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  1. Happy birthday if you're still there

  2. Why have you been gone so long @TheLastBee?! 

  3. I think we should make a rule saying the femur breaker must be spammed at all times
  4. @LLJ @Triple_A @Jroek97 @TheSadBandit @motorsteak
  5. Prop Hunt has been seeming a bit sluggish lately, so the admin team here is looking for players to come play together and message us so we can set up times that multiple people will be known to be on. Do you want to see prop hunt active again? Do you miss the good old days of being a POS can? Need a change of place? Come play prophunt.
  6. Love me some nice clickbait, enjoy your vacation!
  7. holy shit your back, Missed you B(ee) see what I did there.

    1. rapperdan


      hehehehe when you see B(ee) but B(ee) does not see you.

      Edited by rapperdan
    2. Akris


      yea... :( *cries in corner*

  8. Nice manager rank homeslice.

  9. You will be missed TheLastBeeBender <3

    Edited by rapperdan
  10. This Thursday, May 17th starting at 6pm CST/7pm EST, me and the prophunt staff will be holding a trivia event. I will buy one month VIP for the winner of the event. It will be general trivia mixed in with some GFL trivia. If anybody has suggestions for trivia subjects, post in the comments below and we can possible try to include the subjects. If you are not participating and have a trivia question you think would be interesting to include, feel free to pm me and I’ll See what I can do.
  11. Happy birthday to the best bee in gfl!

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