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  1. Beginner Lua Tutorials

    I've been putting off learning GLua for a long while. I kinda feel like since I no longer own or manage any servers it wont be useful to me, though.
  2. Roblox

    i've never played and do not intend to play roblox
  3. The audio on my PC is broken

    the symbol he showed means that there are no sound devices/cards.
  4. The audio on my PC is broken

    Again, he does not have any sound devices.
  5. The audio on my PC is broken

    They said they had no devices. Check your motherboards manufacturer website for drivers.
  6. @Xy_ never heard of that, seems awesome though!
  7. I suggest actually going the route of OwnCloud running on a Linux machine for the effect he wants, then.
  8. [Discord] Topic of the week

    This seems like a great way to get people involved on the Discord. Presently, it's a dead 200 member server.
  9. Hawaii missile scare

    i doubt much paperwork just some dude will get fired and public apology
  10. FCC Overturns Net Neutrality vote 3 - 2

    My pleasure.
  11. absolutely unexcusable

    doomfists lore: hes black he was in jail he has a fist i think thats why he has shit voicelines
  12. Loud mouthed wallhacker

    What a fucking asshole, lmfao.
  13. FCC Overturns Net Neutrality vote 3 - 2

    The US citizens also pay for internet. However, the companies providing it will be able to block websites at their desire and sell those websites access individually.
  14. Simple airplane sketch

    Holy fucking christ, he did this drunk? I should get drunk and try to draw a door.