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  1. Bought a Switch, add me!
    Currently have at my disposal Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Maker (for the weekend)


  2. Pet Directory

    Aight boysss Loads of cat spam incoming... A NICE MEAL FOR ME
  3. Alright, I’m locking this as it’s getting out of hand. Please just relax and enjoy valentines.
  4. Locked, I’ll let a mod deal with the rest. Edit: Moved to closed and locked. Admins punishment stays.
  5. A small break

    So, firstly as mentioned before, their updates are always polled and have the communities input in it. Old School pretty much refers to the "style" of the game, as in no NXT Graphics and no Evolution of Combat (which is when RuneScape 3 was "coined"). We have a lot of awesome updates that the community asks for, such as new regions, new quests, a lot of new stuff but still keeping the 2007-like graphics and gameplay
  6. A small break

    I'll try not to think about any of you. Thanks A new OSRS Update came out, The Nightmare. Did a few kills, looks alright as a group boss. GWD-Like drop table so yeaah
  7. Hi, Just wanted to inform I will be taking a little break off gfl (around 2 weeks up to a month). That is all. Thanks Edit: I am not resigning and not planning to, I got loads of stuff planned Edit2: This is just so I don't get burnt out Edit3: I will still respond to discord and urgent matters like servers down or need an update
  8. So... EU Servers for GFL's birthday yes?
  9. Decoy Dodgeball is really fun and I would love to see a GFL Decoy Dodgeball server again. Maybe in the future?
  10. Unbanned, please try not to use VPN's that others can use! Thanks
  11. Why did you script? like really, explain me your thought process
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