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  1. 乁( ͡⎚v ͡⎚)ㄏ

  2. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/40284-muteban-appeal-form/
  3. Mejilla's Covers

    Moved to the correct Forum, idiot. Nice thread. @RivalRevival, @Sonic393 and @Pachimo should make some threads in this Forum too.
  4. ❤️

  5. Are you looking to apply for a Server Admin position and not Discord Moderator? You have less than 100 messages total over the two Discords you are in (Rust and Main, which you joined 4 hours ago)?
  6. I was in the top 500 in Heroes of The Storm (2019 Season 1) I was in the top 0.1% in Destiny 2 PvP (Season 7) I made a Civ 5 streamer rage quit when I was playing with him because I Hun rushed him with Horse Archers bonus meme: i hate women
  7. plase repond to mi message

  8. dunno, i was just a messenger for the dls here
  9. This is your 6th ban now... be more careful.
  10. I'd like to see Paul as a Developer for GMod TTT, he capable and smiley face.
  11. TRUE BTW Here's some of my White Shih Tzu: He saw a bird outside and it concerned him here:
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