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  1. Pantropy Expansion

    11/12 and if you had have read the Kickstarter page it would have said that. Updates also come out quite often.
  2. Pantropy Expansion

    Edit: Just remembered about this on their FAQ page.
  3. Pantropy Expansion

    Everyone is welcome to enter the giveaway as long as you're member+. This includes staff members and higherups.
  4. Take a look at discord when you can mate

    1. PB-n-J


      Pics or it never happened.

    2. Snoopy


      pokey pokey fun time

  5. Ali_United in ffa with aim bot and WH

    This clearly shows someone who is brand new to cheats and has failed to turn off the autofire and autolock aha. @GabbaGabbaHey You ether thought about applying for admin? You seem to be really hot with getting these player reports in.
  6. Ideas For Getting Players Back In The Server?

    I think you underestimate what a few AFK players can do to a server and its lasting population.
  7. When you can, pop up to me on steam as I can't seem to find a time when you're on aha

    1. PB-n-J
    2. Darkling


      It would be 10 times better if you messaged me on discord. Steam messages when someone is offline is pretty trash. You're online now on steam so i have replied (we have both been waiting to catch each other online!

  8. Add me on steam

    1. CrusTi


      i sense something juicy

    2. Darkling


      Added! I removed myself from most things online earlier today to avoid spoilers before I went to see Infinity War today XD

  9. Recording Fortnite: How do I do it

    Do you have a Nvidia graphics card? If so it has inbuilt recording software through GeForce Experience.
  10. When we should all join the server

    I think I found out where the source of the autisum and retardation is coming from. ^
  11. FPT has applied for Developer

    "I have a lot of software development in many languages. I'm just programming what I think is fun, and for a technical problem. The programming languages I use are Java, C, C ++, C #, and SourcePawn. I have a strict open source policy, so I will publish all the code that I write. I just want to support open source communities. If my source code policy is respected, we can continue the discussion. I have projects that I can link in PM. Have a nice day!" That's what he said according to google translate. I'm almost 100% sure that this is a copy and paste from another application someone wrote but I can not seem to find it.
  12. Expanding the Council

    Those have been and gone. There's a new founder already just that it's top secret. Roy has secretly been removed from power and the new guy has taken his place but.. ohh god i talk to much.
  13. Unfortunatly there is no rules agaisnt that yet.
  14. Where are you from?

    You cunt