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  1. What does your steam look like?

    Made a bit of a change
  2. What does your steam look like?

    @StickDuck I actually prefer light interfaces. They keep me awake as, due to a disability of mine, I tend to fall asleep at the keyboard. Discord is an exception, the weird fucking light but with a dark sidebar thing is inexcusable.
  3. 3 month VIP giveway

    D.VA wouldn't play on console.
  4. Allow FDA with cars

    It's still considered FDA is what I'm saying. We CAN do it, it's just not allowed.
  5. Arrest baton cooldown

    Could we please get a 5 or so second cooldown on arrest baton swing? This would totally eliminate baton rushing and make cops have to actually try to land their hits, rather than swinging everywhere.
  6. Crunchy Cereal vs. Soggy Cereal

    It's not incorrect. It's just wrong, morally.
  7. Crunchy Cereal vs. Soggy Cereal

    Wrong opinion. Crunchy but wet.
  8. Last comment Wins

  9. Building/Basing Tips

  10. Building/Basing Tips

    Tip #6: You can put refineries like this to conserve space!
  11. Was replaced presumably without reason- it still works perfectly. Doesn't unnecessarily have a scroll bar Is more compact while showing more information Invites to parties actually work Join requests don't cover ammo only suggestion, which is totally doable, is to make it higher up on the screen for people w/o agendas. either that or the addon is only made for 720p monitors.
  12. Maybe Get Rid of "Auto Refinery"

    Wiremod is a wonderfully optimized addon. It's not the cause of any crashing. The cause, as disclosed by Zebra and ButterKing, is a recent Garry's Mod update.