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  1. permamute

    Denied After having a discussion with other admins, your punishment will stay.
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR I'm 10 hours and 32 minutes late because i need to sleep
  3. How many temples do we need? Where is my rainbow stuff????
  4. stop changing ya color u nub @PB-n-J , wut next? red? jk i love u, congrat!
  5. Error 404 Message Not Found

  6. Happy birthday, weeb.

    1. DarkHeroz


      Tks m8 but you are 6h30' late for my birthday :lenny:

    2. Hello.


      Everyone knows 'Murika tiem bst tiem.




    3. DarkHeroz


      Nah, Asia is the center of the universe therefore it's the bezt tiem 

  7. It's fine, we all been through that time
  8. Rust giveaway!

    Black STEAM_1:1:92128235
  9. Did you pass the laser madness ending?
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