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  1. council

    Looks great @Darkling! I'm looking forward to the future! Thanks!
  2. Hello, everyone. In this post, I would like to outline some changes to the internal structure of GFL's higher-ups and how this is intended to impact GFL. Community Advisors changed to Council Community advisors will be changed to Council with a new job. The new Council rank will be at the same level as a division leader. New Jobs/Roles Maintain the community as a whole. May help division leaders (with their consent) with their divisions. May help divisions without a leader (E.g. Call of Duty 4, Fistful of Frags, etc.). Work with the directors on projects. Advise the community. This includes brainstorming ideas when not working on any projects and addressing them to the directors. Look for people with potential and address them to the other Council members & directors. Other The Council and directors should be working on the same projects together. The Council are essentially directors, just with less access (back end and such). Revamping the Council Team The team itself could be revamped. This means we should demote inactive members who don’t show enough interest in GFL, and promote members who have potential and are willing to dedicate a lot of time into GFL. If a member is inactive, they should be given a warning immediately; if they continue being inactive without a valid reason, it will immediately progress to demotion. We shouldn’t be waiting so long on demoting people. If somebody doesn’t show interest, dedication and motivation, they should be demoted. All members from the current community advisor team we plan on keeping should be talked to before this Council change is in effect. We should ask if they’re still interested and possess the will to truly step up (spend more time on GFL and do all the new jobs/roles assigned to them with Council), gain feedback on what we (directors) can improve on, and more. Directors Given More Access With the Council change, directors will be given more access in the future. This includes access to the back end (web and game servers such as OVH). With this change, we have to prepare our user base. This leads to even more ideas. The reason we are giving directors more access is to take the load off of Roy. If Roy isn’t available, there’s a high chance a director can fix the issue with the back end (e.g. the website going down). They will have the access to fix it and can try to. If they don’t know how to, they can try googling the issue or just wait until a director with more experience comes online. Why? The biggest issue with giving directors access to the back end is trust. I trust that most of you still remember what happened last year and the negative effect it had on GFL, but after the past year and a half, I have realized that I need to give access to more people. Many things such as giving access to new managers or completing various tasks in the back end relies on me and it is heavily backed up. For example, look at the web VM move; I wanted to complete this back in the summer and it still isn’t complete. I tried getting Balon to help me, but he turned out to be inactive and busy. If our goals are to get GFL off of the ground again (which they are), we need to start trusting people again; that’s just the reality of the situation. GFL won’t get far if we can’t trust people that can potentially have a major positive effect on GFL. What happens if I have to leave for a while and nobody else has access to the back end? What happens if the website goes down? We need others there we can rely on. This may also give the directors more motivation as well. Preparation The biggest part about this change is preparing for it. We saw what happened in the past. If one of our directors goes rogue, we must prepare for the worst. Nobody will have access to the PayPal besides me. The most a director could gain access to is the PayPal API credentials, but you cannot take funds out of the PayPal account with only the API credentials. Therefore, the worst possible thing a director can do is dump the IPS 4 user’s database table including emails and hashed passwords. Although these passwords are hashed, it still would be very bad if this was to happen. Realistically, if a hacker got into our back end, they could also dump the database table. Now, I wanted to do this back in the summer of 2016, but I haven’t been able to. Realistically, no website on the Internet is safe and the best thing a user can do is secure themselves from any possible breaches. While we aren’t expecting any breaches in our database, we should definitely prepare ourselves and our users for them. I would like to have a page in the About GFL project dedicated to explaining security. While we are confident in our security, we should also explain no websites are 100% safe. We should be telling the truth to our users about security and highly encourage them to use a random generated password (or a password not used on any other websites/logins). We should also recommend programs such as LastPass or KeePass. I feel this may also deter hackers away from GFL; if we were bragging about our security, it would probably increase the chances of a hacker wanting to try to get through our security. I would also like to add our thoughts on security to the user registration page (perhaps under the password field). We could even add a button that automatically generates and uses a random password along with copying to the clipboard for the user. Another idea is sending a forum PM/email to the user after registration about security (along with general GFL information). The next worst thing a director who has gone rogue can do is completely delete our files. This can include our website files or just game servers. This can also include the virtual machines themselves. This is why I want to implement an automatic backup system in GFL that backs everything up hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. We should be trying to back up as many services as possible. This includes our websites, databases, game servers, and virtual machines (perhaps the core files). Balon has recommended some services we can use that are cheap (cheaper than purchasing a separate machine for backups). External Consultant Badge I would like to make an external consultant badge for our technical administrators that aren’t a part of GFL, but still help out when needed. These members (as of now) would be and @balon. We’re Looking For Potential We are currently looking for motivated, interested, and trustworthy members of the community to join our staff team and assist us with the upkeep and expansion of GFL as a whole. We are currently figuring out the logistics of how we plan on recruiting individuals, and an announcement will be made soon with more information. Darkling as Council Leader So far, the current community advisors know this. However, for those that do not know, @Darkling will be “leading” the Council team. While he won’t have a separate rank and will still be a part of Council, he will be leading the team overall. There is a possibility we will make a badge representing the fact that he is the leader. Darkling has a lot of motivation for GFL. In my opinion, he is a role model to the Council. He is motivated, dedicated, mature, and generally very approachable. From what I’ve seen, nobody has a problem with him being leader of the Council team and after asking a couple of CAs, they said they already look up to him as a CA leader. We are discussing more changes and have more to announce in the near future! Thanks!
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    It's great seeing the staff communicating like this! It has been this way for the last four days or so (all day). This must keep up in my opinion and communication is improving a lot from it. We will be making adjustments and changes in the next few days or so!

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      The one time I wasn't there D:

  4. OH DAMN! I remember that night. It was the second to last night before the summer ended back in (2013/2014?) and we stayed up all night playing Dead Island lmao! That brought back a lot of memories haha Also, only I could somehow get the truck into that position
  5. Welcome back @3hunna_Vote_For_Pedro! I'm glad to see you coming back! I look forward to playing with you once again! Also, you live 15 - 20 minutes away, we should hang out sometime Thanks!
  6. I'm going to be learning more about SourceMod Methodmaps. I want to use these in my Server Hop plugin (replacing the enums).


    Let's hope this works out :D

  7. Let's meet IRL, thx


    You live like 15 mins away

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  8. Me: "Time to quickly write down some ideas under the brainstorming section before writing the actual post!"

    Ends up writing two - three pages of ideas


  9. Nooooooooob

  10. Only 25 days till 3.0! Can't wait!

  11. Happy birthday bois :D

    @Outbreak_Prime @Xy_


    Love ya both :) 


    Can you tell the time @Kubnair?

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  13. Looks like one of our OVH machines went down for the second night in a row. I have looked at the boot logs for VMWare and I don't believe it's anything on our side. With that said, according to the boot log times and time of when the our CoD 4 server went down, the machine was down for a few hours and stated back up an hour and a half ago (by OVH probably)...


    I've submitted a ticket to OVH asking about this. Also going to see how the progress is going with Pterodactyl since I want them to add a feature that automatically starts up servers when the machine is booted up.


    Servers that were affected in this event: Cod 4 FFA/S&D, Rust, and CS:GO Arena/Surf RPG DM/BHop.


    I apologize for this inconvenience, let's hope OVH replies soon!

    1. Roy


      Just an update, this was a problem with OVH. They have confirmed that it was this issue.



  14. I hate you.
  15. Hi

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