst other gaming communities), but I never fixed things that should have been fixed. That and I wanted to deliver to community servers in general. Another view was helping as many server owners as I could those times and seeing server owners thrive. I guess I sacrificed that with the A2S_INFO caching, but fuck it, we made it open-source and tried to help others the most we could (I'm still a hypocrite regardless due to the caching, but w/e).

    I don't know, I just feel I should/could have done so much better than I did. People praise me all the time on how I handled GFL, but I feel like I had so many flaws (which I guess is normal), but I should have worked on them. I will admit I was a unique owner (the opposite of power hungry, I HATED myself having power), but there are pros I wish I had from other server owners. Felt I was never fit to be owner to begin with, especially with the huge amount of anxiety I had for any situation, but I did my best I guess. Crazy how GFL became one of the biggest gaming communities ever from that, lol.

    Anyways, sorry for the vent. Been needing to get that out. I need to figure a lot of things out in my life and hope I can do so.

    1. Roy


      I'm sorry for anyone I did wrong as well. Or anyone who I motivated, but I didn't deliver. I know some people will say it wasn't my fault or I did a lot, I get that, but I could have done so much more. I had a chance at really delivering. Fuck, I don't know. I just wish there was something to be motivated about. I still want to come back, even as a member, or developer, it doesn't matter the power level because in my mind I made it and I trust the management to not go the complete opposite direction (if this happens, it's another story that I highly doubt would happen). I want to make a big difference still, but I've been stressed/unmotivated recently and just need to figure things out. There's still a chance I'll come back and make a huge impact, I know I can, but I'm just struggling with other things right now. We'll see.

    2. Joshy


      It's like watching a mystery movie for the 2nd or 3rd time.  It's amazing what you can do with hindsight and we almost always wish things could have been better...  it's true that things probably could have been better if so and so happened now that you're looking back, but you did pretty good on the first spin with the resources you had the time.   Good job.  Don't be too hard on yourself.

      Something I feel like happens to a lot of people is they come up with a lot of big ideas.  Some of the ideas are great, but a common consequence of those big ideas is that it takes a lot of time and work to get there, and people often burnout feeling like their progress is not good enough or they haven't made any achievements (even when they're doing a great job).  I personally prefer aiming for small achievable ideas and then striking them out...  really helps with my personal confidence and motivation, and many small ideas can accumulate into large outcomes.  It's kind of like programming and building a lot of little functions used in your main 😛.  If you build a really big program with few functions and testing, then trying to compile it on the first run and seeing a bunch of errors might be daunting.  There's a phase that I repeat often and really like:


      "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." - Confucius

  2. For any Halo fans or people who like instrumental music in general. I love these tracks individually, but having them combined is really neat in my opinion!

  3. I see exactly what happened to your forum group/primary color since it used to happen to me when I'd test the same thing :lenny:


    Unless if you really did resign.

    1. Liloz01


      heheh, Aurora used my account to make a member application and a member acceptor accepted it... rip.

  4. I've had kind of an idea recently. I've been wanting to create my own panel for reporting statistics from servers running Linux along with processes on it (can retrieve the process lists from the server itself). I've been wanting to implement features such as controlling the stdin (along with seeing stdout) from any process the server is running on a website. This would include game servers and then I could implement something like my Pterodactyl Game Server Watch tool, but instead of relying on A2S_INFO queries, it would rely on a command entered in stdin and whether it would receive any output from the process.


    Writing to the stdin and viewing the stdout isn't necessarily hard, although, for some reason it doesn't work right for SRCDS servers (e.g. running echo -e "status\n" > /proc/<srcds PID>/fd/0 outputs the command itself, but not the output SRCDS should provide). This is likely because you'd need to do something with the TTY terminals instead.


    I also think it'd be cool to implement statistics such as player counts, network bandwidth, CPU, and more to this panel as well and I'd gather all of that from the Linux file system on a low-level (e.g. /proc/<pid> and /sys/ directories).


    With that said, the game server support would be additional and I'd really think it'd be cool to make it so it finds the PID automatically on the server so it could integrate with other panels (e.g. most panels require starting the server from the daemon they've made so it can retrieve the PID, meaning, it won't integrate with other panels well). One thought was getting all the network processes via the netstat -tulpn command for example, but I want to do everything as low-level as possible so it doesn't require any packages on the Linux server itself (so I'd need to learn how to receive all process IDs and ports their Linux sockets are bound to from the Linux file system). This would be a pain, but I do think it'd give me a lot of experience with many things including Regex (for parsing these files on the file system), sockets, and much more. I also wanted to use Python's Django for the website and I'll have to create a daemon on the Linux servers themselves that would communicate with this back-end through encryption (I may just end up using SSL so I don't complicate the hell out of everything).


    I know there are many other panels out there, but I do think the idea of automatically finding game server processes on the Linux servers would be pretty cool since it'd be able to integrate with other panels and perhaps expand on their features. The only thing that'll be complicated with that is the use of Docker by many popular game server panels such as Pterodactyl since that adds an entire new layer. Still something I feel would give me a lot of experience and I'd of course open-source it! I know I can do it, just trying to think whether or not it would be worth it lol.

    1. Roy


      Also, I could implement a firewall-like tool that would be controlled by the web back-end (e.g. you could drop packets from a source IP) and of course it could use something like XDP which I have a lot of experience in already 🙂 Though, everything would be limited to the server's NIC. Still cool to think about!

    2. Liloz01


      Would it give any performance hit to the machine you're logging from? 

    3. Roy


      @Liloz01 It would likely be minimal depending on how data is sent from the Linux server to the back-end (e.g. if you use a stronger encryption, it may result in more processing power). I'd also probably convert the data to JSON and send it that way before encryption as well, but I doubt it'd take anything over 1 - 2% CPU while it's sending data.

  5. How I spend my time in Holdfast apart from singing songs over the mic, playing music, and playing random sound clips/effects.



    1. Beaker



      (I dont play holdfast btw, i only played battlegrounds 3.)


    The town I grew up in got hit by an EF4 tornado in Southern New Jersey apparently. Thankfully my parent's house didn't get hit directly, but it was within an one mile radius of my parent's house (I was also visiting them for two months before August 3rd). Crazy! 82 seconds into that video (here) is of a road I took when going home from school every Friday back in my Senior year of high school. You can find it on Google Maps here and it is within a minute of my old HS. Usually when I'd get tornado warnings in the past, I'd always say it's nothing to worry about since they were likely small (we never had a big tornado in my town before, especially since it's not in tornado alley, but there are a lot of farm lands in southern NJ).

  7. Roy


    1. Aurora


      null (derogatory)

  8. That feeling when you beat the entire Halo 2 campaign on Legendary, but it doesn't give you the achievements for it. So now I'm replaying it again. At least it gave me the achievements for the Halo 1 campaign.


    The pain...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. VilhjalmrF


      If you're doing LASO (or w/e skull it is) if you solo it restarts the whole mission. With a buddy it reverts to last checkpoint. Otherwise nah.

    3. Roy


      @VilhjalmrF Ahh that makes sense! I've heard LASO is insane lol.






      Turns out I didn't beat one mission on Legendary (The Oracle) and after completing that mission, I received the achievement! Now to Halo 3 on Legendary.

    4. TommyChoppa


      I wanted to do the same. Beat at least first 3 halos and maybe reach on legendary.  I couldn't even do halo 2's first mission which confuses me af cause I remember doing it long ago when I was a wee little boy. Gave up at the second hangar when there's 20 elites. I freakin run out of nades and ammo then proceed to get yopped by the goddamn wort warriors. Maybe it'd be easier if I was able to play it on PC though idk if I care to do that anymore. Goodluck to you though Roy!

  9. Beaker

    roy balls roy balls

    1. Roy


      roy balls and falls at malls while calls to walls

  10. Kim


  11. There's no escape, I can't wait. I need a hit, baby, give me it. You're dangerous, I'm loving it.

    1. DrakoHD


      Too high, can't come down, Losing my head, spinnin' 'round and 'round, Do you feel me now?

  12. Roy

    With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride. You're toxic, I'm slippin' under. With a taste of a poison paradise. I'm addicted to you. Don't you know that you're toxic? And I love what you do. Don't you know that you're toxic?

    1. VilhjalmrF


      that's crazy ever tried dmt?

    2. Roy


      @VilhjalmrF Intoxicate me now, with your lovin' now. I think I'm ready now, I think I'm ready now. Intoxicate me now, with your lovin' now. I think I'm ready now.

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