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  1. and another

    User was banned. Thank you for the report.

    User was banned. Thank you for the report.
  3. Calling all L4D mod users

    @Runda @WigglesWorth If you're both interested in a high-slot L4D2 server, please let me know! I would like to create one soon and would really like help. Thanks!
  4. http://g.gflclan.com/22121a5932d5a7.mp4


    Starting the development of the new donation system I'm creating.


    At the moment, I'm just doing some testing but the "wizard" module doesn't work as it should :(


    I'm going to do more testing with the IPS 4 API and try to learn more of it. Afterwards, I can actually start developing the donation system which will come with more features than the current one.

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    2. Roy


      That's how I code lmao


      You should see some of the comments in the code when I'm angry haha

    3. Worgee
    4. RainGamma


      I like it! Looks good.

  5. He's haxing i swear

    1. Kite9867


      HOW DARE HE?! Also hiya Ari!!!!

    2. Ari Marie
  6. There's someone named roy haxing;)


  7. [HC FFA] Admin List

    6-15-18 Updated the admin list. Added @Ashy The Neko and removed @Snoopy. Welcome @Ashy The Neko to the team! Thanks!
  8. don't be talking shit dog ill fuck you up nigga holla holla get dollah

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    2. -Apollo-
    3. rapperdan


      Yo @Roy you look good with those thick glasses bro.

    4. Caboose_


      you said that to me but nigga ill fuck you up


    1. Roy


      I want to watch Austin Powers now. I love those movies haha

    2. SwegBuster
  10. Ur a nooooooooooooooooooooooooooob


    1. Caboose_


      That's true club music there.

  12. I would not recommend trying to start the Cha Cha Slide on a GMod RolePlay server. It results in death 99% of the time.

    1. Ashy The Neko

      Ashy The Neko

      Imma try it then


  13. Happy birthday!