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  1. Hey all, I was wondering if anybody here has played on any popular DayZ servers and if so, do they have a lot of custom addons/mods? I am going to be playing on some later today but figured I'd ask the community first. I've seen quite a few people on my friend's list playing DayZ often. So I'd assume there are at least some people in GFL that do the same. The reason I ask is I've noticed DayZ servers becoming more and more popular according to my tracking website here. With that said, there are a lot of popular servers on GameTracker here. From the communities I've seen currently expanded into the game, they offer many potential Supporter/VIP perks and have Discord servers with over 30,000 players! Therefore, I decided to try to get DayZ server files running under Linux via Wine on one of my home server's VMs since they only have Windows builds at the moment (UNFORTUNATELY...). Linux server files is on the "to-do list", but there is currently no ETA nor public information available regarding it. Sadly, I'm currently facing issues running the server with Wine and I'm pretty certain the newer builds of the server files aren't supported with Wine due to Battleye. I still made a Reddit thread about this, though: I want to see if many of the mods the servers are running are publicly available or not since I've heard the game has a pretty big Steam Workshop for server mods, etc. If not, I guess we'll need a dedicated developer which is going to be a struggle (I'm assuming this is the case since most of these type of games have mostly private mods/addons). I'm also going to be working to get a FiveM server up to see what I can do with that and what is available. I'm just experimenting with these games to see if there's a possibility of adding them to the GFL rotation depending on how much maintenance the server will require and if we have those resources. If we were to get our foot through the door on some of these games, I have a lot of confidence it would benefit us HIGHLY. Especially with the amount of donations & players it could bring in to our website and Discord server. Any input is appreciated P.S. We need to fix that Reddit embed rofl. It looks ugly on the current theme Thank you!

    In all seriousness, I'm glad CS:GO MG is coming back and I hope the game mode itself can start becoming more popular in CS:GO (it seems dead as of right now). Unfortunately, the game mode has almost completely died out in CS:S (at least in the US). I even setup a small CS:S MG server for my friends and I to play (it was their first time playing the game mode and they absolutely loved it). It was nostalgic as fuck since I absolutely love CS:S MG and played it constantly back in 2010 - 2014. Is there anything unique about this server and will you be trying to make it as close to CS:S MG as possible, @Vauff and @Leks? Thanks!
  3. The OP was talking about the server itself not changing maps, ever. Not even restarting the current map. This resulted in the server becoming choppy and is due to a strange (bug?) in the Source Engine. I do agree with your main point, though. I probably suggested keeping it 24/7 Island regardless to you because I find 24/7 maps to be more popular in games such as PVKII. With that said, map changes in general result in loss of players. Thanks.
  4. Been messing with Wine in Linux on my home server's VM (something I made for testing). Wasn't as difficult as I thought to setup. Needed some help from @Xy_ on getting Xvfb to work (thank ya), but that's about it.


    I was able to get Red Orchestra 2's server files to work under Wine and tested the server locally (I connected and was playing fine). So if we wanted to, I can probably get a RO2 server to work in Docker, but I don't think this game gets many donations from what I've seen, sadly. I can probably get this working for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as well. For those that do not know, we used to host the top servers in both games years ago. But they were shut down due to no generation of donations. Was still neat seeing that I was able to get at least RO2 to work under Wine without any major issues.


    I also tried getting DayZ server files to work with Wine, but I believe the newer builds aren't supported with Wine. I commented on a somewhat old Reddit post here with details on why it's not working for me, etc. DayZ seems like a game with a lot of potential and according to my tracking website here, it is climbing in numbers. I feel like it's a game that can generate a lot of donations along with a big community base. I just wanted to see how easy it was to setup a server and what public mods were available to start.

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  6. Hey all, Around two hours ago our servers on the Anycast network ( stopped being able to connect to our MySQL server. This caused a few servers to go offline which relied on the MySQL connection and others to not work properly. The reason for this was due to the node our Chicago PoP with Vultr being on experiencing networking issues (no connection whatsoever). Vultr tried restarting the node (which restarted the PoP server). However, the PoP still couldn't connect to the Internet and caused Compressor's startup service to crash (with 5 retries) and it stayed offline until I investigated. Our MySQL server routed to the Chicago PoP. Therefore, since Compressor was down on this PoP, it wasn't able to send packets back to the game servers. I will look into seeing if we can have Compressor restart after 5 retries at a later interval. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.
  7. Do you have any suggestions for maps we can add? I do agree more maps would help as long as they're beginner maps. The only thing we need to make sure of is that these maps don't cause client crashes, etc. I believe in a CS:GO update a while back that altered the lighting, many maps compiled with a certain type of lighting started crashing a lot of clients. Also tagging @juky for visibility and moved the topic to the CS:GO Surf Timer section. Thanks!
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  10. I found this as well: https://oldsite.browser.tf/topic/43550-for-anyone-that-played-ze-back-in-2012/ I wish I had a backup of the website from 2012 - 2014 lol. I probably did on my very old-old computer, but that's long gone
  11. https://oldsite.browser.tf/topic/276-flush-hosts-fixed/ Apparently this thread was used to boost our rep points rofl and included me acting like an idiot, lol.
  12. 2014 - 2016 Website Archive Hey all, I recently connected my old desktop to my network and discovered some old backups from the website (all the files and databases). Many have requested that I should put an archive of the old website up just so people can explore how we were back in 2014 - 2016 and dig up old threads that suggested good ideas, etc. With that said, some people asked me about GFL's past and giving them a thread from the old website would have been easier instead of explaining in some situations. From a technical prospective, I wanted to see how easy it was to install an older version of PHP on the newer OS along with seeing if the old MySQL database was still compatible with the newer MySQL server versions. Therefore, I decided to work on this project earlier this week and completed it within a couple days. The following currently applies to the archived website: The website is hosted on a VPS separated from GFL's hardware. The website is mostly in read-only besides the Shout Box and status updates. New registrations are disabled. All users have access up to the Server Managers section. A majority of the staff agreed we should give them this access and I went through and wasn't able to find anything too sensitive (most of the sensitive topics happened in higher forums not visible at the moment). Users who were registered can reset their password if they want to login. However, please use a random generated password if you change your password (read below). If you want your user's email changed so you can login, please send me a message on the current website or Discord. If you find a thread that should be hidden, please message me on the website or Discord. WARNING - This version of the website was breached in 2016. The files and databases restored were dated before the breach. However, I cannot 100% guarantee there isn't some backdoor in these files. I did perform searches in the files along with applying additional security measures to the VPS. I also only uploaded 1/10 of the files we actually had on our web server back in the day (only files required for the main forum). I also have an IDS running on the VPS scanning file changes, etc. If you reset your password, please use a random generated password just in-case. If there is indeed a backdoor and it gets utilized, it will be affecting a VPS that is completely isolated from our environment. So no harm done. Feel free to go through and if you dig up any old ideas that would work in our current environment, please let us know! Feel free to read my ~16.0 page long update posts in this section xd. Thanks!
  13. Hey all, I just wanted to announce our plan with our current physical machines under the Anycast network. As stated in this thread, we have been looking for a new hosting provider. I've been looking at Ready2Frag and after talking to their management, they were very polite, professional, and interactive. With that said, they gave me all the information I requested (non-like many other providers I tried looking into). I would like to note that Nexril (our current hosting provider) has been very great to us. They did have some issues with their router causing downtime recently (which has been fixed since), but stuff like this happens with any provider. Everything other than that has been great. With all of the above said, we have had issues with the Dallas location as a whole. There seems to be poor routing with Vultr's Dallas location. This resulted in the route from the physical machines to our Anycast network going out of line quite often (e.g. the machines would go to Chicago instead of Dallas). This resulted in latency overhead on the network which is definitely not acceptable. While this isn't a problem with Nexril (it's on Vultr's side), it seems that Vultr doesn't want to address this issue yet. Since Vultr isn't replaceable until we acquire our own ASN, the best course of action would be to find a hosting provider in another area where Vultr doesn't have many issues. Ready2Frag is located in Chicago. Vultr's Chicago location hasn't had any problems from what I've seen. Ready2Frag's prices on the higher-end CPUs are also way better than Nexril's. For an i9-9900K on Nexril, it'd be $259.00/m whereas on Ready2Frag, it will only be $149.00/m. See below for more information. Here's a list to Ready2Frag's dedicated servers page. What Happened To The AMD Ryzen 9 3900x? Initially, we planned to buy a machine from Ready2Frag which included the newly released AMD Ryzen 9 3900x processor. This processor came with 12 cores and 24 threads and had only a 6% single-threaded performance decrease compared to the Intel i9-9900K. We were planning to only have to pay around $200.00/m for this which would have been a win compared to our current $300.00/m setup with Nexril along with better single-threaded performance against the Intel i7-7700K (our best CPU with Nexril at the moment). Unfortunately, the processor's price is going up due to not enough being in-stock. With that said, the hosting provider is having issues running this processor at a decent clock speed while also keeping it cool (they're limited to a certain temperature that the data center they colocate with enforces). Therefore, they wouldn't be able to sell this for quite a bit (they need to do more testing and tweaking). The price of a server with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900x from Ready2Frag would be $249.00/m. This would include 128 GBs of RAM, 2 TBs NVMe, and 30 TBs of bandwidth. The sad part is we really only need 64 GBs of RAM and 1 TB of NVMe storage maximum. Sadly, they aren't doing any custom builds/special configurations at this moment (they will be doing this in the future, though). The Intel i9-9900K + New Machines With the above stated, their machine with the Intel i9-9900K is only $149.00/m which isn't a bad price. This would include 64 GBs of RAM, a 1 TB NVMe, and 30 TBs of bandwidth. The Intel i9-9900K comes with 8 cores and 16 threads as well. The Intel i9-9900K basically holds first place in single-threaded performance (which is the most important for a majority of game servers) and has a 6% increase in single-threaded performance compared to the Ryzen 9 3900x. You can find some useful benchmarks here (sorted by single-threaded points). I made the decision that we're going to be purchasing two of these machines. This will give us 16 cores and 32 threads spread across both machines total. This will also be a total of $298.00/m which still beats our current setup with Nexril along with giving us an extra 4 cores and 8 threads to play with (to use for expanding, etc.). Our hosting provider will be making adjustments to the BIOS settings which will enable the processor to turbo-boost on all cores at around 4.2 - 4.4 GHz. This would be raised higher if possible, but unfortunately it would run too hot. Regardless, it will still perform better than our current Intel i7-7700K that runs at 4.4 GHz due to IPC improvements, etc. This is really the best processor our game servers can run on in terms of single-threaded performance at the moment. For additional bandwidth, it will be an additional $5 - $10.00/m per 10 TBs which is a fair price and affordable if we do go over the 30 TBs limit (I expect to be hitting around 40 - 50 TBs per machine, so I do expect to exceed the limit). Our servers use A LOT of bandwidth due to our optimized settings and tick rates we run. Here are the specs of the two machines we're getting (each): Intel i9-9900K @ 4.2 - 4.4 GHz. 64 GBs of DDR4 RAM. 1 TB NVMe. 30 TBs of Bandwidth. Located in Chicago, IL. $149.00/m. These machines will total to $298.00/m. If for whatever reason this doesn't work out, I am willing to donate $298.00 back to make up for what we paid. Though, I'm confident things will work out well and after this hosting provider is proven stable, we'll move all of our servers from GS08 - GS10 to the new machines and cancel the old from Nexril (probably within a week or two). Our hosting provider will have these machines ready by the end of tomorrow (Friday, August 9th, 2019)! IP Geo Location We will be looking into setting our IP block's geo-locate to Chicago instead of Dallas. The geo location being located in Dallas is not a big deal as of right now. We will need a change to Compressor to forward ICMP requests to the destination machine in order to get our IP2Location's geo-location changed since they ping the IP you are requesting to change to see if the location matches up. Overall, this should be a great switch for us and will result in even better performance on our game servers! This will also give us room to expand. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you for reading.
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