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  1. why didn't u @ me bro but its fine I love u bro I wish you would have still played purge.
  2. Idling On Purge Like... 

  3. What rule is that, I have always used them in the past and have never been told not too
  4. I liked the old hud because it had the time stamp on it which was good for people taking screenshots for like admin sits and stuff
  5. We need some people to promote this like someone to create YouTube videos for the server to bring more people because the most people I ever see online is like 20 people and they are usually the same people and I usually see like 6 admins on at a time
  6. my base was not ,that was someone else mine was the free toll in that was inside of the tunnel
  7. See you bro I wish we could have played some more of purge with you I only played with you once or twice hopefully we could play some mor purge some time sad to see u go
  8. How is this going to work with newer people to the server if they can’t see the show and movie theater
  9. I was basing with velo and the other guy when this was happening I agree with some of your points velo did have two keypads for the same door and I told him not to do that in chat. The base that I made was completely raidible and fair so thanks for not involving me in this
  10. I wasn’t mentioned either lol but I really am gonna miss you nap I was looking forward to playing purge with you I hope we meet again someday
  11. They should just put this on the server and thanks
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