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  1. I nominated atix panic. Lets play! 

  2. To my mind, usually gun should be bizon. But if you play maps like mako / wester / mist / minas / gris e.t.c mp5 will be much better in some situations. Low recoil, small scatter and silencer make mp5 very useful for the lasers and bossfights.
  3. Knives and nades only
  4. My comrade) It is your day blyad! All the best! 

  5. I hope you will die 

    1. Aurelien


      the feeling is mutual

  6. Hahahaha! Welcome to GFL! Enjoy our friendly community and amazing playerbase :3
  7. Zoom please can you teleport me!. Zoom please extend 1 more time! 2015 gfl meme
  8. Pidoras blyad =( Comeback i missed you.
  9. Happy birthday my friend!!! all the best blyad!!!







    rem still sucks. 2b is better! 

  10. ze_Pidaras_v1_4 One of the best map in the zombie escape history.
  11. yes i am agree. unmute koni
  12. Wait gfl is already 4 years old. wtf GFL will never die because our community much more friendly than on another servers. Thats why this server is top1 in CS GO