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  1. As some of you know ze_Trials is out now and levels 1-3 are playable. As i prepare to release v2 there are some changes that i would like to mention. First, level 4 is a extremely difficult level with many puzzles that require teamwork and hard defense. Second, level 1 has some minor changes in appearence as well as some changes to boss health and lasers at the end of level 1. For level 2 the holds will be slightly longer as well as zombies will have 1 more item to their availability. Level 3 has minor changes in appearence and in boss health. Also, the lasers at the end of level 3 are faster. As for level 4 humans will be able to pick up 4 items and zombies will have 2 items. Level 4 will be released soon, what awaits inside? Are you able to handle it? Get ready to find out...
  2. Very close to finishing Ice Cavern just a last few minute ideas i want to implement as well as a boss! @hotEvercLear Picture of the start of the map with the finished lighting and effects as well as props and details!
  3. So I have decided on the name for this map and it will be ze_Ice_Cavern. As Ice_Cavern is close to being finished I have added a materia item I also made this map to support doorhuggers and defenders. For defenders there will be obstacles and hard defence areas as well as easier ones. For doorhuggers there will be alot of parkour to activate triggers and such as well as npc's and falling objects. For both defenders and doorhuggers there will be areas where the ground is slippery so watch your step! Just another sneak peak picture!
  4. So i am getting close to finishing Ice (Temple/Cavern) still deceiding on the name. Here is another screenshot of the outside of the map. FYI area is still under development. Screenshot: Entrance of the map 1. Fog will be toned down 2. Props and objects still need to be added 3. Lighting needs to be added and tuned
  5. @hotEvercLear The map is straightfoward so there will be no getting lost on this one. Also there are parts of the map where the floor is slippery. @BloodyKiller I am making other maps but i want to put out all the Ocorina Of Time temples and dungens too. They are my priority at the moment. @DarkHeroz Soon my friend soon haha!
  6. I have announced my next map to soon be released! ICE TEMPLE/Cavern Here are some sneek peeks...
  7. ze_Rooms

    ze_Rooms coming soon! Here are some leaks. The first picture is of the main room with four different pathways(Four levels?). Second picture is start of one room. Third picture is still first room. More detail on the map coming soon....!
  8. Development starts tomorrow! Already have most of the map drawled out. Get ready for a long Zelda map.
  9. Dont know if this round counts or not.
  10. I will be adding more levels so there will be more bosses and possibly maybe at one part some lasers. For the most part though it will be a casual map.
  11. Here are newly updated photos! The map will basically look like this....
  12. As some of you may know i released a map called Tomb Temple not to long ago. After reviewing how it played out in some servers i have decided to redesign the map. I have already been working on it for some time now and i hope to release the newly designed map soon! I am so sorry for any inconvenience i have caused anyone. I am hoping this one is much better as it will have items, a boss, and possibly two levels depending on how big it is when i am finished. Thank you for your patience. HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF THE NEWLY DESIGNED TOMB TEMPLE:
  13. Little sneak peak at the atmosphere for Shadow Temple.....
  14. You've met with a terrible fate haven't you? The darkness in the mask is once released again. What will happen? How will you stop it? This is no ordinary mask....................................................................................................................... ------------------------------------------------------- This map will be composed of 3 levels and will have items and bosses. It will have original and remixed music from the game. Choose your path carefully you have 3 days to do so.... In development starting September 1
  15. Boss will be similar to boss fight from zelda oot. There will be fire attacks as well as falling rocks attacks. I'm going to add maybe a few more attacks if I think it needs it. The boss fight should be done in about a month. Thank you for your patience.