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  1. Do you have any other artwork you can show us?
  2. I don't believe that's a fair reason to -1 someone, but each to their own. I personally say this is high quality work and we could use another good artist in the GFX team to help out when those aren't around.
  3. First impressions is an important thing.
  4. All you've done is essentially stuck music over a sped up video clip? That's a no go in my books.
  5. What sort of videos are you wanting to create for GFL? Personally for me I like to make cinematic style videos full of 3rd person overview stuff.
  6. You seem like someone we could use. We have quite a few talented GFX artists at the moment and I doubt another one wouldn't be a problem. Can you show us any other work you've done?
  7. There's really not much to work with here. You have no VODs and although you stream once a day you don't stream for very long at all. No time on the forums or within the community ether so it's a -1 from me.
  8. Ah, a ghost!



  9. So since this community revolves a lot around overwatch I made a discord for all the overwatch players to use where you can chat about anything you want including recent updates, finding matches etc. That was you can find other people to play with at your skill level and chat about shit that is going down. Feels free to come and join. was bored also what dano said
  10. Your last video on your YouTube channel was over a year ago. Why did you stop?
  11. tournament

    Any news on the heros you're disabling?
  12. Fixed.
  13. Fixed the OP issue for next server restart.
  14. So there are quite a few quake champion beta keys being given away. 5000 to be exact. Grab one from the website below if you're interested in playing the game.
  15. Well I thought I'd finally make this post since quite a few people are asking about it but as you've probably seen I've stepped down from the director position. I haven't had much time for GFL and work has been pretty stressful abd tiresom recently so I've stepped down to make way for a new director (Edit: I'm on about @RickGrimesTM idiots <3). I just want to thank everyone for giving me a chance at the position of director, especially @Roy as he has been the guy who has kept me motivated and to strive for greatness. Hopefully what I've done has had a good impact on GFL. I'll certainly stay around in GFL but I don't know if I'll ever be coming back to the Higherups. I'll always be around if they need some advise though. You can still catch me in Teamspeak.