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  1. Thank you for making this post and rest in peace, Dream. My condolences to everybody impacted by this tragic event, especially her family and close friends. I am really glad to see all the posts in this thread with people offering support as well. It makes me really proud to see this community being a family altogether. Thank you everybody! Thanks.

    Feel free to take a look :) 

  3. Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce my new company, Scorch Host along with how my activity will look in the future. Please read this before continuing: Scorch Host As stated in the thread above, I am creating my new company. The team has decided that "Scorch Host" would be the best name for the new company (we had a few other close ones). We will be providing the following services plus more as time goes on! Web Hosting. Remote (D)DoS Protection. Managed Services. Unmanaged dedicated servers. Unmanaged VPSs. IPv4/IPv6 blocks. Domain names. And more! We won't be starting off with all of the above services, but the end-goal is to support all of them. We will be launching with web hosting and remote (D)DoS protection. I am very confident with our team. It consists of @Dreae, one other, and I at the moment. We will more than likely bring on another member to the team who has a lot of experience and who I know very well (they're very interested in the company). I'm hoping to start making a lot of progress the next few months and officially launch sometime in the Fall or late Summer. That's the plan. Anyways, I have created multiple social media pages/groups. Please feel free to follow/like these pages and invite your friends I would highly appreciate the support! Steam Group. Facebook page. Twitter page. As of right now, there isn't much content on these social media pages. However, once the company starts being developed, more information and updates will be added! One last thing, GFL will be using the remote (D)DoS protection service Scorch Host offers. GFL's current Anycast network will be moved to Scorch Host and GFL will pay for the service. My Activity With the above stated, I would like to note my activity will be heavily decreasing. I did say this in the thread I made in the Member Activity forum, but I noticed I still receive a lot of messages from people regarding needing help in GFL and after explaining my situation, some still don't understand. I currently am working a full-time job on top of developing this new company. I unfortunately cannot spend much time into GFL at this point. I will still be around, but I cannot be expected to do really anything. I will now be working on this new company during my hours off from work instead of GFL. The Directors will be handling GFL and @Xy_ will be in-charge of the back-end. GFL is doing GREAT! Recently, our TF2 server reached #1 in the world! And from the looks of it, the community has exciting plans ahead! Keep up the good work, everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to reply. Thank you for your time.
  4. You're a nerd!

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    2. Roy


      @Cally Only the cool people say nerd like 'n3rd' :) 

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    4. Roy



  5. After a long night of running around the airport looking for other airlines because our initial flight got cancelled due to weather, I finally got home late last night :) 

    1. SkydivingSquid


      The wife and I spent 16 hours traveling through 4 airports a few days ago. We’re in NY right now, but about to fly into Ohio for a week, back to NY, and then back to Hawaii. Travel is exhausting! 

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    2. Roy


      @SkydivingSquid That does sound exhausting haha. I don't think I would be able to do that lmao. I don't ever want to do anything other than a non-stop flight. I remember when going to my parent's house for the holidays, I picked the non-stop flights which were $200 more than the 1+ stop flights lol.


      I'm not going to lie, I sometimes fear of flying because I had a kidney stone on one of my first business trips to Denver while on the flight. Ever since that, I just want to get on the plane and off as quick as possible, lol.

    3. SkydivingSquid


      I have a 5mm kidney stone that I found on an X-ray... it’s sitting in there comfortably.. waiting to one day go on a journey to ruin my life. 

  6. Business trippppppppp

  7. Do you have any examples of code? I'd like to see how you'd do in PHP, JavaScript, and SQL (anything web-related). Thanks.
  8. Browser shows wrong ping -surf

    @pUMP This is normal and isn't really a 'bug'. The server is running on GFL's Anycast network that was built two - three months ago. The Master Server uses the A2S_INFO packet to measure a client's ping. The ping is measured by timing the A2S_INFO packet (from sending to receiving). The A2S_INFO packet is cached on all of our PoP servers meaning the ping to the PoP server your route to is used in the server browser instead of the physical server's ping. There is a legitimate benefit to this which results in the A2S_INFO packet sending 3-4x less data than it being non-cached (this allows attacks that target the A2S_INFO packet to do less damage). However, it comes with the 'side-effect' of lower pings for all players in the server browser unless if the client's route is wack and goes to a PoP server not even close to them, etc. I will admit, due to this, our servers do receive more population since people see it as lower ping in the server browser. We've reported this to Valve multiple times, but they haven't been helpful in resolving the issue. Thanks.
  9. Did you do anything last night or does it look like the MySQL query adjustments I made the other day fixed it? Thanks.
  10. I hope everything works out
  11. So excited for this hosting company in the making :) Slowly making progress but I think we have a great starting team! I hope some day it can support me financially so I can put 100% into the company daily. I have hope it'll happen one day 😄 

  12. My most 'exciting' moment was probably when CS:S Zombie Escape reached #1 in CS:S on GameTracker for the first time on July 4th, 2012. I remember having to go to my mom's friend's house for the Fourth of July that day and I just wanted to be home celebrating this moment with people in GFL at the time. It was still an insane run (a month and a half from a new IP to #1 in CS:S, we didn't drop a rank once during this run). I guess being 14 at the time was awesome as well. I was still a stupid kid just enjoying watching my servers populate, lol.

    Pretty excited to start working on this big project. Time to start writing a bunch of things down!

  14. Thank you for the support everyone I really appreciate it! Thanks.
  15. Hey everyone, I've been thinking long and hard about something the last two - three months or so ever since I started building out the Anycast network with @Dreae. I had a decision to make and after long talks with my colleagues, my friends, and others experienced in the area, I've finally came to a conclusion. The decision was whether I wanted to pursue a career goal of becoming a hosting provider in the future. Last night I decided I wanted to give it a shot. Obviously, this is way easier said than done. There is A LOT that would go into this and the reasoning I've thought about this decision for so long was because I kept telling myself I wasn't ready (many said I was overthinking everything as well). However, my approach to this will be starting out small (as it should be). I do still feel I have a lot to learn, but I am willing to learn everything I can and I'll more than likely even find it fun/interesting along the way there. With that said, I have a lot of support from others experienced in this area that are willing to help me out which I highly appreciate. Although, I want to learn as many things on my own as I can because self-teaching yourself is the best method of learning in my opinion. I will be creating this company with one of my IRL best friends as well. I want to talk about myself and GFL next. I've been working on GFL daily for the last 8+ years and although it isn't perfect, I do feel I did a pretty damn good job at it. It is an overall successful community. I still have many plans written out for it, but I don't feel I have the motivation and time to implement them (this is something I've struggled with for years). Realistically, I haven't made a single dime from the community in profit (never have, never will) and my job needs to take priority since that gives me a paycheck and supports my life. With me pursuing my goal of becoming a hosting provider, I will need to take a big step back from GFL. I just don't feel I have the capacity to handle my actual job, GFL, the Anycast network, and the new hosting company I create. I am not going to step down from TA because I will be handling the Anycast network and some back-end related things with the web machine, but I cannot be expected to do anything in the community itself. I will be talking to our internal staff regarding this and the community will be put into good hands. But again, I'll still technically be here, so there's that. As for the new company I plan to create, even if it were to fail, I would still learn a lot from it and it would give me a lot of experience (perhaps later on I could attempt it again if it were to fail). I can use this new knowledge elsewhere and it'd be great to put on my resume (putting what I've done with GFL on my resume is already great, but putting what I've done with my own hosting company would be great as well, lol). My personal end-goal is for it to eventually support my life solely so I can put 100% into the company daily. Obviously, I have a lot of other goals for the company itself. I just need to start out small and think things through. It could even takes years before it takes off. I plan to make my own personal website in the future. I'll be posting things there about the progress I'm making and how my overall life is going. I'll also be posting stuff here as well to share to all of you because well, GFL is and always will be in my life more than likely. If you want to know more information about this, please feel free to message me or reply here. Thank you!
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