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  1. I look forward to working with you.
  2. You can also message me on Discord with suggestions if you wish to be less formal. @Liloz01#9857 Current suggestions: In guidelines such as the malicious links guideline, clarify what amount of time is to be applied to the restrictions applied e.g: Current: 2nd Offense: The user will be issued a warning point* that will expire after a year, the post(s) will be hidden and restricted from viewing the website. After implemented: 2nd Offense: The user will be issued a warning point* that will expire after a year, the post(s) will be hidden and the offender will be restricted from viewing the website for a year. Make the appeals process more obvious by: Including the appeals link in everything relevant e.g rules, guidelines, etc. ? ? ? ? ? These suggestions will be implemented.. well.. when I feel like it.
  3. I, along with the Moderation Team have decided that the old rule set on the forums was too inconsistent with the rule sets on the Official Discord(s), and TeamSpeak 3. So, the obvious course of action was to change the rules in order to be more consistent across our communication platforms: Here is the new ruleset: https://gflclan.com/rules/forum-rules/ Here is the old ruleset, just in case you missed it: https://gflclan.com/rules/old-rules/ You can find all rules here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/816-rules-info/ Along with this change, there have been changes to the guidelines, as obviously, new rules require new guidelines: Here are the new guidelines: Here are the old guidelines: You can find all guidelines here: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/31100-moderation-guidelines/ How do you feel about these new rules and guidelines? Do you find them unfair or think they could be improved? Why? How? Let us know by filling out this form: https://gflclan.com/forms/16-moderation-suggestion-form/ Thank you! Sorry about the formatting. I tried my best.
  4. Platforms referenced: Forums What this suggestion is about Rules Guidelines Suggestion: test
  5. Use this form! https://gflclan.com/forms/16-moderation-suggestion-form/
  6. Platforms referenced: Discord Teamspeak 3 What this suggestion is about Rules Guidelines Suggestion: test
  7. Hey, You don't seem to be in any GFL Official Discords. Are you sure you provided us with the correct username/ID?
  8. @Roy First - A college computer Second - My laptop running off of my mobile hotspot (I've played games like this before, don't judge)
  9. A bit late, don't care Location - Various devices with different connections in various locations in Nottingham, England. Trace Route -
  10. You are a nice person and have not been in any trouble on any platform, however, your activity is not high enough: GFL CS:GO Discord: 130 messages, joined 13 days ago. GFL Expanded Divisions Discord: 0 Messages, joined 2 days ago. GFL GMOD Discord: N/A (not in it). GFL Main Discord: N/A (not in it). Forums: 8 posts, joined 15 days ago. Neutral to -1 for now. Get that activity up and become more known in the Discord/Forum community to change this. Apart from that, you are a good candidate for moderation.
  11. Use this form! https://gflclan.com/forms/6-moderation-application/
  12. To make it clear; do not post the video as per the forum rules. Inappropriate Content Do NOT post explicit images/links that include nudity, overt sexual imagery or morbidity on the forums or in private messages. This criterion also applies to signatures, profile pictures, and banners. Thank you.
  13. Server Managers, Moderators, a Director, and a Team Leader have contact with you outside of GFL and I trust their/your word that you have "become more mature". For this, you're unbanned from the forums and Discord. Don't mistake this as a clean slate right now; any unbanned member will be scrutinized in the short term (4 weeks). Take it as probation, one warning and then you're gone again, after the "probation" you'll be treated as normal. I would recommend "fixing" your profile here, now that you can. Thank you! Click to reapply for member: Click to join our Discord:  (I have personally sent this to Gary)
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