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  1. +1 from me I was just curious, do you have any experience with reverse engineering? If so, are you able to find signatures and offsets in the Source Engine for certain functions in Windows/Linux? Thanks!
  2. I remember @Callymentioning this to me yesterday. That's pretty damn cool to be honest

    Noice lineup shot :) 

    1. Coven


      for a sec, I thought you shoot your own teammate and it counted as a kill

  4. Ah, that makes sense. Well at least we got a rewrite that supports the REST API. Can you give me the source code for the one you made?
  5. Do you know if it was coded in lua or not? Lua doesn't come with Oxide anymore by default which I'd assume means it isn't really supported much anymore. This is why I made a version in C#. Thanks.
  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to show this screenshot: Our Rust Modded server hit 90+ players already during its first week. This is a huge accomplishment, especially during its first week! Expect more servers in Rust since we now have room on our machines. With that said, we broke our total record of players since mid-2016: We are on our way to beat our global record of 1298 players on at the same time which was accomplished sometime in 2015 (hard record to beat, lol) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who play on our servers and hopefully we'll see more records broken in the future soon 😄 Thanks!
  7. I'm internally screaming right now from coding all day. I need a break rofl

    1. Roy


      And water, because I just remembered I didn't drink any today xd

    2. _Rocket_


      I    C A  N      R  E  L A T E

  8. Hey everyone, Today I decided to make a User Management plugin that interacts with the GFL API for Members, Supporters, and VIPs in Rust (the game using Oxide/UMod as a server-side library). I did something like this before using lua, but since that's no longer supported by default in Oxide/UMod and it used MySQL instead, I decided to make one in C# which is fully supported with Oxide/UMod along with using our newer REST API. This plugin will be used on our Rust servers which support Oxide/UMod in the future. This was my first time messing around with C# as well, so that was fun. Was pretty easy to pickup on, though. The below is basically being copied from the Gitlab repository's ReadME: Description A plugin created in C# for Rust (Oxide/UMod). Interacts with the GFL API and assigns users their appropriate group on player connect or when the um.reloadusers console command is executed. Installation Place the UserManagement.cs file inside of RustServer/oxide/plugins. Afterwards, edit RustServer/oxide/config/UserManagement.json to your needs. Please also make sure you have existing groups made. You can create groups using oxide.group add <group> <"[Title]"><rank>. Default Config { "Debug": false, "Enabled": true, "Endpoint": "donators", "RemoveExisting": true, "RemoveExistingNoGroup": true, "Token": "MY_AUTH_TOKEN", "URL": "https://api.domain.com/" } Config Descriptions Debug - Whether or not to enable debugging within the plugin. Enabled - Whether or not to enable the plugin. Endpoint - The API endpoint. RemoveExisting - If true, when given a group, it will remove any others that are a part of the plugin from the user. RemoveExistingNoGroup - If the user has no group, it will remove any groups that are a part of the plugin from the user. Token - The API's token that's set using the Authorization header. URL - The API URL (https/SSL is supported). Gitlab Project Feel free to use and modify to your needs Thanks!
  9. GFL Murder Discord

    Yeah, I just want our servers with Discord Integration (hopefully all of our game servers at some point) to flow through our Official Discord server. From there, people can join the division/server-specific Discord servers. I want to see growth on our official Discord server and that's exactly what is happening via: Obviously, advertising the division/server-specific Discord servers within the game servers are fine, but Discord Integration should always be linked to the official Discord server. Thanks.
  10. Hello, Since we have plenty of space on our new machines, I decided to setup a Rust Modded server as a test to fixing our Docker image for Rust. After I fixed the image, I left the server on to see how it would do. Within a few days, it has already been reaching 20+ players without any effort. This is great start in my opinion considering we haven't put much effort into populating the server (e.g. idling, etc). Therefore, I decided we should keep it. I talked to @ACanadianAsianabout this and he agreed. @ACanadianAsianwill be managing this server. This server is currently 10x and wipes every Thursday (weekly, same as our Vanilla server). Thanks!
  11. GFL Murder Discord

    The Discord Integration addon points towards the official GFL Discord server and that isn't changing. If you're already in the Discord server, I will talk to the DLs to see if we can manually give points to users who were already in the Discord server. Thanks.
  12. Hey everyone, I just wanted to post some code I used to make our Discord Tracker in PHP. Unfortunately, I was having issues trying to get the Discord member count of the server. The member_count field located in the API here would always return NULL regardless of the bot having proper privileges. I even setup a test bot along with a test Discord server and had issues as well. After doing research, I found others were having this issue as well. Therefore, I decided to make my own code to get the member count. The code basically loops through all members using this request and object. It was a little bit more complicated since there was a limit of 1000 members and you'd have to specify a GET parameter ("after") to continue the query from where we left off on the last request. Anyways, here's the PHP code. Obviously, you need to change $guildID and $botToken to suit your needs. // Please configure. $guildID = ''; $botToken = ''; // Variables. $going = true; $after = 0; $count = 0; // Da loop. while ($going) { // Perform a GET request to the Discord API using the $guildID. $ch = curl_init('https://discordapp.com/api/guilds/' . $guildID . '/members?limit=1000&after=' . $after); // Set authorization token. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, Array('Authorization: Bot ' . $botToken)); // We don't wanna return the headers ;) curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); // Yes.. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, TRUE); // Give $result the output. $result = curl_exec($ch); // Close the cURL handle. curl_close($ch); // Decode the results using JSON (since that's what it returns). $users = json_decode($result); // Check if it's valid. if ($users && is_array($users)) { // Increase the count per request. $count += count($users); // If the amount is under 1000, we're done here. if (count($users) < 1000) { $going = false; // Not really needed since we set $going to false anyways, but just figured we'd put it there just in-case? break; } // Leave off with the last user ID from the results so it keeps going. $after = $users[999]->user->id; } else { // BREAKKKKKKKKKKKK! break; } } I know the code may be a bit sloppy, but it works well for my needs. Obviously, the higher the member count is on the Discord server, the longer the loop will last. So it may take a few seconds to execute it. If you start getting over 10K+ members in your Discord server, I'd ensure that you have a long timeout set for this script. I hope this helps anyone having the same issue as I was Thank you!
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