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  1. What


    1. transperoman


      sup homez I just don't get it wowzers

  2. 1v1

    Snoopy#22764 (I think, will double check later) Anything but Black Forest. Loot boxes!!!
  3. Server updated, just for those who are trying to get on.
  4. As much as I loved this, this was long needed. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds with TTT as it has great potential.
  5. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  6. pubg

    Entered my team of 4.
  7. I also get paid next Friday so I could put in a decent lump sum ($200+) then.
  8. Well it's about time Roy took something back from GFL after the none stop giving.
  9. I honestly wouldn't mind if Roy took the money out of GFLs Paypal account.
  10. pubg

    May I ask as to why the date was changed?
  11. Build the PC that I gave to you. Just change out the Ryzen series and motherboard to a to an Intel variant. Look at an I7 6700 or an I7700, depending on your budget (unless you want to play with Ryzen)
  12. HEY




    Congratulations on your 21st birthday.

  13. Happy cuntday :kappa:

  14. Happy Birthday Mothafucka...

  15. pubg

    Count me in. @b0om, @FreekyBeast, @HackingPotato? No red zones? That's boring af.