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  1. Recording Fortnite: How do I do it

    Do you have a Nvidia graphics card? If so it has inbuilt recording software through GeForce Experience.
  2. When we should all join the server

    I think I found out where the source of the autisum and retardation is coming from. ^
  3. FPT has applied for Developer

    "I have a lot of software development in many languages. I'm just programming what I think is fun, and for a technical problem. The programming languages I use are Java, C, C ++, C #, and SourcePawn. I have a strict open source policy, so I will publish all the code that I write. I just want to support open source communities. If my source code policy is respected, we can continue the discussion. I have projects that I can link in PM. Have a nice day!" That's what he said according to google translate. I'm almost 100% sure that this is a copy and paste from another application someone wrote but I can not seem to find it.
  4. Expanding the Council

    Those have been and gone. There's a new founder already just that it's top secret. Roy has secretly been removed from power and the new guy has taken his place but.. ohh god i talk to much.
  5. Unfortunatly there is no rules agaisnt that yet.
  6. Where are you from?

    You cunt
  7. Where are you from?

    You're Brazilian, right? #LeksExposed
  8. Newsletters and Email Marketing

    When you sign up to the forums there is an option there that allows you to receive emails from site administrators. It's ticked by default as far as I know. There is also an option in the forum ACP to send out mass emails through there which can be easily done by a higher up. This is a great idea and is potentially a decent way to drive more people to the forums. I know that for me and my friends an active community with a forums certainly keeps us interested. @the shuria first showed me the GFL forums when I first started here and that's partially what has kept me here.
  9. Revamp GFL Homepage

    Something in this gap here could be cool. Like a sign in and/or sign up box. Edit: We should make use of this a lot more. During my time as a Higher Up and Director we didn't make use of the email function once. It would be nice to see a Higher Up "Press Team" as such who can send out mass emails advertising events or other announcements. I might bring something up in trusted about this and get the higher ups attention.
  10. Revamp GFL Homepage

    The majority of people visiting the site are viewing MOTDs when they join a server which has a link to their rule page on the forum, hence why they turn away so quickly. That's why you also see quite a few guests on the forums.
  11. Name: P-o-w-e-r https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPkUXKuvwpE To me he using ESP. He looks like a player that is very new to the game and decided to cheat on it for the first time, however he is trying his best to hide it but doesn't know the map. There are a few points that are very obvious but at the same time there are a few times that make me go "wtf is he doing did he just miss him". Whether or not he's focusing on someone else I don't know. Name: I The WhiteWolf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFPUzC3pvFg He's using a clear aimbot along with ESP. Pretty obvious. Name: Tibi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD-1eqLO4Ac This was was hard to spot first but when I started watching him it because quite clear he was using ESP and Aimbot. Halfway through the video it becomes more apaprent that he is using Aimbot as it messes up a bit. I believe he is using a "Soft aim" bot.
  12. P-o-w-e-r Wallhacking

    Name: P-o-w-e-r Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPkUXKuvwpE He seems pretty obvious to me but at the same time I believe he is trying his best to hide it. To me it looks like a guy who has played the game for the first time, has no idea how to play and is experiencing cheats for the first time. There are some bits (towards the end of the video) that look really obvious but there are also some bits that look like he's really trying to hide his cheats but he's just being dumb about it.
  13. tf2

    You know TF2 was my division back in the day. I had a bloody good staff team, both Admins and Managers, who worked very closely together. I hand picked a lot of my staff, trained them up and together we did repopulate our TF2 servers and we did so quite well. Over 6 months we brought 4 dead servers up to 20+ players daily with a lot of hard work and determination. Then Valve came along and brought out an update that solely focused on their new, yet also crap, match-making system that screwed over ALOT of small communities, including ours. It was a tough day when I had to write that post and announce the death of our TF2 servers. I'd do anything to get my servers back for GFL and populate them but there's no point seeing the way that Valve is moving with their match making system.
  14. happypy new yaer

    Lol this thread