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  1. ATTENTION ALL AMERICAN GAMERS: Some of you may have forgotten, but we recently experienced a daylight savings time. This means that the event time will be 1 HOUR later than you are used to. Feel free to go online and figure out what your new event time will be if you have any concerns
  2. @Ralsei The !yt (youtube command) is not working either. When entering in a youtube link it responds with: Error: type NoneType doesn't define __round__ method
  3. Is this the thread where we stroke our dicks with solo screenshots
  4. You don't have to post screenshots, I already got the winners list. Rewards will be distributed at some point ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Nice win everyone!
  5. I feel like this rule is so hypocritical because so many regulars and admins use slurs in discord and expect to be a different person when they enter the server, when in reality it should be the same. If you are so concerned that mic spammers will ruin the server, then punish those who spam. People should be able to say whatever they want to on the server with the exception of spamming to be obnoxious.
  6. Auto snipers are actually not that bad. They have pretty good breakable damage (for those nazguls on minas/mt doom) and have enough knockback to hold zombies for long range holding. I will say that AWPs are pretty useless as to get the benefits of unless you hit a majority of headshots for the knockback. A better solution would be to just constantly lead harder maps and remind players to buy bizon/negev/whatever to beat maps. Yall are complaining about f2p players too much when we have had absolute garbage players for the past year and a half. Just gotta assert yourself as an important person and lead the sheep.
  7. So when's the joint "IT'S TIME" event with CSS and CSGO gonna happen 👀👀👀
  8. I feel like this is the 2nd or 3rd time I have seen this thread...
  9. Better idea, what about reverting the negev back to the original form? Change the price up to $5600 (or whatever it was) and increasing spread of bullets. This way the gun can be used for massive holds and DPS on bosses without removing it all together.
  10. The CSGO server actually does record points at https://stats.gflclan.com/. We stopped displaying points in the server sometime in 2016 when everything was reset. I personally like the concept of points used in the CSS server (get rewards for consistently playing on the server), but I don't think this server really needs to be implementing all these ideas. (I mean the population doesn't need incentives to keep playing at this time). Also for those who don't know what "points" we are talking about, points are earned through winning maps, infecting humans, playing for a certain amount of time on the server in one play session, etc. They all are stored at https://stats.gflclan.com/ and at the end of each month the player with the most points gets a reward like free VIP or skins. The points are reset and the next month of gathering points begin.
  11. There are not even enough admins to fully monitor one server what makes yall think two servers will have admins watching? EDIT: Forgot to mention, we used to have two ZE servers, one in EU and one in NA. Let's just say the EU server didn't work out (other server competition).
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