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  1. You have been unbanned, please stop associating with groups of banned individuals. It is hard for us to seperate who is evading and who is "innoncently" assocating with the evaders.
  2. Can you provide your ID: Ex. 106878307202568192
  3. Halo: Combat Evolved, just burned it out, not much is wrong with it. I basically could write out how every single campaign mission goes and where what enemies spawn. I don't know how speed runners can keep at it for so long. I can't do that with any non-sandbox game, just gets boring.
  4. Use This Form: https://gflclan.com/forms/39-csgo-bhop-muteban-appeals/
  5. 乁( ͡⎚v ͡⎚)ㄏ

  6. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/40284-muteban-appeal-form/
  7. Mejilla's Covers

    Moved to the correct Forum, idiot. Nice thread. @RivalRevival, @Sonic393 and @Pachimo should make some threads in this Forum too.
  8. ❤️

  9. Are you looking to apply for a Server Admin position and not Discord Moderator? You have less than 100 messages total over the two Discords you are in (Rust and Main, which you joined 4 hours ago)?
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