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  1. Maybe I should come back I don't know :lenny:

  2. Thanks Syntax :D I may be seen on the CSGO TTT server ran by sweg from time to time.
  3. I was head admin as i just literally resigned Have fun in the community, its a great was i was happy to be a part of so ya know. Have a nice time!
  4. It has been a pretty long time since I posted on GFL or even really talked to any GFL staff members but I think my time has come to resign from being an admin on the Zombie Mod server. It has been a dark time for the zombie mod server and I feel its finally time to leave it be and call it quits in my opinion. I have lost hope on reviving it, I really should say I lost hope a long time ago. I feel like it is not only time to stop being admin, its really my time to go and focus on other things since I'm young, only at 15 and I have things like exams coming up in a years time and I cannot dedicate any time in my life now to (I hate to say it but) dead servers. I have had a great time in this community, rising to Head Admin on the Zombie Mod, talking to all of the people here as you are my family and you made me the person I am to this day and built up my confidence to expand. I will be moving communities though to another fairly sized community who I have been with for over a year and some old friends over there have really helped me with my life as I wasn't in the best of conditions a couple of months ago (If you want to know the community, message me on steam). I guess this is farewell but I have a small amount of people to thank @SwegBuster Thanks for putting up with my shit for several months on the server, love you no homo. @GamerOwns Thanks for all the good times we shared on the Zombie Mod server and I hope to stay in contact with you in the future. @Syntax Thank you for at least trying to revive the Zombie Mod server after @GamerOwns resigned but I think its time to let go my friend @Roy Thanks for creating this community in the first place, without it I wouldn't be who I am today. @Vidmar Thanks for being one of the coolest Admins on Zombie Mod when you were active there. @Seemann Thanks you for just being and absolute legend, you'll always be a person I will remember. @denros You're a legend! Keep the community going with @Roy my friend! @RickGrimesTM You're also a legend so keep up the work! @Snoopy You're also get to be a legend, keep the community alive! Last but not least thank you all of the people in the community, you are the reason I love games to be honest. You kept me interested in CS and now I have a stupid 2700+ hours on it like a little bash. I will always love everyone here. Ill say again, you guys are my family and I will not stop loving nor will I forget you. I love you guys so much, thanks for all the good times. Goodbye you beautiful human beings (or whatever you identify as). Cat out <3
  5. Corrupt a Wish

    Your game files were deleted I wish for a cake
  6. dw ill make a topic on all the shit what NEEDS to happen

    1. Chormee


      why couldn't you just put all these into one message instead of making 3 statuses

    2. A_Sad_Cat
  7. sometimes i just think why theres some stupid updates to zm


  9. sad to see the manager of the server i play on resign but shit happens u know, ill keep my head up high and hold this server up for as much as i can for him and others sinceim the only activ admin on it

  10. Sad to see u go, had a great time with u being the manager of zm eu and helping me whith thing as admin. i hope to see u pop on once and a while :D
  11. Baymax... coz well its a marshmallow looking ass superhero, like why not!
  12. i completely agree with you, but i didnt say do it now, i mean it as secondary content
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