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  1. I’m out. With Purge’s economy reset, the server is finally dead. That’s the only reason I was involved here. Please let me know if the server is repopulated! Special thanks to @Xy_ Mr. Elite @flyingjoe32 @Zebra @ButterKing5000 @Fuzzy @Mr Saaed @Jesus
  2. Wish it didn’t have to end, but purge simply isn’t attracting any players
  3. This feels like the nail in the coffin that is labeled "your regulars playing on the server". Hope that there's an event or something after the reset that is massively advertised to get people playing.
  4. @StickDuck I actually prefer light interfaces. They keep me awake as, due to a disability of mine, I tend to fall asleep at the keyboard. Discord is an exception, the weird fucking light but with a dark sidebar thing is inexcusable.
  5. D.VA wouldn't play on console.
  6. It's still considered FDA is what I'm saying. We CAN do it, it's just not allowed.
  7. Could we please get a 5 or so second cooldown on arrest baton swing? This would totally eliminate baton rushing and make cops have to actually try to land their hits, rather than swinging everywhere.
  8. It's not incorrect. It's just wrong, morally.
  9. Wrong opinion. Crunchy but wet.