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  1. Its My Birthdayy!


    -Blah ❤️ 

    1. Duc2000


      Happy bday!

    2. Xy_


      happy birthday

  2. But If we had stable good enough managers that are dedicted it could be really beneficial.
  3. Completely forgot about RL! Good idea!
  4. I know i've suggested something like this in the past with Call of Duty, I noticed we're not involved in CS:GO comp anymore, eSports is one of this biggest, growing money making platforms as of right now. I feel like we should get GFL involved in some more eSports games and maybe start some teams. The idea would be to start from scratch, try to earn, then focus on funding the teams after the earnings start to come in. This is a crazy but good idea due to the fact that GFL is a community and the players would already have a following to represent. There's many people in the GFL community with talent that involve being good at eSports involved games. Maybe we could create an eSport manager role, and get managers for every different game involved. Some good games would be... -Fortnite -Call of Duty -League of Legends -Apex Legends -CS:Go -RL ( Rocket League ) -Overwatch I would love to be a part of the eSports aspect if this is implemented into GFL. This would be a huge step and a great way to get GFL a bigger following. -Blah ❤️
  5. inconsistent rules

    I appologize for the incoveince for one. But I did verbally warn you more than once, and I told you to take those laws down but you didn't. Some admins care some don't, I dont agree with any of the laws above whatsoever. I take it as the laws should be used as something that makes sense and something that isn't completly pointless like what you posted about "Black Player Models". I hope we don't run into this issue again and I hope the rules get clarified more. I appologize again -Blah ❤️
  6. But my original name is taken by an inactive user.
  7. Is their anyway I can get the name "Blah" back on the forums since the actual @Blah Is inactive...
  8. Finnick`s Art Thread

    Issa Beut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Disagree with this one! I hopped on one RP server with this Swep on it and got abused until I got off. Its a for sure easy way for people to troll I'd have to agree with @Gowther on this one!
  10. Agreed! Great idea!! -Blah ❤️
  11. I like this idea but it would interfere with other jobs, I feel as if maybe BMD should have Hand Binds for kidnapping and maybe some explosives like @TheSadBandit said. This is great thinking just previous jobs kind've counter act this. -Blah ❤️
  12. Purge Events!

    Demo Dirby/ Deathmatch Beast Dont @ 😋😘
  13. Great admin, helpful, and funny ❤️ -Blah
  14. my sponsor didn’t meantion me 😭
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