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  1. Pharah is love, Pharah is life.
  2. Thank you for all the work you have done for us Crusti. It's certainly not gone unnoticed. I valued you as one of the most senior, if not the most senior CA we have and you certainly were up there in terms of work ethic. You'll go far in life if you keep it up.
  3. Your slomos (at the beginning) seem a little stuttered. What program are you using to edit the videos? I personally use Sony Vegas (obviously legal) and you can "draw" out the clips making things smooth. When doing that, make sure you disable "resample" on your videos as well. I personally like your music choice as it fits it quite well. Here's something you might like to help you improve your videos. You see quite a few popular youtubers, such as Sparkles, who use it to great effect. This will help you make some really really nice videos. Make sure you use "-insecure" as part of the command line because there is a small chance you could get caught by VAC but if you're using the insecure mode then you should be fine (disables VAC and stops you joining VAC servers). The link above was me experimenting with it a little. Nothing amazing but the program is designed for great cinematic shots (as that's something I like doing). Here's a nice tutorial on how to use it. Also, take a look at editing the death notes using that program. You'll like what you see. Here's a tutorial for that.
  4. updates

    Stop using the word* excuse. You just got a job today (: am cunt pls ignore me
  5. Looking good so far, just that the discord link you used to join the gmod server has expired.
  6. Open season on all Otters.
  7. It's nice to see an update like this. Keep it up.
  8. 10452bacec4085.png


    This war isn't over :lenny:

  9. I had a quick glimpse of the shoutbox talk and I was quite curious. In my opinion a good leader has a strong and confident voice while at the same time he or she is open to suggestions and willing to build a plan or an idea based on their team and not only him or herself. He or she needs to know when things are taken too far and when to step in, also when to let things slide as a joke to keep the morale up. Someone who is very knowledgeable about the position and/or job who is willing to teach and assist those who need it. One of the biggest things I see in a good leader is the ability to put aside their own feelings and bias and take a neutral perspective on the situation. Obviously there are many more attributes of a person that a good leader can have as certain roles have certain responsibilities or a skill set required but that's my general opinion on a good leader.
  10. Not only the above from Shuruia but the TF2 dev team are pretty much dedicated to killing of community servers, especially with recent patches that killed them off like "Meet your match" Our servers were popular with all of them except 1 reaching 25 people each day for a few months before the update. We had bigger priorities to work on.
  11. People just need to think before they act. I've seen far to many of these threads / people because of things ether blown way out of proportion or just dont think and then suddenly it hits them. All you need to do is give an extra few seconds and think "how's this going to effect me" and then don't do anything stupid. As long as we don't see the old twig I'm fine.
  12. Please make a forum account instead as posting as a guest. The permissions have been fixed for this forum.