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  1. Welp, I'm back...

    So yeah, I've been thinking a lot lately about coming back to GFL and all, especially because I do things a lot outside of my computer. But I haven't touched GMOD or TS in about 3 months. After getting demoted over some crazy ass reason it destroyed my will to even play or talk to anyone, I did try to come back and get my admin back a while ago... but that didn't work. I've decided that I'm going to try to make time for GMOD and get back into things on GFL, I really do miss everyone, I may try to get my admin back at some point, but I won't be going by Blah anymore. My reasoning behind this is everyone in my household and all my friends refer to me as Ronny so I will be changing my Alias on GFL to Ronny I know I've had Blah for a long time but I feel Ronny is better. So I guess I'm back... -Sincerely, Blah... aka Ronny
  2. PD upgrade

    Dont walk outside when I'm a Hitman, it might all be gone AGAIN
  3. Goodbye.

    I'm hella sad bro. You were the homie man. Funny, chill, always that guy when you need someone to talk too. You were kinda like a role model too me in a way. Gonna Miss You Man. -Blah #NeverForgetSaladsBowl
  4. To Make The Purge More Like The Recent Purge (Suggetions0\

    See but if we include some cool ass things on the Server I'm sure people won't mind waiting a little bit longer.
  5. To Make The Purge More Like The Recent Purge (Suggetions0\

  6. To Make The Purge More Like The Recent Purge (Suggetions0\

    Welp it was worth a try. What I was thinking was since the Server is based around the Purge. I thought it would be a cool idea to make the Purger stand out.
  7. I Have Some Suggestions For The Purge Server To Make It More Like The Recent Purge: Election Year. Purger- I would suggest changing the model to something recent, so that it doesn't look like the Pro Thief as in I would look for a model from the recent Purge to make it more like the Purge. I would suggest one of these 3 below. If you can find a model for them that is. And Here's A Few More Minor Suggestions. Black Market Dealer-Change the model. Something a little more cooler but sketchier than Gun Dealer. Militia Job- A job where the goal is to break in to PD and abduct the Mayor during Purge. They can execute or keep him until Purge is over. Then when it is over they must release him and go back for it next Purge. The Kidnap Swep- I always thought it would be cool to add the "Kidnap Swep" only to jobs that mainly kidnap that is. A.K.A "Cultist Leader" or "Militia" (the job suggested above) Purge Alarm- I would suggest updating the Purge Alarm to the recent Purge Alarm from Election Year. Thanks For Your Time! Sincerely,- @Blah @GLiTCh @Zebra @Salad @Unknown @Bigtime388
  8. Who would you visit in GFL?

    @Zebra @GLiTCh @PaperMoney @FrankenSalad
  9. My Resignation

    This sucks man, Gonna miss you though bro.
  10. Spec Ops: The Line & NBA 2k16 Giveaway

    I'm entering for Spec Ops: The Line. Good luck everyone!
  11. Suggestion

    What do you guys think about a Kidnap SWEP that you could buy from Black Market Dealers. Yet the Cultist Leader it is the only one that comes with it default.
  12. Favorite Rappers?

    What's your guys fav rappers? If you like Rap that is.
  13. Favorite Rappers?

    What's your guys fav rappers? If you like Rap that is.
  14. Supporter Problem For Me.

    I recently bought Supporter Status. But every time I join Purge I have to contact and Admin for me to get it. Help! @Zebra