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  1. my two favourite songs as of right now:
  2. I'd like more shower scenes in part 2, please.
  3. Tell the server manager (@MilkMan) and they may give you some points, or some shit like that. We don't tend to give VIP for finding bugs - finding solutions to big, "game breaking" bugs may warrant it though.
  4. Changed Priority to Low Changed Assignee to Liloz01 Note(s): Not a bug.
  5. Let me know what server and map you're referring to. This is also not a bug report, however, I cannot move this post from this DB, so... sucks.
  6. -rep smells bad.

  7. Something I like to reflect on often is how people view me, because you can say you don't care but it does have an effect on you no matter what. The way that people perceive you matters, it determiners how they treat you; if people percieve you as a hard ass, they're likely to not interact with you. If you are too jovial, people are likely to not take you seriously but this isn't always true since it depends on your envirnoment, who you're talking to, even what recent events have occured, etc. It's a hard thing to balance and utilise. I try to speak in a similar manner, public or private. It's just how I like to be however this does not mean my willingness to disclose information is the same in both scenarios. I like to speak as such because I don't want to surprise anyone, I don't want people to be taken aback by seeing "The hidden side of Liloz", there isn't one. Kind of. I obviously filter personal crap where necessary. This is all personal opinion, you, as far as I can tell, Rocket, wish to be "reserved" in public, I respect that. I find being more "open" works for me.
  8. First quotes context: Destructive situation. Demotions likely to occur. If you constantly sought out arguments and consistently pushed negative behaviour, bad!! That's what the rest of the post was meant to imply. Don't do things similar to this! If you feel mistreated, there are staff abuse/feedback forums. Second quotes context: Constructive situation. Should not lead to demotion (again, let me know if it has, would love to know). If you were to push a good idea or push yourself when you're a good candidate, good! That's what the rest of the post was meant to imply. Do similar to this! We'd be very happy to see it. This is providing you are actually good, if not but you have good intentions we'll still help you out with feedback and possible training if it's for a tech-related role, we won't demote you. Trying to compare both the quotes without context of what I was saying in the rest of the post would definitely lead to confusion. I hope my point by point explantation made it easier to understand why you can't just take those two quotes and draw a parallel between the outcomes, they're entirely different situations.
  9. Periphery IV: HAIL STAN - I'm not posting this because Periphery are an "unknown" band, they're just that it's uncommon to have a 16:43 minute song that doesn't drag on forever. (That was indeed a diss toward the new TOOL album, fight me) Any albums by Hungry Lights - They're all by one dude, Justin Bonitz. Crazy guy, weird niché songs/genres, would recommend though, he also is a part of a few bands. Hungry Lights: Three Gods & Me Hungry Lights: The Awry Ascent (personal favourite) Senmuth: Terriсonique - This band is fuckin weird. Revis: Places For Breathing Allele: Point Of Origin Artemis Rising: Ascension (You'll have to find individual songs for this, I can't find a full album stream anywhere. Here's my favourite song from the album: link) Basically, if you like weird metal/rock bands like I do, enjoy! If not... sucks.
  10. At the end of the day we tend to favour the "most correct" option, because there's no real objective answer for a lot of the decisions we make, it's the damned internet, we can't know if someone or something is going to turn out well or not, we just make the best decisions we can after corroborating between ourselves and/or with the community if appropriate. Sometimes we mess up and we own up to it, to those involved. It tends to be that people who demand apologies often do not get them because they don't deserve them. If you did deserve one... you'd get one and we would work with you to solve what was broken. Most of the times I've apologised and worked things out with people, they haven't even have the time to complain. We aren't a hivemind of heartless, faceless lizards. We try our best to help out the people who deserve it or who we have wronged. To comment on what Joshy brought up, "The solution is to diversify leadership and de-stigmatize opposing views." Yes. We do have a diverse leadership with different backgrounds and the likes, we argue a lot, all of our different staff teams argue a lot (generally not in a "toxic" or unconstructive manner, if middle ground can't be met within a team where this behaviour occurs, sadly the less-correct party will likely be demoted or otherwise moved to stop the bad behaviour. See Omid v Mejilla in this thread). We don't all have the same ideas of what is "most right", but we co-operate and come together to champion one idea together. Now, you're going to think I'm talking out of my ass because when have you actually seen this happen? Well... you don't. You tend to just see the finished product or a poll of our best ideas, sometimes we will announce things prior to them happening and ask for feedback, if appropriate. You don't see our private discord channels, forum sections, polls, google forms, IPS forms, voice discussions, etc... In my opinion, one that I'm sure is shared by most is that the effort necessary to make it all public in a "professional manner" is too great and slow-moving. We can look into solutions for this issue if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks! Edit: I forgot to comment on this, also from Joshy: "People are asking why certain individuals did not push harder: It's viewed as extreme negativity and poor behavior, and people will likely get demoted over it. You have to go with the flow to have "good" behavior." I've never heard of this happening, ever. If someone were to get demoted or shunned for pushing a correct or good idea, man... I'd love to hear about who did that. "Going with the flow (of current staff)" is a good tactic, but you need to be engaged with staff to be noticed. Take this (obviously hyperbolised) hypothetical: You guide players all day around our Discords, you guide people when they ask for help in Discord related to in-game issues, forum issues and you also tell people about certain rules they break and to stop it, but you do it out of the view of current staff, say you do it in private voice chats or private messages. How in the world are we going to know you're doing this? How are we going to offer you a position or tell you to apply for a position?... We aren't. Edit 2: Kite shut up
  11. If you believe there is anything you need us to know, let us know. Who else is going to promote you? It's not an automatic system. We aren't telepaths. It's like how Server Managers select Admins, they express interest via an application of sorts, or if someone is a specifically exemplary person, they may be cherry picked if noticed, but they may go unnoticed, there is no guarantee. "Favouritism"... kudos for applying but if someone better than you is available, it doesn't matter the time they are in the "GFL ecosystem" for, they're better, it's the clear option... it's favouritism, it's harsh but it's fair. As stated, PVK2 is being changed into another server, though it may be one you are interested in. It will be announced soon, express interest to the corresponding Director or Division leader if you would like, this goes out to anyone. Edit: Wait, you're going to need at least 200 hours in it first before you can apply. Time requirements and all... Joking. Don't worry about it, you've done well. My DM's and other higher-ups DM's should also be always open for a reason. Edit: If for any reason you feel mistreated, hit up an Abuse Report (https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/) or Staff Feedback (https://gflclan.com/forms/9-staff-feedback/).
  12. Sadly, it was said from long ago that the server is just there as it is very low effort and takes up basically no server space. It is soon to be replaced with a (redacted ) server and our DoD:S server replaced with a (redacted ) server. ToBeAnnouncedInLike3HoursMaybeSoonTM. This is a purely because we are already well established in the Divisions/games where we are creating our new servers, it's going to be a lot easier for us to create and populate these new servers than rebuild others which have been neglected for some time (PVK2, DoD:s). We, in future, will try to not just create servers that are out there to rot. These two were created purely because we had free server resources and no where else to use them, so they were just threw them into some random games. In a way you can call that favouritism, sure, but... not much we can do about the facts. Straight faxs. P.S Pyros is dumb, this thread has been unlocked because it is a healthy discussion to have.
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