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  1. 3-24-17 The map should restart everyday to fix this issue. Thanks.
  2. baf589785edfb23f32cc571960803e84.png

    Roy, what have you done...

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    2. Korowa
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      Maybe he added him to talk to him about his appeal and stuff?

    4. Roy



  3. Alright Roy my boy you need to follow me now i had my name as stresstest2000 for a week xd

  4. Indeed. If a Source Engine server is up too long without any map changes, it starts becoming buggy. We had this issue on our TF2 servers running 24/7 maps. I'll be adding a time limit to the server so it restarts the map every day or so (after a round ends). The server should be okay right now since it only has around 200 - 300 minutes uptime: Thanks for the report and I hope you enjoy playing on the server!
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    Looking good :) 

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      Working now. Thank you @Domps for the long testing (along with @Johaw a bit).


      New IP:

    4. Twig


      i don't know what punkbuster is but you might wanna turn it on

  6. If Valve decides to give community servers much better support in TF2, we may consider trying to expand into the division again. At this point, it has been around 4 - 5 years and nothing has changed with the support for community servers. Personally, I highly doubt anything will change (I've sent many e-mails to Valve asking for better support and they've shown no signs of giving better support). Thanks.
  7. do not cry over spilt malk

  8. It's time :)

    1. Twig


      This guy must be fucking crazy if his only follower is Roy.

  9. Thank you for everything you've done @denros! Remember I'm always here for you if you need me! Thanks.
  10. That was from the update back in May, 2016. Noob Thanks.
  11. Hi, Katie. Hia! Thanks.
  12. N00b

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      I feel like roys the real noob here.

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      @Finnick don't say your lords name in vein

  13. Thanks for everything you've done, Cypher! You better stay around in TS and such. Thanks.
  14. Ur rude

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      go back to your safe space cunt

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      No, i don't listen to bishes

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      Dont talk to my dad like that ill fuck you up

  15. Feel free to read :)