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  1. i heard csgo server want to declare Diddle extreme event which is 5 in 1 playthrough ( i hear from other player thoo ). are you guys really doing it? i mean, if it's true, ( i'm not intent stop you ) i'm not sure everyone will doing it full time of event. thoo some player gonna leave after losing few times ( unless you going back to normal if extreme seems unbeatable ). and i don't think the team can manage 40 players alive ( at least ) after finding third key. just remind normal stage how did player which may die stupidly, same way, boss attack, or some unpredictable accident.
  2. can you show me your PC specs? my suggestion : 1. you can use !stopsound command to mute all players gun sounds except yourself, this command can increase your fps ( this command not really work for all category but at least for most conditions ). 2. make sure your PC is on good condition ( for example: PC is not dusty, etc ). 3. if u using NVIDIA graphic card you can settings your game performance via NVIDIA control panel ( manage 3D settings > Program settings tab > select a program customize for CSGO ).
  3. just testing my laptop that i usually used for collage with i7 6700HQ ( 2.60 GHz ), DDR4 8GB Ram and GTX 950M ( everything low and disabled except Texture and Shader remain Maximum settings ) launch option : -novid -nojoy -language japanese -high -tickrate 128 -nod3d9ex -dxlevel 80 +fps_max 0 -freq 60 -threads 4 +cl_forcepreload 1 in 64 player situation never get lower than 30 fps ( average fps got 40 ~ 70 fps ) even i turned off the !stopsound ( turning off stopsound make your game lagging / loss i think ). ( on Competitive most of the map got 100 ~ 160 fps ) and also try with Maximum settings ( except V-sync ofc ) still never get lower than 30fps ( but the average fps goes down to 35 ~ 60 fps ) even turned off the !stopsound. this only happened when i'm defend position, doorhug could be diffirent story. ( on Competitive got 80 ~ 130 fps )
  4. yesterday i finally can connect to server without VPN but the loss is absolutely unacceptable ( 30% loss ). when i restart my Connection, the server isn't respond at all, also i can't access some website like PSE forums ( but the donate site working fine ), well decided to play with VPN ( Singapore ) for now.
  5. i got a little problem that i completely can't connect to Zombie Escape server. ( since end of september ) it's still appear and working fine on Favourite Server List but when i try to connect in-game, it's keep timed out no metter how many i tried. (´・ω・`) then i check the actuall ping with cmd and the result is.
  6. was play .com CSS ZE server before split and fell in love when the first time joined, new friends and some autistic that make the server enjoyable, hopefully the return of us goes well with peace completely.
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