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  1. im reapplying for admin

    +1 Well, i know you since middle 2016 as really friendly and good person. Besides, you are well experienced admin . The Good: - active in discord - really old gfl player - knows all about server playerbase - admin experience in past - friendly to the newcomers - Playing good maps. Doesnt join only for tryharding. mako is not tryhard map - has mic (ye but never using it) The Bad: - still pregnant pass will be happy.
  2. what your fav map?

    ze_Pidaras_v1_4 One of the best map in the zombie escape history.
  3. The State of GFL ZE

    yes i am agree. unmute koni
  4. The State of GFL ZE

    Wait gfl is already 4 years old. wtf GFL will never die because our community much more friendly than on another servers. Thats why this server is top1 in CS GO
  5. Nice agitating. Demoted.











    sup niger 

  7. Who ara you and how the fuck did you become admin? 

    1. donchill


      putin himself has chosen me to become your punisher




















    rem is fucking rubbish and shit waifu. change it or -1 

  9. Ok cyka congrats with promotion. :O.o: All the best and i hope you wont die.












    p.s next time when you are going to strip clap make sure that you will have condoms. 

  10. donchill admin application

    +1 Well i am absolutely agree with bb but in my point of view i can give you solid +1 and there are some reasons for it. -chill and friendly guy -never support autism hours -trieng to help newcomers and understand about our playerbase. -very good and stable online -old GFL player -a LOT of experiance in ZE -has mic moreover sometimes using it when it is really need -weeb and asian P.S be and discord a bit more. Rem is trash waifu. Dude she sucks. Emilia is better. Even Subaru-kun understood it.
  11. Xarn's Admin Application

    +1 -Friendly guy to player base. -Good online -Trieng to improve himself -Guy who is not supporting autism hours -using his mic when it is needed -Trieng to help our player base, also chill to newcomers P.S 1 thing your discord activity is not bad now, but try to be online a bit more.
  12. Enick's Admin Application

    -1 Hello my enick. Well you are trieng to improve yourself but... bro i want to be honest with you. I see you are friendly and chill now but your past is very bad. Yes you were trieng to lead but most of the poeple on the server cant serios even talk with you. Yes you are trieng to prevent autism hours, you are not supporting them and ALSO trieng to help new comers. But to my mind you just dont have an admin material and patience for the future admin. You are emotial guy and your mood is changing really fast. Yeasterday you were hatting bb_iu and warped for some reason. Now you are trieng to tell them sorry...ofc it is not good and it will keep worring me. P.S My friendly advice. Bro wait 6-10 monthes until you will have deep voice and try to change yourself. Stay chill, friendly and try slowly contact with another admins and my comrad try to take a break from making admin apps because it is killing your small chance to be an admin. Take a break from it and try to think not about the server community, try to think about yourself. Thats all bro. All the best.
  13. New Default Map

    ze_hentai_p1 will be the best.
  14. Shiroo's Admin Application

    -1 -support autism hours -didnt answer why do you want to become an admin -trolling -not active in discord -doesnt care about anything, most of the time having fun or having enjoy. -using mic only to talk. Never seen that you have leaded before. P.S Maybe i will change my opinion but later. First of all change your admin app and make it serios. Because as i see now you even dont follow the standarts. Note for the future: Joke admin apps will not let you improve yourself. If you will keep doing it you will just get -1 instantly.