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  1. Welp, although I've felt swamped recently with work from GFL and many other things (there's a lot going on right now), I feel I'm making great progress at least. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to work on the Barricade Firewall project this past week, but I'm hoping to start again once I figure out all these annoying GFL issues with the network and so on (I want to expand the filters to Europe soon, but I'm trying to fix some reports first). After finishing the Barricade FW project, I plan on getting back into BiFrost (initially called Compressor V2) with Dreae and hopefully the experience I gain from the Barricade FW project (specifically Elixir) will help a lot.


    Other than that, I've thought of a great idea for me personally. I've made it known that I want a DevOps position and I noticed that pretty much anything related to DevOps requires knowledge in CD/CI tools along with Kubernetes. I was already planning to get into CircleCI (a CD/CI tool), but after looking into Kubernetes, this highly interests me as well. Therefore, I plan on making two websites. One will be written in Go and the other will be written in Elixir. I will be making both of these separate repos on my GitHub profile. These websites will be testing websites, but I plan on implementing pretty neat functionality such as user management systems along with some other back-end things. I want some resource-intensive tasks within these websites as well so I can see the difference when scaling these websites with Kubernetes later.


    After I create these websites, I'm going to make two more GitHub repos. One will be for CircleCI and the other will be for Kubernetes. I'm going to be learning CircleCI more and creating configurations that I'll make open-source (into these repos) that'll build both of these websites along with deploy them to production if all tests come back successfully.


    With the Kubernetes repo, I plan on making a bunch of README files (*.md files) that'll document commands I run with Kubernetes along with results. I want to document how I completely scale out the web application to multiple Kubernete clusters. I also plan on making a personal Vultr account and using some VMs from them for this project. This'll also give me an opportunity to mess with startup scripts on Vultr.


    I believe this'll look really great for me and it'll be way better than just saying "I have experience with Kubernetes" or saying "I have certs" (personally, I'd think it'd look more attractive seeing a repo I make documented with everything I've done with Kubernetes over some certificate(s)).


    Still have so much more to do and I've felt quite burned out. But I'm hoping it is all worth it in the end.

    1. Roy


      Also, these are things that could benefit GFL sometime in the future once I gain experience. For example, we should be able to put GFL's website into high availability which is a project I've wanted to do for some time now.

  2. They were a Council member (back when Council was nearly equal to Director nowadays) from 2012 to 2016 or something like that. I don't remember the time frame of Council but he joined GFL in 2011. P.S. I think @Floopyhiggle is the only person who got to see my bunny back in 2011 or early 2012.
  3. Just thought I'd leave this here: This was taken today
  4. Thank you for the trace route. I see you're routing through the Miami POP. How often is the server lagging out for you? Would you be able to take a video with net_graph 4 set (you can just type net_graph 4 in the console to enable) and record you connecting and lagging out? If so, please do so and send the video to me. As for the IP address, you can just go to my profile on the forums and click "Message" to send me the IP. Thanks.
  5. Please provide your public IPv4 address in private messages. You can receive your public IPv4 address from here. With that said, please perform a trace route to the server and provide the results. You can execute the following command in Windows Command Prompt: tracert Thanks.
  6. @Ash- One thing I noticed is they're downloading the file via HTTP. This should be redirecting to HTTPS/SSL and it does in my web browser. But I'm wondering if in-game downloads might not support the HTTPS redirect. If it isn't already, I'd suggest changing the sv_downloadurl CVar to use HTTPS. Although, if this was the case, others would probably be running into the same issue which is why I still believe there's something blocking on CloudFlare's side which I'll try to confirm once I get the IPv4 address. Still worth a try though I can set it in a bit.
  7. Remove the period at the end of the file name. I ran into that initially as well.
  8. I am able to download the maps using the URLs provided in the console output. Therefore, I doubt it's a syncing issue unless if for whatever reason the POP they're routing through isn't syncing properly (since we're using CloudFlare + BackBlaze for FastDL now). This is less likely the case, though. @elimin8g You're using IPv6 to access the website which is fine. However, I do not see any entries in our back-end with that IP address. I believe the Source Engine downloads files using your public IPv4 address. Would you be able to provide your public IPv4 address to me through private message? You can find your IPv4 address here. Also, can you go into Windows Command Prompt (assuming you're running on Windows) and try to resolve the FastDL hostname (fastdlv2.gflclan.com). You can do this with the following command: ping fastdlv2.gflclan.com The following should resolve to an IP address. If it doesn't, please let me know. Thanks.
  9. I'm not sure if all these maps aren't on the server, but I know there are definitely a few that aren't: mg_battle_slider_v3c - A classic sliding map. mg_battleforce_soccer - A soccer map. mg_bob2_n00b - A course map, but there isn't any spawn killer and it's common for players just to join in and play. mg_bobiii - Another course map with no spawn killer. mg_ig_bob - Yet another course map with no spawn killer. mg_car_survival_v4 - Fun map where you have to dodge cars (if you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball). mg_escape_prison_beta - Classic course map. mg_ka_trains_detach - Fun map with moving trains and it's common to bhop. mg_n64_goldeneye_v2 - Weapon multi-games which is fun and definitely a classic. mg_office_coursee - A classic course map. mg_pauls_smash_reborn_v2 - Survive falling objects. mg_piratewars - Classic map where there are cannons you can shoot at the opposing team. I'm not sure if the physics on the map still work with CS:S. mg_randomizer_v5 - Fun multi-games. mg_ski_mountain_resort_fix - Classic surf-like map with a bomb site. mg_smash_cannonsz - The original cannons map. mg_WarmCup_Headshot - Weapon multi-games and another big classic. mg_wipeout - Fun course-ish map. buses_from_hell_fixed - Two bus drivers (Ts) try to run over CTs and they have to survive 2 - 3 minutes (round time). mg_invisibleman_fin - One of my favorite maps back in the day, but the last time I played this, it wasn't working due to one of the CS:S updates breaking it. May be worth seeing if you can fix it (just need to make the Ts actually invisible). @Jekyll - I have all these maps on my test server, if you want me to upload them, let me know. I can still upload them and you can add them to the map cycle if you'd like. Thanks!
  10. Typically, this error can mean two things: You aren't able to download any maps from our FastDL server. You may have a copy of the current map running on the server, but they don't match (e.g. one map file is different than the other). In this case, you would want to delete the map file locally and try joining again. Given our FastDL server changed recently for many servers and with the assumption this happens to multiple maps, it sounds like the issue is problem #1. Are you using a VPN to connect to the website? If not, I'll search your IP in our back-end and see if it's somehow getting blocked. As Ash said, it may help also getting some more console output to ensure we're not missing anything here. Thanks.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm posting this publicly in the case there's somebody interested who may not be a part of our Developer Team yet. We are looking for a PHP/Web developer who is willing to learn the IPS 4 API. We have major projects including a donation system that need to be made. For organization and maintenance reasons, we'd prefer if these applications were made utilizing the IPS 4 API so everything can be managed and configured within the IPS 4 AdminCP. This'll make it easy to give certain groups or individuals permissions to execute certain tasks along with keeping all configuration handled within the AdminCP. The projects will be tracked in our GitHub organization located here. If you're interested, please let @Nick or I know! Thank you for your time.
  12. Hey Nano, Do you have a Discord account by any chance where we can discuss this application further? Thanks.
  13. Hey Tanman, Thank you for your patience. Do you have a Discord account by any chance where we can discuss this application further? We're in need of web developers, especially with PHP. Therefore, I feel this may be a great opportunity. Thanks.
  14. I will be talking to @Nick about this to see what discussions have occurred. Thank you for your patience, @thockiestboard.
  15. Hey everyone, I know it has been a while since I posted an update on the CS:S Division. I apologize for that, I've been really busy with other things and life recently. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce some further changes to our CS:S division. CS:S MiniGames After seeing the success of CS:S Dust2 on our Anycast network, I decided we should try to setup a CS:S MG server again. This is a server I've long missed and I even had a test CS:S MG server setup at one point just to play with friends on, etc. I know this was requested years ago, but at the time, I didn't see CS:S MG having any future in GFL. In fact, at the moment, the game mode is pretty much completely dead, at least in the US. However, with the recent spike of players from COVID-19 along with the combination of the server being on our Anycast network and CS:S Dust2's success, I believe the server stands a decent chance this time. It really can't hurt to try at this point, anyways. I've started talking to @Jekyll and I believe he would be a good fit for the server! I will be helping him any way I can with the server as well. Moving Surf RPG DM To Anycast Network @Dreae and I agreed we should move the CS:S Surf RPG DM server to our Anycast network. This is because game servers on our NFO machine appear to suffer from lag spikes regardless of the server/configuration. I believe this has to do with hyper-threading being disabled some time ago due to security holes within Windows. Moving the server from Windows to Linux will also help debugging crashes since Valve hasn't stripped debugging symbols in their CS:S Linux server builds (non-like Windows and CS:GO). Plus Linux generally comes with better system resource consumption and better performance in most cases. Possibly Move BHop I haven't talked to the staff on the CS:S BHop server, @Khel, and @Reeve about this yet. But just like CS:S Surf RPG DM, I would like to move CS:S BHop. This is because I've noticed the server suffering from the same lag spikes as we see on CS:S Surf RPG DM and it messes up runs, etc. This would probably be a more complicated change since we'd need to make sure the extensions all have Linux support and so on. I will get with everybody to discuss this before making any decisions. These moves would result in an IP change as well. But with the GSLT feature (moving favorites from one IP to another) and the server being on the network, I believe it'll sustain their population. The servers wouldn't change IPs after this since we have our own IPv4 block. That's all for now! Thank you.

    Fuck yeah 😄 

  17. I wanted to give a big shoutout to @Dreae for helping me understand the Chacha20_poly1305 cipher along with encryption in general and answering any questions I have. He has been a HUGE help, as usual I'm sorry for messaging you 200 times yesterday regarding the issues I was running into LOL.
  18. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my latest project. This application implements a TCP client and server. The client is written in C and uses a library named Libsodium for encryption and hashing. The server is programmed in Elixir and uses ErLang's Crypto module for decryption and hashing. A program named "genkey" is also included for generating a key that is typically 32 bytes in size. This key will be used as a shared key between the client and server. The client encrypts messages inputted by the user and sends it to the server. The server decrypts these messages using the same key, IV/nonce, and tag (generated from the client program for the MAC). This application uses the Chacha20_poly1305 symmetric cipher which utilizes Chacha20 (cipher) and Poly1305 (MAC). More information can be found in the GitHub project! This project will be serving as a foundation for my future projects such as my Barricade Firewall project that I plan to work on very soon! GitHub Project Thanks!
  19. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I've extended the new filters I've been working on (outlined here) to our Tokyo and Singapore POPs. The new POPs are actively retrieving a list of all whitelisted services as well and I've made changes to my IP/ASN Go project here to add checks so things are less likely to break (added HTTP status code support, better error handling, and more). Once everything is deployed, we'll be giving Directors and all of TAs access to whitelist services for these POPs. This will help a lot since things won't rely on only me. I've been monitoring traffic and players appear to be connecting without any issues. The new filters are now deployed to Sydney, Tokyo, and Singapore. If things are stable for a few days, I will expand these filters to all of Europe as well. Thank you!
  20. I successfully created a basic user login system with Elixir here 😄  It uses Argon2 to hash passwords. Now it's time to start working on my new personal project called "Barricade". This will be a remake of my XDP Firewall project here. I will be creating the back-bone web server in Elixir and plan to implement a user login system just like I did already with the other project and make it so the user can add filtering rules and nodes (servers that the XDP Firewall itself is running on). Both applications will be talking to each other over encryption and I plan to report stats from the server the XDP FW is running on back to the back-bone.


    I'm definitely excited for this! I think the project itself has a lot of potential as well. I've already started working on it here.

    1. Roy


      I forget to mention, the experience this new project will give me with Elixir will highly help with Compressor V2's progression as well! I think being able to help with the Elixir side will be good!

  21. your hair game is s1ck
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