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  1. I used random.org, congrats @AceOfSpades I'll dm u code
  2. I recently purchased an xbone controller that came with 2 codes, Xbox live gold and Xbox game pass, each for 14 days. To participate you need to own an Xbox to use the codes, and usual giveaway rules apply. I will pick winner in 2 days if I don't forget to. 🤔 Here's proof of codes lul
  3. It all comes down to the server manager. Which server are you applying for?
  4. It used to be mandatory afaik during old forums, but that was pretty much 2+years ago. I don't think it's mandatory at all, but if you would like to involve yourself in the forums, you're more than welcome to. Imagine these forums as reddit, each sub-forum is a sub-reddit to which you keep the posts on-topic with said sub-forum. Also what Joshy said ^ 😛
  5. remove am_towers, shit map no one likes it I don't even know why it's there in the first place. Change afk timer to more time (30 seconds) and the message to something like green or something that stands out. Also that actually counts the time you're dead.. I join server.. choose to join team, literally when i spawn, I get moved to afk. 10/10
  6. Looking for group

    Yo, with all due respect mate, don't look at this as trash talking or anything, but why try to go for a server like rustafied full with korean zergs (50+ppl online 24/7) when we literally have a rust server in gfl that's doing pretty decently and would benefit? Isn't this kind of counter intuitive? At least if you are going to invite people to a server that is not GFL, do it outside the GFL Forums? I don't know, maybe I am fucking retarded but that seems the most reasonable thing to do. Btw anyone wanna play ZE on Mapeadores tomorrow? hmu /s
  7. Lmao, I don't think he was drunk with me, but it sure was fun it was on 9th of december edit: nothing wrong tbf
  8. Most if not all suggestions I could think of were already mentioned here. Regarding what everyone said so far, I will give my input. Completely agree. The plugin that allowed us to do circles on floor for T's to walk into was extremely useful and massively helped keeping T's entertained (especially cause you could do fun games with different colored circles). We previously had it and I believe it was going pretty well especially with events, where winners would get credits for winning. Credit shop - Yes. With some masks/hats (not too many). Perhaps even include one or two Models you could buy with credits. Models - Only a limited ammount of models, as we don't want to have a big ammount of files to download (it doesn't attract having to wait 10 minutes to join a server) Gangs - Seeing as the plugin we had was originally custom made by denros for our jb server, I don't know how we would get it, unless there is a plugin for that already. Old admins - I believe everyone would need to re-apply in order to make a strong team. Quality > Quantity. Old Plugins - Most of them were okay. But we definitely need to be careful about not having constant crashes on the server, etc. Yes, denros worked with the original redie creator to make a custom redie plugin for us that worked pretty much flawlessly, as the original plugin had a lot of issues. If I remember correctly, you would get points for winning the round as CT and kills as T. Not entirely sure as it's been a while. Mute T's for first 20/30 seconds so CT's can give orders without being interrupted. Also dead-talk +1. I believe we could eventually integrate them later on with a more aesthetic purpose. Perhaps give minor boosts to points earned based on total gang kills in a round. If there will be perks in the gangs plugin (should we eventually have it) I believe it should not impact gameplay in any sort of way, although we can disable the plugin during events. Easily done, I could work on that. I believe we had a member do a few vids about secrets in some maps. Aceofspades? not sure. But can be done once more. I'm confident it will be implemented, also agree with member+. I have all of the old documents regarding punishments, admin guidelines and old MoTD which can be re-used. Now I would like to talk about Events and a different approach to them. Before, we used to have events with Points as rewards, but I believe, although points are good, we should try out giving unique, limited edition models or masks/hats for the winners. Say there's a challenge to complete hard climb in Undertale under 3 minutes, all those who complete will get the reward. This will allow for more players to receive rewards and yet keep the economy stable by not having all the same players winning climb/surf *cough* @TomRiddle *cough*
  9. Studying for finals and professional procrastinator.
  10. tactical dot so I can participate in give-away. .
  11. Why not start today? Let's see if the team leaders can do something at least at THIS level! /s
  12. what server is this for? Please be aware GFL is a multi-game community that has servers across various games, and even various servers under one game. It would help to know which server we're talking about here! Is this GMod Hide and Seek?