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  1. I'm liking your sick new client icon in ts3 Cl9g00vMRP2QoRDTfoKi6Q.png

  2. I personally don't think it fits the theme of the forums.
  3. Hi guys. It’s certainly nice to be back but I’m sure you guys have a few questions as to why I came back so quickly after stepping down. You’re more than welcome to ask them and I will do my best to answer them. In short the directors team was split into 2 groups after I left leaving little communication between the team slowly affecting the rest of the higher ups which then in turn had an effect on GFL. With the unfortunate loss of two of our directors we’re left with me, Denros, Roy and Rick who know each other very well and talk quite a bit on a frequent basis. The aim of this is to seriously increase the communication and the efficiency of the director team which in turn should have a good effect on the rest of GFL. It’s going to take a little time to get used to the rank again but that’s not going to hinder my performance one bit. With coming back to the directors team obviously I’m not going to just be sitting around as that defeats the object of me returning to GFL. I intend to work a lot with the HIgher Ups team and improve the communication and transparency of GFL. This will involve: Working heavily with the CAs (old and new) to strengthen the team as well as teaching and guiding the new CAs Improving the communication with the HIgher Ups by getting to know them all a lot better and starting weekly meetings with the staff team Attempt to organize staff meetings Keeping the community up to date with what is happening behind the scenes with update posts just like this one Increasing the staff presence on our servers Hopefully we can see this as a positive step forward for GFL with bright things to come in the future. Just for those who don’t know me I’m Snoopy, or you can call me Connor as that’s my real name. I’ve been part of GFLs staff team for quite a long time. I started out in GFLs old TF2 server, climbing my way through the ranks from Server Admin, to Manager and finally to Division Leader. Me and my team brought our TF2 division back to life until the patch that everyone dreaded was released, “Meet Your Match” essentially killing any small TF2 communities off. Just before this happened I moved to the rank of Community Adviser to pursue a slightly different route in GFL which eventually led me to my Director position today. I was a Director previously at the beginning of this year but I had to step down for a bit due to work taking a massive toll on me since we had 2 people fired and 1 person left. Left me doing 50 hour weeks in a stressful sales environment aha. Fortunately I’m no longer doing that anymore.
  4. Good luck with everything you do Dano. Hopefully we get to see you in the OW pro scene some day!
  5. Word of warning. The new Transformers is shit. Don't watch it.

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    2. PB-n-J


      Come watch the new Spiderman with me.



    3. Joshy


      The previous one was terrible too.

    4. Snoopy


      After the 2nd one they started to go down hill. The 3rd was okay.

  6. Nether.
  7. So er. I just got invited to the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Closed Alpha (((:

    1. Pyros


      really? congrats 

  8. Good luck Darkling. You have a fairly strong and closely nit team to work with so hopefully good things will come along.
  9. As much as scamming is bullshit, let's not have these witch hunting threads...
  10. Formed this team a little quickly, no? Didn't give people much of a chance to apply :3
  11. We're so special @Korowa



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  12. Rip Paula <3