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  1. All these people leaving.

    I think people would stay more if there were more shitposting. Our shitpost quotas just aren’t being met like they used to be.
  2. Resignation

    Dang. This new Manager is ruining everything. You will be missed Pyros, you were our best and most active admin.
  3. gfl official mascot

    No thanks.
  4. New Computer Chair: suggestions?

    The chair is for a new computer for my girlfriend. Right now we have a basic office chair. But there are 2 of us and only the one chair.
  5. I am going to be needing a computer chair soon. I don’t have many places locally where I could get one, so have been thinking about getting one off of Amazon. Anybody buy s chair off of amazon before or have any suggestions under 100$ on what chair to get?
  6. Goodbye GFL

    Someone tagged me in a resignation post and finally they aren’t resigning from under me 😂 Hope to see you around still.
  7. Reporting Violator

    If you have a problem with the TTT Manager, please report it to the Division Leader. Tagging @Violator as he is Division Leader for Gmod. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Player Models? - Lee Jones

  9. Player Models? - Lee Jones

    I was thinking anonymous maybe. Might look for a shrek model if there is one
  10. Player Models? - Lee Jones

  11. 035 ammo

  12. 096 Changes

    If the SCP cannot be outrun then that would suck though. Maybe if it could be set the more people that look at it that are alive, the more it gets faster (very slight increases)
  13. I wish I had that many staff.. 😂 But, good luck in your ventures. It was nice having you.
  14. 😂 My phone was blowing up for like half an hour because I said I murdered you. Lol
  15. bye forever

    Safe travels