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  1. Setup GS05

    Changed Completion Date to 09/20/2018 Changed Progress to 100
  2. Setup GS05

    Project complete.
  3. Here's me while on my business trip to Denver. I'm about to head to the office Thanks!
  4. I decided to go to the office today and meet the rest of the team I work with. It was awesome! I've already met all of my co-workers that work remotely in person since we live in the same city but meeting all the people that work from the main office is awesome. Especially the ones I've become great friends with and those who've helped me so much!


    Just an overall great experience :) 

    1. Kite9867


      Glad you enjoyed it mate.

    2. Roy


      @Kite9867 Thank you :) It was nice. Going on business trips is pretty cool to be honest!

  5. Welp, something unexpected happen yesterday when flying down to Denver for my business trip. I started getting severe right-hip/back pain an hour and a half before my flight along with sweating heavily. I tried walking and so on but no luck. As I was boarding, I vomited in the bathroom... I then continued to vomit my entire flight and afterwards while dealing with the severe right-hip/back sharp pain. I was rushed to the ER after getting off the plane (I requested paramedics right afterwards). I'd say that was the worst plane trip I've ever had (2 hours of constant pain and vomiting lol).


    Anyways, after 3 hours, it turns out I had a kidney stone which, from what I was told, is a very painful thing to experience. Some say it's worse than giving birth. First time getting this and apparently now I am more likely to get more if I don't change my diet. I'm still not sure if the current one in me has passed or not. I still feel extremely nauseous when getting up and walking around (I vomited again a short while ago).


    Just another health issue to add to my list xd. Let's hope I stop feeling nauseous soon because I just want to go to the office and meet my co-workers...


    Fuck my health :( 

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    2. Astral Rogue

      Astral Rogue

      That is heavily unfortunate to hear.

      Hopefully you'll get better soon.

    3. Argyros


      Get better ma dude, but just imagine all the morphine they give you.
      That's what they gave me was a shit ton of morphine.

      Edited by Argyros
    4. Roy


      Thank you for all the support everybody :) I am making changes to my diet along with drinking more water. I plan to keep this up so it decreases the chances of kidney stone formation in the future! I seriously don't want to go through that pain again!!!!

  6. Getting ready for my business trip from the 17th (today) to the 22nd. Leaving tonight at 6 PM and my flight is 8:10 PM. It's going to be great meeting the rest of the people I've worked with (some I've became very great friends with as well) in person for the first time. Going to be awesome seeing my work's main offices as well! I'm excited and I think it's going to be a fun time :) There's also going to be a big training session one day in the office with one of the products I am very interested in. So it'll be fun learning more about that as well.


    While I'm at my hotel, I will most likely be working on some stuff regarding GFL such as finishing setting up the GS05 machine and starting the big Garry's Mod expansion into the UK (spoiler alert).

  7. Setup GS05

    The machine has been provisioned and I am working to set it up now. I've added @Xy to the project since he is going to setup ZFS. Thanks.
  8. Setup GS05

    Currently waiting for the machine to be provisioned. I am expecting it to be provisioned either today or tomorrow. Once it's provisioned, I will setup our software on it. It should only take me 1 - 2 hours to install our software. Thanks.
  9. Setup GS05

    We've recently purchased a machine from Croncos. We will be using this machine to expand into Garry's Mod for Europe. Thanks.
  10. I purchased a dedicated machine from Croncos. Got a discount for the first month :)


    the machine should be provisioned today and I should be able to set it up with our software by tonight. I have great confidence with this hosting provider (they have a lot of potential) and based off of the conversations I had with them, I think things are going to go well :)


    Time to expand into the UK!

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    2. TheJitFace


      That’s a pretty good price, specs? (Sorry I keep asking questions)

    3. Roy


      The current machine will be the intel i7-4790K. However, they have another option that's the Intel I7-4790K overclocked to 4.4 GHz. This isn't as cheap as OVH and we won't have as powerful hardware (Intel i7-7700K vs the Intel i7-4790K), but I believe Croncos will be a better host for us in the Europe location. OVH's support has also been very frustrating recently (taking 1 - 2 weeks to respond to my tickets). Croncos responds fairly quickly.

    4. Syntax


      you said 'I purchased' but the server is 'OURS' so confirmed communism

  11. I explain what the current situation is in this status update: https://gflclan.com/profile/1-roy/?status=9194&type=status I will be posting the discussions here once it is either resolved or I don't get any responses in a week. Thanks.
  12. As said in a previous status, one of the Valve employees replied to my email regarding the Anycast issue. Unfortunately, the issue is complicated and it seems Valve themselves don't even know a proper solution. It appears Valve is open to suggestions on how to resolve the issue which is good in my opinion. However, I'm not a networking expert (especially in this area, something like Anycast is complex). Therefore, I wasn't very helpful during the discussion I had with the Valve employee. I am going to be reaching out to some people I know who are good at networking and see if they have any suggestions. Basically, we need to find a method to retrieve the client's ping to the game server that can't be altered or disguised using something such as Anycast. Unfortunately, it's quite easy to replicate the A2S_INFO query and alter the packet.


    At the same time, I'm trying to push for Facepunch to consider blacklisting hosting providers that use Anycast to reply to the A2S_INFO query which results in the PoP server's ping being used instead of the actual server. The problem here is Anycast is a legitimate (D)DoS mitigation method. However, I don't see the point in responding to A2S_INFO queries via Anycast besides to lower the ping in the server browser. I'm not sure about the specific though. I've sent an email to many Facepunch developers yesterday regarding this issue.


    Regardless, I really do believe something should be done about this. Whether it's finding a different way to calculate the client's ping to the game server or blacklisting hosting providers that use Anycast to disguise the pings. Something should be done.


    Though, after seeing how things have been, I am not expecting for something to be done. I am working on a backup plan for GFL (a specific service within OVH possibly) in the case that this isn't resolved. I just believe all game servers deserve to be competing on the same battle field. In this case, game servers not using Anycast aren't and it's frustrating. It's only a matter of time until this spreads to other games and I just really don't want to see that happen. I'm hoping something can be done but I'm worried nothing will be done. I just don't want to see our servers suffer because of something like this.


    I will continue to try to communicate with Valve and Facepunch regarding this issue. At the same time, I will continue to work on the backup plan to see if it's possible, etc. if nothing works out in the end. I will most likely make Reddit threads again at some point if I see no progress being done.


    As for GFL, I've been talking to a couple individuals about its future and this Anycast situation is definitely a big game changer depending on how things go. The individuals I've found are very motivated and are smart on a technical level. I am going to be giving them things to do that'll highly benefit the community. I'm going to be pushing the community forward the best I can. Next week I won't be available much due to going on a business trip from the 17th to the 22nd.

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    2. Worgee


      Have a nice trip Cristiano Decanado :) 

    3. SwegBuster


      What you're not taking me on the trip too? :( jk.


      Have fun on the trip!

    4. TheJitFace


      Hopefully they respond soon

  13. Well, I received a reply from one of the Valve employees regarding the Anycast issue I emailed them about.


    The email didn't state anything and was just a question, but I hope the discussion can continue.


    I'm just very happy to even receive a reply from Valve regarding the issue. I was worried my email may have been blocked by them because they haven't replied to me for two years.

    1. Violator


      I swear if they fix it cuz of us ppl are gonna ddos the shit out of us lol.

    2. Roy


      @Violator I couldn't care less if people do. I'd just be happy that such a major issue is finally fixed. If people are going to attack us due to that, so be it. It'll only make me more proud of what was done. It would also build my motivation more as well and I'm already trying to push GFL forward.

  14. I just ordered an OVH VPS in London, UK correctly last night. I was ordering it wrong last time and feel like an idiot (thank you for the help, @Argyros!). 


    I will start setting up after work. Going to be fun seeing how all of this turns out :)

    1. Worgee
    2. Roy


      @Worgee Seriously didn't know the customer was giving me the code for OK instead of giving me their availability for a screen-share or phone call lmao!

    3. SwegBuster
  15. When will you unban me honey

    1. Roy


      What are you banned from lol?

    2. Nyatsuki


      Still shoutbox x)