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  1. why didn't u @ me bro but its fine I love u bro I wish you would have still played purge.
  2. What the heck bro the server crashes is the reason I lost all my money's from the crash that happened so many times
  3. Ask the new manager dalaw about this he could give you some answers and thank you for the comment
  4. Purge is more alive then ever a crazy 31 players today
  5. Idling On Purge Like... 

  6. THIS IS A RP SERVER AND I CANT RP IF THEIR IS NO PEOPLE SO COME ON GUYS LETS PURGE BOIS... But for reals I have been playing purge with some good new people that actually like the server. We need more of the old community back because that is how the server died in the first place is that it was abandoned by the community and if their is no players on then new people see that and don't want to join. I hope we can all come back to purge and have some good times and get the player count back up to what it was like in February I want the support of what it was like from the community then. Thanks to the people who actually took the time to read this and who are trying to bring back the good ol days of purge #LetsRevivePurge
  7. We had 12 people on last night for a while let's go
  8. I will find you and I will sit under you
  9. its only boring because we have no new people coming on. Remember when there was 60 people on and there was plenty to do, imagine if we had that again with more jobs and staff
  10. My friends I have noticed an increased population in people on the server and we have been getting some new people on. If we can just get the old purge community back I think that we can make this server like what it once was
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