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  1. Finally I took step for an admin application.

    -1 I am sorry my friend but we have rules. As i see there are no 100 hours on the server so your app will be denied. Try to play much more on the server and contact with player base. Besides, i recommend you to support newcomers when it is needed and be active in discord. For now it is over.
  2. Russell Crowes Admin Application

    +1 1. very old player (god damn he is on gfl for 4 years) 2. has been admin on the server before for long time 3. friendly (sometimes) with playerbase 4. active in discord 5. know what to do with autism hours 6. most of the admins know this guy. 7. Doesnt talk too much and using his mic when it is needed. P.S good luck my murican pidoras =D
  3. hotEvercLear Admin Application

    Neutral I rarely see you on the server while i am playing on it. However, i would like to empasize that you should try to improve yourself with another admins and help our newcomers and server community. Besides, try to be a bit more online and wont join only for tryhard maps. If you will follow these recommendations i will give you +1. Good luck.
  4. Kato's admin application

    Frienkly speaking, you seem to be a really nice person. Moreover, you are chill and friendly with community base and also you are not makofag. However, I am agree with BB..he is right. We have really a lot of admins from NA and only 3-4 from EU / asia. If you will control this time and wont have any problems in real life i will give you +1. But for now it is neutral.
  5. What happened on GFL stays on GFL

    Zoom please can you teleport me!. Zoom please extend 1 more time! 2015 gfl meme
  6. Here I am, applying for the admin

    JUST +1. ENDED
  7. @Roy

    Pidoras blyad =( Comeback i missed you.
  8. Happy birthday my friend!!! all the best blyad!!!







    rem still sucks. 2b is better! 

  9. im reapplying for admin

    +1 Well, i know you since middle 2016 as really friendly and good person. Besides, you are well experienced admin . The Good: - active in discord - really old gfl player - knows all about server playerbase - admin experience in past - friendly to the newcomers - Playing good maps. Doesnt join only for tryharding. mako is not tryhard map - has mic (ye but never using it) The Bad: - still pregnant pass will be happy.
  10. what your fav map?

    ze_Pidaras_v1_4 One of the best map in the zombie escape history.
  11. The State of GFL ZE

    yes i am agree. unmute koni
  12. The State of GFL ZE

    Wait gfl is already 4 years old. wtf GFL will never die because our community much more friendly than on another servers. Thats why this server is top1 in CS GO
  13. Nice agitating. Demoted.