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  1. see you later dude, always had fun playing with ya
  2. nope I have never locked the topic, it was just trolling
  3. sadly setting up servers isn't something I can even do with my internet being so buggy/crap (reason why I asked for a second Division Leader that ended up stepping down) I can only do so much with my internet, sadly I can't really add any more servers unless I can get someone that is there to help.. if the higher ups agree I might try and get a new helping Division Leader, idk yet I see what the higher ups say.
  4. #rip dano you will be missed tho D: <3
  5. how do you play
  6. there would be no point in having the reputation system if people went and abused it with alt accounts, getting others to like your posts. we don't care how much rep someone has as long it isn't abused, and unfair.
  7. cs:s has never supported anything "underbelt", we never really cared if people showed the top stuff but I don't think we will change the rules on anything to do with other stuff. my vote goes with no if it gets more then 20/30 votes then I will see from other higher ups what they think..
  8. getting others to help you report someone isn't going to speed steam support up, they deal with it when the time comes. coming on GFL asking for help is a bad idea, adding next to no proof.. same as someone telling people to report you with out proof.
  9. is this after the round ends or in the round?
  10. for now yes, I really like to get cs:s surf rpg and cs:s bhop back and going before other servers go up.
  11. sadly no, roy has already said we are not getting back into ZE.
  12. this suggestion was only made not that long ago and was denied being what qdogg said, it would cost to much to even think about making a roblox server, and we don't even have the devs to pay. so for now Denied. should have been posted here if it was for real:
  13. you're more then welcome to apply for admin and help out, I'm working on getting someone manager already and will try and keep the cs:s surf rpg community updated, I hope the players will like the new manager that is added. sorry if the server isn't how you like it, we are working really hard on trying to fix it all.
  14. calling out admin abuse in chat is never a good idea, should get proof and report it to the manager/Division Leader also you should message violator, no need for a post.