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  1. Hey everyone, The new NYC PoP is now active and everything appears to be working fine! The NYC machines and my VMs are routing to the new PoP without any issues from what I can tell. If you experience any issues, please let me know! Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on our Anycast network. Around two weeks ago, I was talking about how we're getting a new hosting provider to replace our NYC PoP. I had everything setup at one point two weeks ago and started announcing the new PoP to the network. However, unfortunately, there was a very strange issue occurring when Compressor tried to send out and receive A2S_INFO packets. This forced me to stop announcing the new PoP to the network and to switch back to the old PoP until I fixed the issue. I've been debugging this issue for nearly two weeks now (hours each day) while initially thinking it was an issue with how IPs were routed to the server from our new hosting provider. This issue was pretty complicated, especially given I didn't have advanced knowledge with C and working with XDP + AF_XDP (what Compressor uses to process packets). After talking to Support for a day or so, I found out this was probably not with the IPs routing to the server and instead, had to do with Compressor not listening on all RX queues due to the way the NIC is designed. Up until yesterday I thought this was an issue with the IP routing. Today, I've been doing a lot of debugging and found out how to make Compressor listen on all RX queues and send the necessary traffic to the XDP user space properly (AF_XDP). With that said, since the machine was hyper-threaded and there were only 4 RX queues available, it was set to listen on 8 RX queues which resulted in bind errors. Therefore, I had to change the amount of XSK sockets Compressor created to match the amount of RX queues available. Although this was a very time-consuming process and I will not lie, I've been extremely exhausted/burnt out recently due to it, I ended up learning more about TX/RX queues, XDP + AF_XDP, C, NIC hardware/drivers, and more to finally fix this issue tonight. I am happy I am learning about all of this as well since this is an area I'm very interested in! I haven't started announcing the new PoP to the network yet since I don't want to interrupt our servers during peak times (in the case that for whatever reason it doesn't work for Anycast traffic, though this is highly unlikely). I will more than likely try putting the PoP up later tonight when things calm down to see if it works. I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience in regards to this. Once we have this new PoP in-place, the lag on servers like Rust Modded should stop. With that said, this will allow us to move some servers off of our GS09 machine (which has been overloaded recently) to one of our NYC machines. This issue has been preventing that from moving along, but since that's fixed, we're good to go. I will also be making a pull request to Compressor with the changes I've implemented that allows Compressor to listen on all RX queues. Thank you for your time.
  3. That is the best picture ive evjedrtf seen
  4. Application accepted! Welcome to the team! Thanks.
  5. I've moved this thread under the TTT MC sub-forum since I doubt it would be viewed much in the off-topic sub-forum. I also felt it belonged under this sub-forum in general, lol. Thanks!
  6. The Punisher is definitely one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I'm pretty upset they cancelled Season 3
  7. i love you all ❤️ 

    1. Leks


      so eu servers? :lenny:

  8. Don't leave the server when I come to call you smelly 😠

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    2. Roy


      that is a good point haha. I forgot the server used to be scroll-only (by default anyways) back then. Server-side autohop sucks in CS:S. That's like one of the very few things I like about CS:GO since they have client-side autobhop.

    3. Nyatsuki


      Let me just switch to the scroll hop section and execute botox.exe :)

    4. Roy
  9. I'm glad the event went well and thank you to everyone who helped set it up along with those who participated! Thanks!
  10. Why can i still not type in the shoutbox 

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    2. Roy


      idk mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    3. johaw


      Racism im talking to my lawyer as we speak enjoy the lawsuit :)

    4. Roy
  11. Hey Ash, I really like the application and thank you for all the details! I'd like to see some code samples. If you'd like, we can chat on Discord (my Discord tag is cdeacon#6401). I can also tell you about some projects we're working on (a few of them can use C if you'd like to continue using that language). Thanks!
  12. We just had a BGP session with the hosting provider I mentioned here. I've also setup the new dedicated machine that will act as our NYC PoP. I am giving this 24 hours to propagate though since the hosting provider just added our ASN to their AS-SET which takes a bit. They're also making a BGP community for us so we only will use NTT as a direct peer. Just trying to confirm my BIRD config will work properly.


    I know not many people understand what this means, but this is a pretty big step forward for GFL and for myself considering how much time I've put into the network. It is also a great learning experience for me.


    Hopefully we'll see how things go tomorrow :)

    1. AverageKevin


      Sounds amazing, Cannot wait for further updates. 

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