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  1. whats up brooooouuuuuuuuuu:xD:

    images (3).jpg

  2. Cunt you better still be active in our discord! Hmph! Luv you too <3
  3. look at this green nerd

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    2. Nyatsuki


      must've cost a lot of sucki sucki


    3. Toni Bamanaboni

      Toni Bamanaboni

      nah man...when you get asked to reapply :D

    4. Nyatsuki


      thats what they all say

  4. Oh shit Gfl peeps that play warframe
  5. So a member in our discord server drew attention towards a player who, so he said, was hacking on the tdm deathmatch server. I was so nice to record the evidence he provided over his stream and also fill out this report, since he didn't want to make a forum account. Name of the player who "reported" him: YOMANDE95 Name of Player: fakallofyou Evidence: https://youtu.be/NlYQGcyvJDQ Tagging @Worgee and @Roy, since i think they're the only ones who currently have perms on that server.
  6. I think you should keep the channel, just for fun, seeing how many members, (me included :P) have a lot of fun just playing around with the bot. The commands, etc...should be written somewhere tho.
  7. I would suggest to first learn how to properly speak your own language, before giving out tips on the easiest way of learning a foreign one.
  8. Happy Birthday Grandma.  :lenny: ::x:

  9. Nvm @Charmayy, sign me out of the event. I'm currently dealing with some personal issues and I don't want to ruin the mood for everyone.