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  1. Website Updates

    Changed the Team Leader role to Council Changed the relevant subforums to reflect the above change Given Council further ACP access.
  2. These changes are in the process of being reverted back to the Council role as the Team Leader role ended up having the wrong focus when it came to GFL. I want to thank everyone for their hard work.
  3. That fixed it. Must have been a faulty cable or something then. Thanks
  4. So yeah. I recently brought a monitor which turned up yesterday. I went for @Darkling's suggestion and brought Element Gaming 27" QHD 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor. The monitor runs perfectly fine when I use a HDMI / DVI cable at 60 Hz but as soon as I start using a display port and jump it back up to 144 Hz every so often, under load like when I'm playing games, my monitor blacks out for anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds. - I've already tested it at 60hz and 144hz and 144hz is the issue - Tested with HDMI + DVI @ 60 Hz and it's fine - Tested with another computer with the above and it's fine - I've swapped out my power supply to a decent 550w (From 500w) as I was meaning to do that anyway - I've changed some display settings as something suggested online - https://gyazo.com/de03fcbc54fcd3abb2116bcd088ee097 - Changed "scaling mode" from Aspect Ratio to Full Screen - Changed "perform scaling on"from Monitor to GPU Any suggestions on how to fix this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thank you for all the suggestions. I think it's safe to say that I'll go with 2k@144hz. I'm gonna take a look at Darkling's one as that one is standing out to me at the moment. Reasonable price and gives me what I'm after. I don't do much gaming at the moment so spending a little less isn't an issue.
  6. Both of those are well out of my price range aha. Looking at about $350 and before you say anything I'm well aware there won't be much.
  7. EVGA Nvidia 1080 8 GB I believe Edit: Also considering 2k @ 144hz
  8. Looking for a new monitor but I can't decide between 4k or 1080 @ 144hz. I don't have enough money for both so what are your suggestions? Also if you've got any recommendations on monitors I'd like to see them : ) Edit: Also considering 2k @ 144hz
  9. Thank you for everything you did. You were a great asset to the team and it's a shame to see you go buddy You certainly helped me out a lot when it was needed.
  10. Happy belated birthday!

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. It's nice to see you back after all of this time. Never got to work along side you as a Director. I've heard I missed a lot. Good luck : )
  13. This was origionally posted by VirusKing on the old forums. Thought it'd be useful to see this back. Hi, If you're reading this then A) You're bored B ) Want to learn something new C) You've been promoted to a server manager! Anyway, this is a pretty basic beginner tutorial for those who have never actually touched Source servers. First, you need a software, which you can use for FTP. That way you can drag and drop files to the server, edit them and take files from the server if you need to. The one of the most popular is FileZilla, but I myself prefer more advanced one called WinSCP , for a beginner I'd recommend FileZilla. There's no really huge differences between them. You can also use SmartFTP or any other software you would like to use. After you've installed your preferred software for FTP, use the information you've received from a cool boss guy to log in. Don't forget to check that the protocol is FTP. Example of logging in to FTP: Protocol: FTP Host Name: ftp.example.com User name: example123 Password: password The starting folders you get when you log in to FTP may vary, so I've marked the main starting folder everyone will have in red color. Now when you log in, you will see many folders. Head to games/counterstrike_go/csgo , that's the starting point. From there you can go to /cfg folder for server and/cfg/sourcemod for plugin configuration, or go to /addons/sourcemod/ for sourcemod stuff. In the /addons/sourcemod/plugins you can install plugins by droppingonly the .smx files into the folder. .sp or .cfg files shouldn't be dropped there. .sp files go to /addons/sourcemod/scripting and plugin .cfg files go to/csgo/cfg/sourcemod. I'd like to point out that .sp sourcecode files are not necessary for plugins to work, they are for compiling the plugins. Don't forget to make sure that plugin .smx files are not dropped into /plugins/disabled as otherwise they won't be launched. Whenever you install a new plugin, you need to change a map so the plugin would start and generate all the necessary config files etc. If you want to set up someone as admin, do it in a file called admins.simple.ini which is located in addons\sourcemod\configs. If you want to know what all the flags are, check a file called admin _levels.cfg. The full root admin is "99:z" , while the numbers is the immunity and z being a root admin flag. The players with lower immunity can't use commands like sm_slay on players with higher immunity. Server admin flags at GFL are "85:abcdfghjk" while Trial Admin is: "80:abcdfjst" with some additional member group settings. So if I want to make myself SSA, I'd type this in the admins_simple.ini file: // VirusKing "STEAM_0:1:79549254" "85:abcdfghjk" And then I'd wait for a map change, or ask another admin to refresh the admin list with admin menu or console command sm_reloadadmins If you install a map, you need to drop the .bsp file into /csgo/maps and after that the compressed .bz2 file into FastDL. You can compress files to. bz2 using program called 7Zip or BZip2. Tutorials on how to use both will be at the bottom. When the maps are uploaded both to the server maps folder and FastDL, you need to type the exact map name in the mapcycle.txt file which is located in /csgo.bsp. So for example, if I would add a map called De_rust5 to a server, I would add De_rust5 to the mapcycle.txtfile. SourceMod forum can be found in the link below, with all the SourceMod plugins, help etc. Whenever you download a plugin, there usually should be a guide for its cvars/config's in the alliedmods thread. https://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=52 You might also get access to the server control panel when you become a server manager at GFL, from where you can manually restart the server, check statistics and modify launch options. These are the very basics, so you'll know where to look at when you want to install something. I'll try to work more on this guide over time. If you need any help, feel free to ask in this topic, on GFL Teamspeak or add any of the higher ups (councils, server managers) or me on steam and someone will help you out.