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  1. I logged back into my forums account just to say happy birthday, you old hag. Btw, you fucking stink. :) 

    1. Leks





      Thanks 😛

  2. You're Old but happy birthday


    1. Leks


      A boomer in disguise :feelsbadman:

  3. Feliz Aniversário \o/

  4. Happy birthday you stinky bowlcut! :lenny:

  5. I know this is gmod but this could still be relevant here. If you can, perform the tracert steps found in the following thread: Thanks
  6. Feliz aniversário 

  7. I got mentioned above @Boxy, that's all that matters. Good bye, bowlcut.
  8. I wouldn't know as I don't manage the server. I hope this explained in any way. You should totally apply for member because it's FREE
  9. People with VIP will be able to join whenever the server is full. It's one of our perks. Being a member prevents you from being kicked whenever a VIP joins.
  10. Hello, I am not sure but I believe our FoF server has reserved slots. You can avoid being kicked by applying for member here https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/, it's free and fast, and there's literally no drawbacks! Moreover, you can try joining the server using the console command : connect I hope this helps, Thanks
  11. honeybuns, when you gonna reboot jailbreak? 😙

  12. The nvidia geforce now does act as a vpn of sorts. This doesn't seem the case. Just to confirm, you tried to join the server under a different account, around half an hour later, right? @jiggle_eagle
  13. Ban appeal

    You have been unbanned. Thanks
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