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  1. L4D2 Changes

  2. L4D2 Changes

    If you're interested in helping out on the server (e.g. Manager), feel free to reach out to me via Discord. As of right now, the server doesn't have a manager and I know I don't want to maintain it. Therefore, I don't mind giving somebody a chance (really can't hurt). Thanks.
  3. I updated my Trello list. Feel free to take a look. I am also working on CS:GO: https://trello.com/b/wvqC8ar8/divisions P.S. Still on break, but yeah, just wanted to throw the above out there now. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay. Thanks.
  5. As far as I'm aware, there isn't anything in the Member Applications forum that leads to the actual application form. Therefore, I don't believe that's necessary. I'd think people would use the website's nav-bar or the "Apply for Member" link on the home page to go to the member application form. The nav-bar really should be cleaned up, though. Thanks.
  6. I'm taking a break for a week or two. If anything critical comes up (e.g. website, MySQL, or TS3 down-time), feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, I'd suggest reaching out to other resources. I've been dealing with some personal-related things recently and just want a break from GFL. As always, thank you for understanding.
  7. HI ROY

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      How are ya doing?

  8. Added A plugin to possibly fix server crashes regarding a null.wav file. Notes Here is the source code of the plugin that was altered to suite the newest version of SourceBans: #include <sdktools_sound> #undef REQUIRE_PLUGIN #tryinclude <materialadmin> #tryinclude <sourcebanspp> bool g_bBanClient; #if defined _materialadmin_included bool g_bMaterialAdmin; #endif #if defined _sourcebans_included bool g_bSourceBans; #endif int g_iConnectNetMsgCount[MAXPLAYERS + 1]; char g_szLog[PLATFORM_MAX_PATH]; public Plugin myinfo = { name = "NullWave Crash Fix", author = "backwards, IT-KiLLER, SM9();, Roy (Christian Deacon)", description = "Exploit Fix for [SB] & [MA]", version = "0.2.2" } public void OnPluginStart() { HookEvent("player_connect_full", Event_PlayerConnectFull, EventHookMode_Pre); AddNormalSoundHook(NormalSoundHook); AddAmbientSoundHook(AmbientSoundHook); BuildPath(Path_SM, g_szLog, sizeof(g_szLog), "logs/NullWaveCrashFix.log"); ConVar CVar; (CVar = CreateConVar("sm_nwfix_ban", "1", "Should the client be banned for crash attempt?", FCVAR_PROTECTED, true, _, true, 1.0)).AddChangeHook(CVarChanged_Ban); g_bBanClient = CVar.BoolValue; #if defined _sourcebans_included g_bSourceBans = LibraryExists("sourcebans++"); #endif #if defined _materialadmin_included g_bMaterialAdmin = LibraryExists("materialadmin"); #endif AutoExecConfig(true, "NullWaveFix"); } public void CVarChanged_Ban(ConVar CVar, const char[] oldValue, const char[] newValue) { g_bBanClient = CVar.BoolValue; } public void OnLibraryAdded(const char[] szName) { #if defined _sourcebans_included if (StrEqual(szName, "sourcebans++")) g_bSourceBans = true; #endif #if defined _materialadmin_included if (StrEqual(szName, "materialadmin")) g_bMaterialAdmin = true; #endif } public void OnLibraryRemoved(const char[] szName) { #if defined _sourcebans_included if (StrEqual(szName, "sourcebans++")) g_bSourceBans = false; #endif #if defined _materialadmin_included if (StrEqual(szName, "materialadmin")) g_bMaterialAdmin = false; #endif } public void OnMapStart() { for (int i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++) g_iConnectNetMsgCount[i] = 0; } public void OnClientDisconnect(int client) { g_iConnectNetMsgCount[client] = 0; } public Action Event_PlayerConnectFull(Event event, const char[] name, bool dontBroadcast) { int client = GetClientOfUserId(event.GetInt("userid")); if (client && !IsClientInGame(client) && IsClientConnected(client) && !IsFakeClient(client) && !IsClientSourceTV(client) && !IsClientReplay(client)) { if (!IsClientInKickQueue(client)) { KickClient(client, "Something went wrong, please retry connecting"); LogToFileEx(g_szLog, "Kicked %L for sending an early player_connect_full event (Possible crash attempt)", client); } event.BroadcastDisabled = true; return Plugin_Changed; } if (++g_iConnectNetMsgCount[client] == 1) return Plugin_Continue; if (!IsClientInKickQueue(client)) { LogToFileEx(g_szLog, "%s %L for sending more than one player_connect_full event (Confirmed crash attempt)", g_bBanClient ? "Banned" : "Kicked", client); if(g_bBanClient) BanCrasher(client); else KickClient(client, "Attempted server crash exploit"); } event.BroadcastDisabled = true; return Plugin_Changed; } stock void BanCrasher(int client) { #if defined _materialadmin_included if(g_bMaterialAdmin) { MABanPlayer(0, client, MA_BAN_STEAM, 0, "Attempted server crash exploit"); return; } #endif #if defined _sourcebans_included if(g_bSourceBans) { SBPP_BanPlayer(0, client, 1200, "Attempted server crash exploit"); return; } #endif BanClient(client, 0, BANFLAG_AUTO, "Attempted server crash exploit", "Attempted server crash exploit"); } public Action NormalSoundHook(int clients[64], int &numClients, char sample[PLATFORM_MAX_PATH], int &entity, int &channel, float &volume, int &level, int &pitch, int &flags) { return IsNullWav(sample) ? Plugin_Stop : Plugin_Continue; } public Action AmbientSoundHook(char sample[PLATFORM_MAX_PATH], int &entity, float &volume, int &level, int &pitch, float pos[3], int &flags, float &delay) { return IsNullWav(sample) ? Plugin_Stop : Plugin_Continue; } stock bool IsNullWav(char[] name) { return !name[0] || name[0] == 'c' && (StrEqual(name, "common\null.wav") || StrEqual(name, "common/null.wav")); } Thanks.
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  10. Roy is the big dumb. 



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