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  1. idk if it needs to be said, but the pings to duck and motor were jokes - we're friends and that's what we do.. tease each other; that wasn't your ban reason anyways, the reason was general spam and general (unsolicited) ping spam, which I agree was pretty annoying. motor banned you and is the mod leader so will just wait on his word 👍
  2. lol.. nice edits on these posts man, just do what I said on your original application, hang around longer and learn what the role actually does and how our forums function.. you clearly don't understand right now and seemingly don't even want to learn, you just want the role. for what? imo, on your first application, you should've asked "what do i need to do to get you to vote +1" until that happens and you do what i ask, my vote remains as -1...
  3. ...you already have an application open? Plus, it's impossible for you to see moderation reports as you don't have ModCP? ...eh?
  4. test

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  6. test

    none at all
  7. thanks, for the report @Cryotheum @williampickthall12, please don't comment like that in future on bug reports... the "thanks" was sarcasm
  8. @Cryotheum should be fixed now, please review: https://gflclan.com/forms/99-gmod-nzombies-admin-application/
  9. uh.. thanks for that, @williampickthall12?
  10. eh? edit: u edited ur post so now i look crazy
  11. Website Updates

    added this: (please use, even if its a tiny thing - will attempt to fix) added this: (at time of posting, TF2/CS:S are not yet finalised) moved "activity" from its own primary category to "community" and added calender. also removed "website bugs" and "website updates" from "community": stuff i didn't really keep track of, just did: added some font awesome icons, fixed some forms and random bugs e.g. white backgrounds appearing on lower resolution monitors (see below) P.S. The dropdown menus on the navigation bar should be far easier to use on PC now, they won't randomly disapear once you move your cursor.
  12. cant donate

  13. Not a major community pepehands, but it's gonna be a -1 from me since you don't come close to any recommended requirements + I'm not sure who you are. I hope you can hang around a little longer, acclimate to the community and then apply again.
  14. yeah, no problem.. just use the correct form now and i'll move this thread elsewhere
  15. lol https://gflclan.com/forms/108-rust-modded-10x-admin-application/
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