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  1. An Update I tried ordering the GAME-3 machine on Monday but ran into a bug while ordering the machine. Currently, when trying to order a GAME-3 machine for Montreal, it displays as France on the order page. I called SYS support on Monday and they made a ticket stating they escalated the request to their web team. I haven't heard back from them since then. I replied back to the ticket today asking for an update and if it's possible to reserve a GAME-3 machine for us because I notice the machine running out of stock quite often. Initial ticket email: My reply today: I will reply back to this thread once I receive an update from them. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to give an update regarding our OVH expansion in North America. I would like to note that I still need to talk to the Division Leaders about this but I would say we're most likely going with this plan. Our Initial Plan Initially, we planned on purchasing an OVH machine in the new data center located in the United States. This was specifically located in Vint Hill, Virginia. Recently, machines there became available with the discovery option. The only issue I had while purchasing the machine was PayPal not being a supported payment option and I'd highly prefer paying for these machines with PayPal. After contacting OVH's support about this issue, they told me PayPal would be added as a payment option. Though, they said this would be after the discovery period meaning the machines would be more expensive when we would be able to purchase the machine. I asked if we could still get the discovery price after PayPal is added and they told me more than likely no. Our New Plan OVH has another data center located in Montreal, Canada. Since this data center has been opened for a lot longer, there are a lot more machine configuration options to choose from and overall more cheaper and powerful. The reason we were trying to expand into the new data center (Vint Hill, Virginia) over the old data center (Montreal, Canada) is the location. Montreal is further north and in a less populated area in my opinion. However, we believe the difference wouldn't be much regarding the ping of the average user. @Xy_ did some math to prove this. Though, it all depends on where the user is located. There have been a lot of successful game servers hosted in the OVH data center located in Montreal, Canada. Due to how the Valve Master Server picks servers based on your geo-location, we've seen a lot of servers in this data center have their IPs geo-located to places like Chicago, US and so on. We plan on doing the same and I will be sending emails to geo-location companies. We would like to purchase a machine from OVH's Montreal data center. Read below. OVH Options OVH has machines configured for game servers in Montreal. You can look at the options here. We currently have one MC-32 machine located in Europe and it performs very well. The machine is $89.99/m which is very cheap, especially for the hardware it comes with. This machine, in my opinion is very powerful as well. I had planned to purchase another MC-32 machine for the Montreal data center. However, I continued to search for cheaper options. I soon remembered So You Start which is an (official?) OVH re-seller and supports the Montreal data center. SYS Options SYS also re-sells OVH machines configured to run game servers. You can look at the options here. We've used SYS in the past and it has been very successful to us. With that said, the prices on these SYS machines are insanely low in my opinion! In fact, the GAME-3 machine which is around $20.00/m cheaper than the MC-32 machine has 32 more GBs of ram along with the same processor and disk. Though, OVH has 2x480 GBs SSD in Soft Raid while the SYS machine has only 1x480 GBs SSD. But this won't matter much since we're performing automatic backups. At the start, the only thing stopping me from purchasing one of these machines was some questions regarding how IPs are handled and so on. With OVH, we could do these things but I just wanted to make sure we could with SYS. I called SYS's support number yesterday which I believe is basically OVH support and here is the questions and answers summed up. Q - If we were to buy an IP block, would we be able to gain ownership over the ARIN records with SYS IPs? This would allow us to change WhoIS info along with some geo-location data. A - Yes, for IP blocks of 4 and over. This works! I would be purchasing a block of eight IPs. Q - If SYS starts offering a new machine with more powerful hardware, would we be able to move our IPs over from an older machine to the new machine if we purchased it? We could do this with OVH. A - Yes, a time transfer (something I've done before with OVH) would be the best option and this is simple to do. This works as well! Q - If we decide SYS isn't the best option for us, would we be able to move our IPs to an OVH machine in Montreal? A - Yes, however, you cannot move IPs back to SYS from OVH. This is great and means we're basically covered. If we don't like SYS, we can move our IPs to a machine with OVH. Q - When will SYS start offering i7-7700K machines? A - We have no ETA on when we will but hopefully in the future. Not a big deal but having the Intel i7-7700K available would be nice! Q - When will the GAME-3 machines be replenished? A - Machines are replenished at the beginning of each week. There is also a system out there made by one of our customers that emails you when a machine type is replenished if you subscribe. This is also great and I will be purchasing the machine as soon as the machine is replenished! After that call, I became very confident that this is the machine we will order! With that said, I would like to note that if this machine does become overloaded, I believe we should look into ordering the GAME-1 machine. The single-thread performance of the Intel i7-4790K is similar to the Intel i7-6700K according to the benchmarks I've seen and single-thread performance is the most important for SRCDS servers in my opinion (Source Engine game serves). Although the disk space is low (120 GBs), we could still easily host 3 - 4 very popular servers on that machine (e.g. Garry's Mod RolePlay servers). Also, for that price ($34.30/m), it is literally a win-win. Conclusion I would like to purchase a game server machine from SYS as soon as the stocks are replenished. This should be tomorrow or Tuesday and after I talk to the Division Leaders. The machine will cost us $69.99/m and we will be able to handle a lot with it! After this machine is ordered and set up, we will start our expansion with Garry's Mod (RP servers to be specific) along with Left 4 Dead 1/2, Killing Floor 1/2, and Call of Duty 4. The Division Leaders are very confident and motivated to have this machine set up. They have been waiting for this for a long time now. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you for reading!
  3. Still waiting for a reply from SYS support regarding ordering a GAME-3 machine. There's currently a bug when ordering a GAME-3 machine for Montreal, it displays as being ordered for France. I called SYS support about this on Monday and they made a ticket with me stating they sent the request to the web developer team and we'll hear back soon.


    I will update everybody once I hear back.

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    Most intense game of Call of Duty 4 I've played.

    1. SwegBuster


      I would say. You died 192 times smh. Should have been only once! :lenny:

    2. Roy


      ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, did well enough!

    3. DoctorDuck


      With spawn campers 1 death = 4

  5. I'm so happy that I am finally getting comfortable with things at work even while things are very busy. I am also very thankful that I have such a great group of friends that supports me with everything in my life as well :) I don't think I've ever felt this happy in my life on a personal level :D


    The next big step for work is going on-call after work hours and on weekends. It doesn't sound fun, but I'm sure it'll be fine and I'll get used to it.


    I have been getting in contact with my doctor's office and they told me they are waiting for my healthcare provider to get approved first. Afterwards, we'll be able to schedule the hernia surgery again and actually have it without getting cancelled. One problem is, my work is switching healthcare providers at the beginning of next month, so that'll be complicated with this situation. I know I'll be fine though. We'll work things out.


    Things are looking up :) 


    Once again, thank you everyone for all the support I've received regarding my hernia surgery!

    1. Worgee


      You're welcome xD Hope you get good soon boi :) 

    2. RockRoyce


      Absolute lad. Hope your surgery goes smoothly! I'll always be here if you need anything ;)

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    Hm. No Steam level whatsoever. Anybody else ever experience this bug?

    1. Worgee


      you call it bug, other call it hack :thinking: 

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    Got our first (D)DoS attack towards our CoD 4 FFA #1 server just now. It honestly makes me proud to see people trying to attack the server and failing lol.

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    2. Roy



    3. Kite9867


      I couldn't get on the FFA #1 server today. It was Setting up game for minutes. :( But I'll try to join tomorrow.

    4. CNe7532294


      This type of microwave? 


  8. If I remember correctly, Garry's Mod tries loading addons using all lower-case characters. This is fine on Windows because folders aren't case-sensitive. However, on Linux, folder names are case-sensitive. Therefore, if it tries to load "addons/testfolder" but the folder is actually "addons/TestFolder", it won't load. Not a big deal in my opinion, though. When I first experienced that issue, it did take me an hour to figure it out haha. Thanks.
  9. I haven't done any testing between Linux & Windows performance apart from CS:GO. In CS:GO, there is currently a networking thread limitation that I've reported on Valve's GitHub here. We don't plan on running any big CS:GO servers on this machine, though. Our CS:S servers ran completely fine on Linux and honestly, I'd prefer Linux due to the debugging we are able to do with crashes and so on. Unfortunately, I don't believe SRCDS provides Windows symbols for crash dumps and so on. As for Garry's Mod, I don't truly know if there is a difference between Windows and Linux regarding performance. The only difference with Linux (apart from being a different operating system) in Garry's Mod that I've noticed is each addon folder must be lower-case. Otherwise, it won't be loaded. This is a bug in Garry's Mod and I will probably report it sometime in the future. Though, it isn't a high priority as of now. We haven't hosted a very popular Garry's Mod server on Linux before, so this will be something new to us. I believe we will be fine. Other than that, our servers should be performing great with these future machines. Thanks.
  10. SRCDS servers do not use much RAM and 32 GBs is more than enough in my opinion. The CPU would indeed be limited before running out of RAM. Now that I think of it, with the Intel i7-4790K and Intel i7-6700K having similar single-threaded performance according to the benchmarks I've seen, we could easily go with GAME-2 and still achieve around the same performance as the GAME-3 machine. I'm going to look around for other benchmarks. I wasn't aware that those first two machines were on sale. I apologize for not realizing that. I had a feeling $34.30/m for that machine was too good to be true! I will look further into it and possibly see if purchasing the GAME-2 machine would be best. Also, here's our RAM usage for one of our NFO machines running 19 online SRCDS servers: Please note the machine has 32 GBs of RAM total. Therefore, those 19 servers consume a total of 12 GBs of RAM total averagely. Whether or not servers are moved from NFO to this machine is up to the Division Leaders. I believe the Garry's Mod DLs were looking into moving some dead servers from NFO to OVH to see if they would receive more population. When moving from NFO to OVH, the server's IP will change along with location. On a technical level, the operating system will most likely change from Windows to Linux unless if the server is hosted on our NFO VPS which is already running Linux. With that said, we are going to be opening new servers on this machine in Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead 1/2, Killing Floor 1/2, and Call of Duty 4. Thanks.
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    Shout out to this random player who is always idling on our CoD 4 FFA #1 server and helping the population at the lowest population times! I don't even know who it is?!

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    2. i have had it up to duck

      i have had it up to duck

      @Roy looks like you need to up your game because this man is gonna be owner soon at this rate, you may as well throw in the towel kiddo. C01S2lQiRD_SncEUEDNpcQ.png

    3. Roy


      They have more hours than my laptop (Dom). Lol.

    4. i have had it up to duck

      i have had it up to duck

      they, exactly what I've been saying, this is no single man, this is a army of 300 spartans.



  12. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give an update on our Call of Duty 4 division regarding the progress we're making. HC FFA #1 We started this division back in July of 2017 and we started off with a mixed server containing TDM, sabotage, and FFA. After idling on the server for a couple weeks, I found the server not gaining many randoms, etc. Therefore, I tried changing it to HC FFA and that's when the server took off. Since then, the server has been filling up to 32/32 every day and there is no need to idle on the FFA #1 server at this point (I rarely find it empty anyways). I am very happy to see this server performing so well and it has gotten to the top 10 on GameTracker multiple times which is also great to see. The only struggle we had until a week ago was there weren't many admins. I would play on the server daily and handle player reports. I added @Worgee a couple months ago to the admin team as well. Though, it's not until a week ago that I promoted two new admins, @Snoopy and @Omarock. Ever since then, we've been able to take care of more hackers playing on the server and so on. I am still on the lookout for potential admins for the server. HC FFA #2 While having our HC FFA #1 server up, we tried having a second server which initially was running different game modes. We tried running HC TDM and HC Search & Destroy, but both game modes didn't get much attention after idling on the server. I do believe these game modes would work out if we had a dedicated team trying to populate the server. But we unfortunately do not have that at the moment. I decided to switch it to a second HC FFA server and add an anti-spawn camp plugin along with setting the maximum slots count to 22. Ever since then, the server has been receiving a lot more population. @Decoy has been using his client to idle on the server and the server has been doing fairly well. I believe this server will continue to perform well and we'll see the server's population start to stabilize along with filling to 22/22 on GameTracker. The server shouldn't need somebody idling on it after a couple weeks. What's Next? Zombie Mod I would like to make another server that runs the Zombie Mod game mode. As of right now, there are two Zombie Mod game modes, one uses bots and the other uses only players. I would like to run the game mode that runs only with players. Here is a game play video of the game mode I am talking about: Finding the game mode will be difficult but I remember finding it years ago. I will try finding it again and seeing if we can bring up a server for it. United States Expansion After we order and set up our OVH US machine, I will be running another Call of Duty 4 server on it identical to our current HC FFA #1 server. Only difference will be it's obviously hosted in the United States. B3 RCON Adjustments As of right now, the B3 RCON tool is lacking features that our admins need. I'm going to talk to some of our developers and see if any of them are interested in making a plugin that adds these features into the B3 RCON tool. If they cannot do this, I will end of doing it myself. Conclusion That's all for now! I am very happy with the progress we are making in our Call of Duty 4 division! Once we expand further into the game, we can look into starting up servers with high player counts and so on (Zombie Mod will most likely be a 64 player server). Thank you!
  13. Happy birthday boi :) 

    1. Kite9867


      Thanks! :D Wish I had my computer right now so I can play CoD4 and CS:S with you guys. :(

  14. This is the changelog thread for our CS:S 24/7 Dust2 server. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, this will be similar to this thread. I went for my follow-up appointment today and got hernia surgery scheduled for next Wednesday (March 14th). While the surgery should be quick and I'll be back home the same day, I may be resting. Therefore, I will likely be unavailable most of the day Wednesday and possibly days afterwards depending on how I feel (I will be in pain like before in a different area). I have needed this surgery for a very long time (3+ years) and I am happy I am finally getting it I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support from the last surgery regarding the gallbladder! I also want to thank everyone who has known about my hernia for over a year now. Especially the friends who kept telling me to get it fixed. I know it has taken me a long time to finally get this scheduled (unfortunately personal issues prevented me from scheduling the appointments early on). I apologize for taking so long. Thank you!
  16. I got a call tonight saying the surgical center I was going to be operated in didn't accept my new health insurance. Unfortunately they waited the night before my surgery to tell me this and tomorrow we will be rescheduling the surgery to another place. Once I schedule the surgery, I will update everyone here. Thanks.
  17. One more day until surgery :) I can't wait until it's done and over with.

    1. i have had it up to duck

      i have had it up to duck

      @Roy never forget this life lesson @Roy sometimes you must take care of yourself in order to take care of others later, it's easy to jump infront of a bullet for your child but not getting there in the first place is the hard part.

  18. hi, can u plz help me??????

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    Starting to see some population on our BF3 TDM server :) Though, it is strange that after idling on it for a night, it didn't receive any other players. It also didn't receive many players on the weekend but on a Monday, it fills up a bit...

    1. i have had it up to duck

      i have had it up to duck

      Listen @Roy we have all been bad at populating servers one time, you just need to get good, go @Roy because you're a strong independed straight white male, and you don't need no bitch in your life.


    Notes Upgraded IPS 4 to the latest version (security update). Side Note - We are starting to revamp the home page soon! Thanks.
  21. Who would have known that having a password on a Left 4 Dead 2 server would cause the server to timeout and appear offline. I spent two hours trying to figure it out thinking it was the plugins and workshop addons I was adding to the server...


    Anyways, unfortunately, I wasn't able to purchase the OVH US machine since PayPal is not a supported payment option (yet). I did however, purchase the NFO VPS located in Europe for the Battlefield expansion. We have a BF3 TDM server up right now similar to how the old server was set up. I still need to find a Windows server to host Procon under. As of right now, it's running on my computer but I want to move it over to a server for stability reasons. I'm thinking about also setting up a 32-player BF4 server as well since we had to order a 6-core VPS (6 is the minimum core count for managed VPSs in NFO). Therefore, we have plenty of room. If our servers start filling out, I will immediately upgrade to a machine.


    We are still discussing other options for OVH. We plan to stick with OVH but I will be contacting support (already have) to see what else we can do.


    @Xy_ did a great job making major changes to the control panel back end and we will be setting up stock L4D 1/2 and KF 1/2 servers soon. @Xy_ implemented automatic server updating and a new file system to our Linux machine that saves space for our servers. We have other things to discuss as well.


    I will post another update soon!

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    2. Domps VERO.co

      Domps VERO.co

      When do you buy the machine for the Minecraft server, I can't wait to be Minecraft DL and help GFL out!

    3. Roy


      @Domps VERO.co Perhaps soon :) 

    4. Domps VERO.co

      Domps VERO.co

      I hope to do the legacy of the last Minecraft DL proud, FloopyHiggle 

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    This is an application I haven't had opened in a very long time and I've definitely missed it!


    Battlefield 3 server up.

    1. Domps VERO.co

      Domps VERO.co

      Ew ruining a perfectly good 24/7 Canals server with Kharg Island :kappa:

    2. sl3yz


      inb4 the server crashes 4 times a day again :hahayes3:

    3. Roy
  23. Argyros has applied for Developer

    Hello @Argyros, You're application has been accepted. I will be setting up your groups soon. Welcome to the team! Thanks.
  24. [HC FFA] Changelog

    3-8-18 Fixed the B3 RCON tool not working correctly from the control panel update on 3-6-18. Note - The B3 RCON tool actually uses a better method to retrieve the log file than before. Therefore, it should be more consistent. Thanks!