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  1. Not that I care, nor do I care about this announcement because it seems really petty and stupid.
  2. I, Snoopy, refuse to be called a CA anymore. We can no long tolerate this because CA refers to the group of Community Adviser and not a single person. If you wish to contact me please call me Community Adviser Snoopy.
  3. tournament

    Just going to bump this. I'm going to start pulling people into a PM chat shortly. Tournament rules have been updated.
  4. Ms90NHg.png


    damn you snoopy :(


  5. tournament

    FAQish Q: Will the tournament be streamed? A: Possibly, if I can get access to the GFL Twitch account. If not then I might find someone else to stream on behalf of me. Q: How do I sign up for member? A: Sign up using the link here. Q: If my post does not meet the requirements that have been set out, what will happen to it? A: It will be deleted without warning. Q: What happens if I am not a member and I post? A: Your post will be deleted without warning. Q: What happens if I keep posting posts that do not meet the requirements? A: You will be banned from the tournament. Q: What happens if I have no interest in the Tournament but I post anyway? A: Your post will be deleted without warning. Q: Will you make a 3v3 tournament? A: Possibly, if there is enough interest in it. Q: Why am I banned from the event? A: You probably kept posting even though you did not meet the requirements. Please read the requirements in future. .
  6. tournament

    Tournament Rules Do's Play Fair Respect everyone Turn up to your event Do Not's Do not deliberately force a draw Do not use any bugs or glitches (out of map glitches, etc.) Do not camp in spawn Do not be a dick Tournament Admins will apply punishments as they see fit.
  7. Soldier, welcome to the battlegrounds. We have brought you here because you are the best, the smartest and the brightest. Here you will find yourself pitted against other challengers wishing to prove themselves in the realm of battle. You will each take on other challengers in intense 1v1 simulations where you'll fight to reign supremacy over everyone else. And if you succeed? Well, then you'll be rewarded greatly. This is not for the weak or the faint of heart, so feel free to sign up if you think you have what it takes. -------------------------------------------- First Round Date: TBA (Sometime in Feb) First Round Time (GMT): TBA Tournament Admins: Snoopy, Dano Map: Watchpoint: Antarctica Welcome to the GFL Overwatch 1v1 Tournament. Here you will fight other players from GFL for the chance to win some decent rewards and bragging rights. It doesn't matter if you're from the US, EU or anywhere else or what rank you are, everyone is welcome to participate. As long as you fit the requirements then enter. Requirements: Must have your own copy of Overwatch and your own account Must be over level 25 upon signing up Must be a GFL Member or higher upon signing up Tell me if you're from the EU/NA/Asia (If you do not meet these requirements, your post will be removed without warning) Rewards: 1st Place - $35 game + 1 month of VIP 2nd Place - $20 game + 1 month of VIP 3rd Place - 1 month of VIP (Games will be gifted to the user) How to sign up: Post ONE post in this thread telling me: Your ID Proof of your level Add some sort of cocky message about how you're going to win and trash everyone else If you have any questions please add them into your single post, don't double post. I will ether make an FAQ or edit your post with answers to your questions Once the cut-off date has been reached for the signing up process all applicants will be added into a group PM with me and the other tournament admins to find out who is playing who, what servers we will be playing on and finalising any other issues or problems. The first set of placements will be posted here soon after. Once that is done I will add all of you on both the EU and US servers. Please make sure you accept them both. Challengers will be picked and sorted through You will then fight it out and the winners will then proceed to fight new people, eventually leading to the finals. You will play each player in a best of 3 rounds. The tournament admins have the right to remove people at their discretion if people are causing issues or are consistently late for their matches. Their opponent, no matter how far through the tournament they are, will win by default. Good luck and happy hunting.
  8. Locked by request.
  9. Little late to the party, Shai. Let old threads die peacefully.
  10. What do you want to use your PC for? What sort of games would you like to play?
  11. gangs

    Moved into the CS:GO JB Subforum since I believe this is the server you are referring too (you recently got admin there).
  12. Pretty much what @Korowa said. Make sure you post in the correct subforum which can be found here if it's really a serious post. If it's not then don't bother posting.
  13. Preferably something in the UK so i don't have to pay stupid import charges and unknown full well in can look on places like Amazon but i want people's opinions.
  14. I'm looking to buy a decent quality gaming chair but i know fuck all about them. Suggestions?