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  1. I see you snoopin again. 

    1. GrumpyR3aper


      I still never

  2. Yoooooo I still play and got everything except the annual passs now battle.net is GrumpyR3aper#1462
  3. Yooo you from yeehaw too?


    Where abouts? 

  4. Rename to Board of Council Directors
  5. Output: 1 copy of SBURB that start you off with unlimited Grist and all item combinations unlocked, 1 copy of SBURB with a ladder straight to the seventh gate. Input: 50lbs of Chocolate. Very Fine.
  6. Because it's edgy and makes daddy mad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Did someone summon me? Once you guys figure out how you want to go about it I'd be interested.
  8. WPA2 "kracked"

    Need the press release from Apple
  9. Should I get into Purge again ?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rapperdan


      You most ask yourself why not, not should I. also I hear a lot of recent lag issues where fixed. :)

      Edited by rapperdan
    3. THOT HUNTER 69
    4. GrumpyR3aper


      By the gods, lag fixed and Purge in the same sentence?

  10. Soft shell is the most convenient for keeping the contents in the taco, but I lov the cronch of a hard shell.
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