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  1. We ask not what GFL can do for you, but instead what you can do for GFL

  2. Include cooldown time, but the femur breaker is the most essential sound in the game. i even hear it at work sometimes.
  3. What dude? I just tagged Billy so he could read this comment and we could talk about this. But. You made some points and let’s talk about this a bit. I don’t really get to know staff that I don’t have to interact with. Sure I am in some chats that let me meet people in other areas.. but. Only CA I know is Winter and I never need him for anything and he tends to be working on servers so I don’t bother him much. Other than that I can’t really comment on the CA-> Council decision. I did like this post because it is showing initiative towards a cleanse of inactivity. However, the main thing that caught my eye is when you said that: The old staff very well may have been some of the best. It doesn’t mean that we still don’t have plenty of great staff here. But you say that we don’t have those type of people anymore and I see new people like that being recruited all the time. I’d like to say I have been a go getter with the prophunt server. And it was only with the help of a Ton of help from all kinds of people. @ButterKing5000 has been listening to every little question and hasn’t shown even a bit of regret to accepting my friend request yet. @BillyMartin Puts thought into how to make PH better every day and does more work than me even someday. @mbs taught me how to manager ulx a lot better and continues to answer questions that I randomly come up with. @Xy_ @Violator @Zebra have all also fielded a ton of questions from me and will mostly likely field a ton more in the future. Especially @Violator Don’t forget I need help with the thing. Lol I missed a lot as this isn’t a thank you post. That will come another time. I also may have rambled a little.. But if GFL is a withering forest in your eyes, it is because you don’t see all the little saplings growing at the forest floor.
  4. @BillyMartin read this.
  5. I really like some of these ideas
  6. I ended up voting for faex as it seemed most like fall to me and was one of the best pictures. My favorite pic however is ace’s. Good quality picture but it doesn’t speak fall to me.
  7. The PayPal is there too. I was hoping funds were just donated to that.
  8. Was only joking. I figured it would have been for a good reason. I too have had to close PayPal accounts do to stuff like that so I know how it is.
  9. This isn’t how you save money @Roy. 😂
  10. Money is tight but I get paid tomorrow. So I’ll see what I can do.
  11. Not every idea is a winner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Do you know the map names it says it during? Which maps specifically do it?
  13. I am not making this as a suggestion for my own server. I am making it as a suggestion for the whole of GFL to consider.