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  1. 10/16/19 All further updates will be for High Tower 2
  2. TF2 Expansion

    Also, for anyone who is wondering FF2 will be replaced with HT2. After reviewing GameTracker/Steam charts we have determined that it would be best to go with this course of action. In the future when our playerbase is larger, FF2 will be a viable option to return. Thanks, Pedro.
  3. Hello Moberson, Thank you for applying, unfortunately at this time the admins do not think you would be the best fit. You are more then welcome to apply at any time, hope to see you around! Thanks, Pedro.
  4. Accepted, welcome to the team! View these links for reference and be sure to ask any questions you have in discord. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/1008-team-fortress-2/
  5. 9/26/19 Added the Help Menu plugin Added 4 custom bosses (The Administator, Nightmare Medic, Jason Voorhees, Scrake) Disabled Sentries (very overpowered) Edited bosses health
  6. Which server are you referring to?
  7. Hightower 2 (US) MOTD General Rules: An admin's word is FINAL. Don't do something if the admin says not to, even if it isn't covered anywhere on the MOTD. Admins have the final say in almost any situation. If you feel the final result was unjust, contact the current Server Manager or Division Leader. Keep racist/sexist/derogatory slurs to a bare minimum. Please respect all players and staff. Do NOT impersonate other players or claim to be an admin when, in reality, you aren't. Nude sprays are allowed to an extent. Read more below. Mentioning and/or having sprays of Child Porn, lolicon/cub, will result in a permanent ban. There are no exceptions. Mic spamming and excessive chat spamming is NOT allowed. However, you may play music if the players and admins are okay with it. When speaking, please use English only. Stay out of an admin's business if they are dealing with another player. Example: If a player was muted, don't bug the admin with "Why'd you do that?" or "Aboose, aboose" in a trolling manner. You'll be muted and/or gagged if you show signs of excessive hostility/toxicity. Server-Specific Rules: No capping on hightower (Jk, og TF2 players will know.) Refrain from being a douche. Do not attempt to exploit in any way. Spawn camping is ALLOWED. If you don't like it, try to fight it. Minimum Age Limit on the mic is 12. If you are a nutcase on the mic and/or are implied to be below the given age limit, an admin has the authority to mute you. Links and Information: Server Manager: @Mejilla Division Leader: @Pedro Feel free to contact any staff member listed if you have any recommendations/suggestions on how you think we can improve! Please contact staff on the forums first. If they haven't gotten back to you, please leave a comment on their profile BEFORE adding them on Steam. Commands: !votescramble - Start a vote to scramble up the teams. !footprints / !footsteps - A command restricted to VIP+ to enable a fire trail behind you. (COMING SOON) !rainbowme - A command restricted to Supporter+ to enable a rainbow border around your playermodel. (COMING SOON) !resizehead / !resizehands - Commands restricted to VIP+ to resize parts of their playermodel. (COMING SOON) !rtd - Roll The Dice! !helpmenu - Open up the Help Menu. !rank - Check your GameME rank. (COMING SOON) Games For Life is always looking for new members! Apply for member today! Here
  8. 9/25/19 Changed default map to vsh_2fortdesk_v8 Added TP Added some maps Added a command for admins to end the round Added everything to FastDL
  9. Hello, All of TF2's High Tower 2 server updates will go into here. Thanks, Pedro.
  10. Accepted, welcome to the team! Be sure to read this if you get confused, and of course ask any questions you might have.
  11. Thank you everyone for voting! Freak fortress 2 will be up as soon as possible, be sure to join the discord for updates! Thanks, Pedro.
  12. That would take a lot of customization and custom plugins for gamemodes we aren’t even sure will get/stay populated. For instance, maybe Dodgeball will attract a crowd, but Deathrun sends people away. This way we can see what servers will be for the best to adding to the future of GFL. Thanks, Pedro.
  13. It is finally that time of the year again! In here you will see options on what the new server will become! The thread will also be unlocked for any comments / other ideas. The winner (assuming that it works) will be added! Thanks, Pedro.
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