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  1. GFL bans are global. If you're banned on one server, you're banned on all GFL servers. @MooTheCow
  2. You've done it around 3 to 4 times now. I didn't see you place it down, it's a video, not a screenshot. I clearly didn't turn and even if I did I doubt I could have seen you place it. I'm done replying to this, I'll let the seniors decide on what to do now.
  3. I clearly didn't see you place it, and as I said before my internet was dying and I was at 100 - 200 karma, I have people who can vouch for me and say that my internet was actually dying. I know you damaged one person for 50+, but I don't remember how much damage the other two took. Also, might as well bring this up now, you tend to target when when you're a traitor, you always call a kos on me so I would die, and I've never seen you call a kos on anyone else except for me. Ea.mp4
  4. I didn't see you place down the C4 or even call it out, my internet was shitting itself so I'm not paying attention to the game much. I hear someone call out that there's a C4 by Hut so i go to defuse it because why wouldn't I. It ended up being you who placed it down and the c4 ended up killed 2 people and damaging three others. Why would you even place down a C4 as inno in the first place, I've seen regulars banned for this and yet you placed it down because you thought it would be funny.
  5. +1 Dutch is really laid back and chill, I have little to no problems with him on the server.
  6. Yeah, I live near Chicago and I'm used to saying it too, but I don't say it when there's no reason to. You already had a solid amount of previous gags, so I perma gagged you because of it. It's kinda obvious that you either don't care enough, or you just don't know how to spell since both of your sentences have grammatical errors. Let's not forget the fact that you called me a fa**ot afterwards, which really shows how mature you are.
  7. I banned you for ghosting because you and FeeBreezee were both dead Ts while you friend, Imagine baggins, was alive and rdmed another T. Imagine then lied, saying Biggie killed the detective when he didn't. Imagine had no reason to kill Biggie, there was no kos on him and Imagine didn't have DNA.
  8. Permanent for advertising other communites, illegal content/websites or hacks. You were already warned and muted by Roger for not changing your name. After Roger left, you changed your name back so I banned you for that.
  9. Your ban is a month because it was upgraded since you had a week ban in the past year. You weren't wrongfully banned for a month as you state, in fact, your current ban should have been a perma if Lemillion upgraded his ban on you to a month. You had a second chance yet you decided to kill off sus.
  10. Threats such as ddosing or doxxing will get you gagged or muted. If continued, it will lead to a ban. Placing a slam in the nether portal is not allowed as it can kill traitor buddies or trap them in the Traitor room, causing them to delay. @Jinzu
  11. Speaking of nether, make putting slams in nether slayable.
  12. Make threats such as doxing, ddosing, etc gagable / muteable. If taken too far or if they've been gaged / muted multiple times for it then ban them.
  13. He means "Proven with a (T weapon)"
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