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  1. Why does it have to be difficult to tell if someone is wall-hacking in CoD 4 FFA HC :( I have to spectate each person for like 20+ minutes straight because there's a good chance they could just know where people generally camp at through walls and so on.

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    2. gibing_da_news_while_high


      @Pyros what he is doing I did everyday, is that really that hard too pick up? and talking about the insane amount of less workload on me atm..

    3. Worgee


      Besides it being easier to spot hackers in CS:GO than the coD 4 server and this not having anything to do with you then yeah it's so hard to pick up that all admins have to ban people on daily basis. 

    4. gibing_da_news_while_high


      I don't think you guys understand and are simply looking way too deep into this and you are now engaging which is kinda what I expected, so I said extra things, don't hate me for no reason and over time I might not expect this exact shit too spew out of your mouths, you guys are the reason why I say many things, my expectations for most have been very low in terms of most and expected this exact shit to occur, if you guys change I would not say things in such a way expecting this exact attack to occur, it is what it is for now I suppose, but think over why I say what I say, and all that needs to occur is just people treated kindly, these responses are the whole reason why I said what I said, in terms of extra stuff, just said how I felt, anyways this was more in terms of being able to relate to what @Roy is going through atm, and him not ever wanting to make a false ban.

  2. 17009ec9549609.jpg


    We'd make a great team in CoD 4 :D

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    2. Roy


      Yes. #FuckSpawnCampersAndHackers

    3. Worgee


      I played against 6 spawn campers today, with 20 people on...

      Got 3rd though since it was the first game of today

    4. Roy


      I just banned another hacker but damn, it's so hard to tell if they're actually hacking or not...

  3. Happy birthday boi :) 

  4. Loud mouthed wallhacker

    User was banned. I was spectating them for a good 15 minutes because it was entertaining seeing a wall hacker do so bad lol. Thanks for the report @Omarock! I guess we won't be seeing he/she on the forums as well since he/she apparently doesn't know what an email is LOL.
  5. Loud mouthed wallhacker

    THAT KID?!?!?!? I've been talking to him for the last hour and he was trying to sign up on the forums. He was trying to tell me somebody else was hacking and I basically just told him to stop complaining (of course he responded with "you fucking suck", etc.). He had two suspicious shots on me in the last game at the end but I just blew it off since he was really bad.
  6. I'm going to be taking a break from GFL. If you have an issue GFL-related, please talk to @Xy_, @Nick, or @RickGrimesTM.



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    2. JerryHatTrick


      Good idea.

      Come back refreshed & full of beans :)

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    3. Worgee


      First the funny, @Nick Now is our time to make a danish regime! And Roy I hope you will still talk to me :) and hope all goes your way with everything. Also got some good news so hmu whenever

    4. JerryBomb


      I hope everything is going well. Please, do take a break.

  7. Hello everybody, I am pleased to announce that we have successfully moved the website to the new machine and upgraded IPS to version 4.2 which includes new features. Recently, we have been suffering from an attack against our old web server. After spending a large amount of time trying to tune our old web server's configuration, we have decided to just move to the new web machine. Although the new machine wasn't entirely ready, we made last second preparations just so we can bring the website back online. Since our machine wasn't entirely ready and it has not been through extensive testing, bugs are expected. A majority of these bugs will likely be related to the current theme since the IPS 4.2 upgrade affected that the most. Though, other bugs which are more complex is a possibility. I have gone ahead and created a new Bug Tracker database here. If you see any bugs, please report them there! We apologize for the downtime and we hope you enjoy the website being brought back online! We will be making website adjustments including theme improvements and more in the near future! Thanks.
  8. @Worgee the game went well LOL. First game not being called a hacker in a while...


    1. Worgee


      So you weren't called a hacker? Then Imma Call you camper :lenny:

  9. Well, I've been learning a lot at my new job and I'm honestly loving it so far :) I'm learning about networking, firewalls, virtual machines, Linux, DNS, and so on. I even find myself coding tools to make things easier for our team which is great since I love programming! The next challenge I have will be getting comfortable to talk to customers and so on. That has always been my weakness but I want to and need to do my best to improve on that.


    Now the next step I have to take is finally getting my health issues fixed. I've been suffering from a lot of stomach pain recently (I believe I have IBS) which is affecting my work at times. The pain usually doesn't get severe until after work and I need to cut my night short (GFL time) because I just can't do anything. I've been getting lack of sleep due to these issues. I'm going to try to get a doctor appointment scheduled ASAP and hopefully I can get health insurance so I can take care of this and the hernia I've had for so long.


    Once I free up my weekends (in the next couple of months), I should be able to dedicate my entire weekend to doing stuff in GFL. Hopefully by this time I'll have my health issues fixed as well so I am completely ready and motivated. I'm studying how my work does things and I feel a lot of these strategies can help GFL A LOT. I plan on finding a web developer in the future to work with and we both can learn the IPS 4 API along with completing the projects I've wanted done for so long.


    Overall, things are looking good :)

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    2. Katie


      Super cool that you're enjoying your new job!!! 

      Hoping your health issues get a little better!


    3. JerryBomb


      That's AWESOME! Your job is, I mean. 


      I'm sorry you still have health problems, PLEASE put that first until it's all healed, GFL can wait a little longer.

      Edited by JerryBomb
    4. Worgee
  10. Only shows the amount of replies but not the amount of rep the status update received.

    Marking this as completed and released.

    Notes Moved main website to the new web VM (vm[01]) built by @balon. Upgaded IPS to 4.2.x (many new features included). * This update will be dedicated to moving the main website (GFLClan.com) to a new web VM (again, built by @balon). The website should perform better after this move. Thanks.

    Changed Expected Release Date to 01/08/2018 Changed Progress to 100
  14. I'll look into this once I have the time.
  15. Kayul has applied for Developer

  16. Kayul has applied for Developer

    Yes I am @Worgee
  17. Kayul has applied for Developer

    I was talking to @Kayul last night and I think he has a lot of potential. @Worgee, I will talk to you today about this Thanks!
  18. I'm not sure why this was locked & moved to resolved. It hasn't been resolved from what I've seen. I've moved it back and unlocked it. Rep is still not shown after the "0 replies" text like it was on IPS 4.1. I may open a ticket with IPS 4's dev team asking about this if we can't figure it out. Thank you.
  19. Server Images Missing

    Missing image for two servers.
  20. I'm going to be working on a tracker project for the community. Perhaps have bugs (already existing), suggestions, projects, and more. I'll possibly get started on it while on my breaks at work today. Otherwise, I'll begin after I finish work. It's going to be interesting :) I believe IPS 4 CMS is very extendable and we can do a lot with it such as make this project!

    1. Leks


      That is awesome!
      I would like to remind about a suggestion I made a few weeks ago, regarding a roadmap:


  21. HEY @Xy_ HI. I'M RIGHT HERE. HI! :wave: 


    Fuck you :c

  22. New Reactions:Dislike

    I agree with this. If we do add the "dislike" reaction, it will not affect rep in any way. Though, I still feel people will abuse this reaction on users they personally do not like which could lead to more problems in my opinion. Thanks.
  23. Title highlighting when hovering over

    This bug is resolved.
  24. Top Donors

    This bug is resolved.