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  1. Edit: I posted this in the wrong place.
  2. I want Commander Cody banned. Lmao I understand and I respect the rules. I just thought that's I'd give a shot at giving grapple a new purpose.
  3. Name: Shadow MSGT SO FAM 6010 Ringo Type: Something else Link(s): https://gyazo.com/4a3f04671a0ad161270e45dd9ee29865 Description: Is grappling event characters fail rp? This was in episode 9 of season 2 Grievous Intrigue at 16:47. I understand staff have final say but I think this is enough evidence to say grappling event characters is not fail rp or grapple abuse. https://gyazo.com/4a3f04671a0ad161270e45dd9ee29865 If it still is grapple abuse then I'd like to ban Commander Cody and the two 212th troopers. Why: To give grappling another purpose and also so event characters can't just tank damage and run away.
  4. 2/16 Bring back the little cube hidden around the map with the secret cars you used to be able to buy for free. that was so fun to mess with bc you could put props on the vehicles.
  5. Another idea! 2/12 Instead of trying to do this everyday Im just gonna do it here and there whenever I get a idea. I don't know the name of it, but its like the inventory but you can look to see what's in it, and when you die you still keep you inventory. This would be nice because to many time have I been mugged after buying weapons.
  6. Hello, I have been sick all weekend but I'm back to posting new ideas! 2/9 Hitmen should get silenced weapons(pistol, sniper, etc) , a briefcase, and a disguise swep.
  7. 2/6 TODAYS IDEA IS: I would love for TV's to be added for media share. Also it would be nice if you could buy them, say for example like buying a radio. However, I do realize this poses a problem for the DJ job, since now people can just play whatever music they wanted. But this also allows people to play music in their base if there are no DJ's online. EDIT: A rule for the TV's should be only able to put inside your base, UNLESS if you are a hobo (Wait how can hobos aford tv's in the first place????)
  8. 2/5 TODAYS IDEA IS: Stun Guns, A player that is running from CP could be stunned instead of just being killed and dodging the jail time.
  9. oh btw I was just quoting the first thing I said in my post to GamingInstinct, but thats great news, please take your time with this server. I want it to be perfect!
  10. Day 2 of posting ideas: The server should have spy kits. or a job that has a drone or a rc car that you can throw into people's bases. I'm thinking this would be a VIP job for CP to check bases for drugs, I remember people before would just spawn a camera and noclip it into someones base. I always hated that, but in a group with people it's fun to get raided by CP. That brings up another topic. CP should be Close to overpowered, or there should be a limit to how many people can base with you, because I would remember times where CP are USELESS and can't stop a group of people. Side note: Before the server is even put up for beta. PLEASE make the game run at least with 45FPS. I remember purge requiring GTX 1080 TI PLUS just to get above 45FPS
  11. But you could read the First sentence. lol So how's progress going? That's good/bad to hear. Anyways I will continuous reply here for any idea I come up with, please keep your replies to a minimum so that my ideas don't get lost in a mix of people commenting, thank you.
  12. Im gonna try to post a new idea for the server everyday. (most likely not gonna happen but i'll try) The server would be cool if it had different forms of government, example being if the mayor want the law of the land to become communism, and if the people don't agree they can kill him or after an hour or 2 of being mayor he can be voted off from someone else becoming mayor.
  13. So how's progress going? That's good/bad to hear. Anyways I will continuous reply here for any idea I come up with, please keep your replies to a minimum so that my ideas don't get lost in a mix of people commenting, thank you. MOVING ON ANYWAYS! Dark Rp has always been the same stuff. Base making, never enough or too much CP, Raiding, etc. Adding more ways to be successful yet not overpowered or underpowered is a great way for preventing death, server die from 2 major things, To little stuff to do and too much to do. Let me go into further detail. When a new player has joined the server, they most likely are not gonna read the MOTD and just want to play. Spoon feeding a new player fun stuff to do is a great way to get a player's loyalty and make them want to come back to the server. Now, when I say too much to do, I mean the player is being force fed stuff to do and then has so much of it to do. It's like for example, given 10 things to do that you need to complete at once. It drains the player, with them going on to find a new server. This effect is uncommon in gmod but I've seen it happen. So when a new player joins, teaching them 2 or 3 things they can do to start becoming successful in darkrp is spoon feeding content into a player. After this stage, the player is then ready to be put in multiple scenarios of playing on their own. In the past teaching players on how to play darkrp servers has been completely dependent on the community. What I mean is this forum, like on guilds for passive income from oil refiners. I want to thank Egg and Gaming Instinct for making Awesome tutorials. When a new player joins the server they are usually given a starting cash to make money. This is the scenario I see to often and even happens to me on servers. Player joins, sets up money farm (bitcoin, oil, money printers, etc) that uses all of the players starting cash and then someone raids them like a raid shadow legends ad attack. Everything is destroyed. New player leaves in anger or is left with only relying on payday passive income causing a really boring experience. What I recommend is ways for player to make large amounts of cash costing nothing. I was thinking like bank heists/raids or even achievements. I server I used to play on was called No cancer RP and like clone wars they set up events for prizes ingame and even sometimes cash prizes via paypal. I've know No cancer RP to be a successful server when I joined it. Setting up ways to make cash in darkrp that requires participation then passive income is giving players down on their luck another chance and at the sametime adding player base and preventing AFK money making machines. Making a player base: The server need an attention getter. Something that's different from the other servers. Clickbait server tities is one way to do it I guess but if every server is doing, that it makes your server blend in. Step 1: The attention getter. Getting a player to join by ether pure randomness or by getting a players attention via a reason to join the server, something appealing to the players eye using rhetorical strategies and logical reasons to get a player to join. Another way is simply advertising via social media. Step 2: So you got a new player to join the server. Having a player greeted into a fun player base is a step forward into getting their loyaltee into becoming part of the player base. Anyone can join the server, having a good player base is essential to adding on to it. Players should be rewarded for logging in every day, participating in events and good behavior. Step 3: Giving a reason to come back to the server. The player has a good first time impression of the server and its player base and what the game is about. The next step is showing the player a prize, or something they want dangling in front of them at their fingertips. For example a shiny new car or a new job avivable; a promotion to betterment. Purge 2.0 did this with adding new cars in the game. it gave players a reason to comeback but only temporarily. The player base was dead so driving your new car so show off was pointless. Clone wars RP does this in a way by telling players they can get promotions for participating in events. That's why giving a player a reason to come back is needed. Step 4: Inviting a player into the player base. Once the player shows signs of coming back to the server to get the prize, Inviting them into the player base is the next step into building the player base. This is one of the most important steps in creating a stronger player base. Step 5: Strengthening the player base to promote positive behavior. The player is committed to the server coming back at least once a week to get their hands on the prize on becoming successful in darkrp. This is where having admins promote good behavior and making the game fun for others. At this point you want your players to read the MOTD, giving a reason for this can be given like this; Punishing bad behavior, setting an example to to other players as a warning that bad behavior results in setbacks to a players progress into becoming successful. The misbehaving player is then coming back to the server after reading the MOTD with a better mind set. This can be seen from players coming to the server and breaking rules set up to make the game fun. Step 6: The player finally reaches the prize. The player has been on the server now for a long time. Most likely even spending money on vip to get cosmetics or certain cool looking jobs. The player participates in events, made millions in darkrp, and seen pretty much everything the server has to offer. The player may have even put in a admin app. at that point. Putting in challenges for experienced players with millions that can be repeated or even create their own. The player has reached "successfulness" and became one of the top players on the server. At this point this is where the player can be offered a permanent rank. For example teaching players on game mechanics, starting events, or even building creative ideas. This is the final step of a players life time on the server, they are committed to the server and free to do what they choose to keep their stats. Giving players at this stage new content in order to keep their rank on the server can persuade them that they need to come back to the server. this has been my 6 step tutorial on indoctring a new player into the cult of GFL darkRP. I will continue to post idea in this topic.
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