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  1. Name: P-o-w-e-r https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPkUXKuvwpE To me he using ESP. He looks like a player that is very new to the game and decided to cheat on it for the first time, however he is trying his best to hide it but doesn't know the map. There are a few points that are very obvious but at the same time there are a few times that make me go "wtf is he doing did he just miss him". Whether or not he's focusing on someone else I don't know. Name: I The WhiteWolf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFPUzC3pvFg He's using a clear aimbot along with ESP. Pretty obvious. Name: Tibi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD-1eqLO4Ac This was was hard to spot first but when I started watching him it because quite clear he was using ESP and Aimbot. Halfway through the video it becomes more apaprent that he is using Aimbot as it messes up a bit. I believe he is using a "Soft aim" bot.
  2. tf2

    You know TF2 was my division back in the day. I had a bloody good staff team, both Admins and Managers, who worked very closely together. I hand picked a lot of my staff, trained them up and together we did repopulate our TF2 servers and we did so quite well. Over 6 months we brought 4 dead servers up to 20+ players daily with a lot of hard work and determination. Then Valve came along and brought out an update that solely focused on their new, yet also crap, match-making system that screwed over ALOT of small communities, including ours. It was a tough day when I had to write that post and announce the death of our TF2 servers. I'd do anything to get my servers back for GFL and populate them but there's no point seeing the way that Valve is moving with their match making system.
  3. happypy new yaer

    Lol this thread
  4. happypy new yaer

  5. happypy new yaer

    nmo you shut up idiote
  6. happypy new yaer

    happy nweaR YEAR EVERYONEW!!!!!!!!!
  7. What android phone should I go with?

    Huawei are your best phones to go for, especially if you want Value for money. I have the Mate 10 and it has the best camera around along with 3-4 days worth of charge and 128 GBs of storage. All of the other brands you litterally pay for the name. I work and sell phones as a living :3 Huawei P10 Lite Huawei P10 (More expensive phone) Huawei Mate 10 (Flagship of the mate line) My suggestions ^ If you're interested in the Note 8 then stop, the pen and phone itself is a gimic. I'd recommend the Huawei Mate 10 over everything. It's also what I have. I origionally had the S8 Plus and moved to the Mate 10. I've had a play with all the other flagship phones (LG V30, Iphone X, Samsung Note and S 8's etc) and by far the Hauwei is the best. Edit: Here's an example of a random photo I took of one of my work collegues. No changes to camera at all and I litterally held my camera up for a second. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kOnoRc36e8-zqJ7Ygtk4pvrXJNQ0bM2W/view?usp=sharing (This is a bad example and a poor image from the camera)
  8. Before GFL

    I started playing in a community called H2O Clan for a game called Wolfenstine Enemy Territory (W:ET). An amazing WW2 FPS game which came from quake (By the way your Italy map in CSGO, origionally made in Wolfenstine Enemy Territory). I was like 11 when I started playing. Played for a very long time, till I was 17. The game slowly started to die off for me so I played less and less. I was pretty good at the game as I played for the English "pro" team (2013-2014) where I took part in quite a few scrims. Believe it or not but I was amazing at FPS games. During 2012 I started to play a game called "Freelancer". This game is the prequal to Star Citizen. Fantastic story compain. I decided to look for mods for the game where I found the Discovery mod and joined their community. I stopped playing FPS for a very long time, with the odd exception of playing W:ET for a little bit for scrims and training, because I started playing in this new game which eventually lead me to resigning from the W:ET team. I played Discovery until late 2016 where I was perma banned, along with 5 of my good mates, for calling out an admin on his abuse and not following rules (Have a read here if you want something good to laugh about). It was later over turned into some bullshit probation because the staff there had no evidence of what I had done and there was a MASSIVE community outcry. I'm still on probation there because I haven't played it for ages. And thent hat leads me to here. I found a dead GFL server by accident and you guys know the rest.
  9. Overwatch 1v1 Tournament

    Snoopy#22764 (I think, will double check later) Anything but Black Forest. Loot boxes!!!
  10. Rust Update Logs

    Server updated, just for those who are trying to get on.
  11. A new era for CS:GO TTT

    As much as I loved this, this was long needed. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds with TTT as it has great potential.
  12. New Member Application from GaudiZilla

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  13. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tournament

    Entered my team of 4.
  14. Roy needs your help

    I also get paid next Friday so I could put in a decent lump sum ($200+) then.