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  1. "A dipshit Pushing his fingers and Twos thumbs together?" It should be "two thumbs" no "twos thumbs" as the number signifies the quantity of the plural and the quantity itself does not add an s at the end as a result. If the number is one, it would be one thumb, not "one thumbs".
  2. Understood. I will work on undoing the chat ban. EDIT:I worked with Wuffy to get the chat ban unbanned and it seems to currently be unbanned. If problems arise with this still, please express concerns to staff.
  3. HomelessDog, if you can promise to actively try not to spam again, I will be fine with removing the perma-mute, but I will need you to actually give an indication that you will actually do this since you said you are still 50/50 on learning your lesson, which doesn't cut it for me, and that you have many warns, not just dealing with spam which is an indication that you aren't necessarily interested in following the rules. Basically, I need you to be blatant on wanting to follow the rules, not wishy woshy. Keep in mind that I won't necessarily have the same mindset if you are put in this position again, and you may not get another chance.
  4. When you get to the Navy, club a few seals for me.
  5. At least regarding gmod hide and seek, I don't know if that would be a good idea. Under the presupposition that we did so and our HNS server got massive support and people started playing games on hns, they would flood the server making it difficult again for admins to get on. For this to be even tenable we would have to increase the player slots to probably at least 64, but then the problems becomes lag from the sheer amount of people engaged with the server at once. There is also the potential for multiple gfl hide and seek servers, where the problem there will be that one server will definitely be more active than another, and then people are really just going to wait to get on the most active server and create different problems. Regarding competition, I don't really understand how it would work regarding hide and seek. Would it be that the winner is the person who gets the most points on a specific map, and if so what is the actual prize? Also, even if that is how it worked, I don't see it really getting any real traction. It's hide and seek, and the competition would really be artificially injected. It's true that we have try hards on the server, where I sometimes have fun putting the effort in. Although, there may be a way that hide and seek could work in a competitive sense that might actually be very interesting. For instance, let's say that there is a separate locked server, and 32 people would be included if they signed up for a specific tournament time(if they don't make it on time they forfeit automatically, though there can be some leniency)(there should also be some requirements to join the tournament, such as a certain amount of time playing with gfl hns, and a relatively clean warn template). 1 person is the designated starting seeker(it'd have to be situated so admins can force choose the starting seeker), and that person(preferably a skilled admin) has the goal of tagging everyone. If everyone is tagged in 5 consecutive rounds(the duration of a map), then the starting seeker wins. However, if everyone isn't tagged in 5 consecutive rounds, and we have a set amount of hiders in some round, then all of the tagged people would be kicked, with all that being left is the starting seeker and the hiders that survived. However, after a certain threshold of people being removed for getting tagged and losing, the map is a changed to a smaller designated map so it becomes more difficult to get away with surviving the round. For example, a large map like Geekroom or littletown from 32 players to 20, and then might turn into something like museum from 19 to 10 players, and then lower to smallotown or plaza from 9 to 2 hiders left. If there is 1 hider left in the end, then there will be 1 more round between the seeker and the hider. If the hider is tagged, the seekers wins. if the hider survives, the hider wins. The reward could be a large amount of pointshop points, and maybe a special pointshop item limited only to tournament winners like that. This would probably be very fun, and tournaments could be done semi monthly. They could be hosted on something like twitch if someone wants.
  6. Good luck with whatever happens. You are welcome to come back whenever you want, and I hope you get your personal situation sorted out, whatever it may be.
  7. I don't remember everybody that I have warned, though when I did it was obviously due to mic spamming, and given that both I and littleshake gagged you multiple times throughout the span of about 2 weeks it probably wasn't something minuscule. What I can say is this. There haven't been subsequent warns apparently since 2018, and you are apparently sorry, so I can ungag. Just make sure that you don't mic spam in the future and we should be squared away.
  8. 2017 mic spam

    I checked your warns, and it seems like the last time was from 2018, which was 2 years ago. I think we should give you a second chance since it was a long time ago, but be sure not to spam again please.
  9. 2017 mic spam

    Can you give me your steam ID so I can check when you got pgagged, and make a determination after that.
  10. Unmute me please

    Ok, I will take off my previous warn, and unperma gag, so you will have one chance.
  11. Unmute me please

    SCP_Man, I permagag people when they are warned 3 times for mic spam without stopping, which is what the rules are about. If you want me to unpermagag you I can, but you will have to promise not to mic spam anymore, or at least when an admin says stop the first time stop. If you can promise to do this I will unpermagag you. (However even if you promise you won't do it again, I am still gonna keep two of the warns up in case you start up again, just so other admins know that its a 1 more chance type of deal)
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