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  1. Accepted. I’ll set you up and msg you with some info asap, join the Tf2 discord in the expanded channels for more info.
  2. Accepted, i’ll set you up on the servers asap, i’ll also send you a PM regarding sourcebans etc
  3. Perks

    We can look into this and other VIP perks when we are sure the servers are stable with no crashes. On top of tags we could add store and other things. It has been getting better but still needs some work. Thanks, Pedro.
  4. this man has stds 

  5. The console is usually right, but since there is no way to prove it i'll unban this time. Let it be known if it happens again the ban will stand.
  6. Hightower (US) MOTD General Rules: An admin's word is FINAL. If an admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't covered anywhere on the MOTD. Admins have the final say in almost any situation. If you feel the final result was unjust, contact the current Server Manager or Division Leader. Keep racist/sexist/derogatory slurs to a bare minimum. Please respect all players and staff. Do NOT impersonate other players or claim to be an admin when, in reality, you aren't. Nude Sprays are allowed to an extent. Read below. Child Porn (or CP) is NOT tolerated. You will be permanently banned on sight if you do so. This includes cub/lolicon. Mic Spamming is allowed depending on popular vote. If no one likes it, or other sounds are leaking through your mic, you ain't playin' it. When speaking, please use English only. Stay out of an admin's business if they are dealing with another player. Example: If a player was muted, don't bug the admin with "Why'd you do that?" or "Aboose, aboose" in a trolling manner. Refrain from Chat Spamming/Consistent All-Caps Rage. If you have a slight attitude, please tone it down. You'll be muted and/or gagged if you show signs of hostility. Server-Specific Rules: No capping on hightower (Jk, og TF2 players will know.) Refrain from being a douche. Spawn camping is ALLOWED. If you don't like it, try to fight it. Minimum Age Limit on the mic is 12. If you are a nutcase on the mic and/or are implied to be below the given age limit, an admin has the authority to mute you. Links and Information: Server Manager: @Pedro Division Leader: None Feel free to contact any staff member listed if you have any recommendations/suggestions on how you think we can improve! Please contact staff on the forums first. If they haven't gotten back to you, please leave a comment on their profile BEFORE adding them on Steam. Commands: !votescramble - Start a vote to scramble up the teams. !tp/!fp - Change to a third person or back to first person field of view. More coming soon. Games For Life is always looking for new members! Apply for membership today on the forums! GFLClan.com
  7. ayy positive hit us with a game of thrones reference... you’ll learn soon enough
  8. Hello, All of TF2's Hightower server updates will go into here. Thank you!
  9. Hello, As you may or may not have noticed we have changed 2 of our TF2 Servers. Orange x3 is now Turbine. MK is now Payload/Hightower. Payload is already set up and already hit 25 people. Deathrun will be coming as soon as possible. This does not mean that Orange and MK can’t make a return at some point but as of now we feel having these servers up will be in our best interest. After these servers go up and get stabilized we can look into the other suggested servers (Freak Fortress 2, Dodgeball etc). Thanks, Pedro.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Shop is currently being tested out and should be added soon if nothing goes wrong. As for a new server we are thinking of changing mario kart anyway so there is a good possibility we could give Freak Fortress a shot. Thanks, Pedro.
  11. Server Updates

    5-1-19 Added the "votescramble" command. Players can now type !votescramble in chat to start a vote to scramble the teams up. In addition admins can also now force a scramble. Added the "third person" and "first person" commands. Type !tp and !fp in chat to use them! Added homing rockets. Right click to enable them. Added TF2 Suicide Notifier
  12. Hello, if you any suggestions for any of our TF2 servers or just a TF2 suggestion in general please leave it here and we will do our best to see about adding it! Thanks, Pedro.
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