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  1. just because you're not apart of an inner joke doesn't mean you should be butthurt. I know where u live, I know what train u take, I know what car u drive, I know ur real name and all the tinder bitches u hook up with!!! I'll doxxx u way before u find out where I live, cuz u got no idea pal!!
  2. nah im not going for water cooling, I'm going to stick with a scythe mugen 5 pcgh. It's 50 eur, with really good temps. Plus, I won't have to worry about the pump making extra noise. I have a cooler master cpu water cooler atm and it makes a lot of noise when not needed.
  3. thanks for the heads-up @TheJitFace since I am going for a 3600 non X and am going to overclock I have some spare money from my budget to invest in other parts, like an 80+ gold cert 650W PSU and a good cooler ~ 50/60Eur
  4. @Vauff @Loco @Cobra you're all banned from my minecraft server cya later losers
  5. too late pal, already sending a warning point your way YEET @Black this shit is fucking hilarious I love it. Keeps me entertained. THIS is a quality post. @HackingPotato you're so gay and smelly I bet it's cause u work at an airport so u get extra gay and smelly
  6. It's not hidden anymore, regardless, you should follow what I said. p.s. it was @Cobra that little bitch fuck you cobra you're ugly and you smell
  7. Holla, your post was hidden wooosh If you'd like to report a ZE Admin, private message @reduct and @xSnowyAngel. If you'd like to report a ZE player, do so here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/390-player-reports/ Don't forget to follow the guidelines 👍 p.s. #blamehaste
  8. I am selling my computer and am going to build a new one. I have not been able to access my computer since thursday due to personal reasons, and will not be able to access it until my new computer is fully built and finished. There is not ETA when this will be done. This also means that I will not be able to fullfil my duties as a Division Leader nor as a Server Manager. To put all the Jailbreak folk at ease, the Cosmetics Shop, the Gangs and New Models for Admin/VIP/Supporter/Member are all almost complete. Just final touches to the cosmetic shop and finish the configs for the models, oh, and also setup the gangs database. TL:DR I am gone for a while, buying new computer, selling old. No pc TL:DR FOR JAILBREAK: I can't do anything regarding jb or being a dl. Sorry for everyone who was waiting for me to release the shop, gangs and new models. Will do once I got new computer. for those who are wondering of the specs of my new pc:
  9. then there's a suggestion for you, Stranger Things. Other than that, shows I've seen on netflix are: • That 70s show (Comedy sitcom) • The umbrella Academy (idk) • Altered Carbon (Dark, Violent, Futuristic) • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (comedy with Adam Samberg)
  10. stranger things s3 just came out yesterday
  11. @OLIVKA is this ur brother
  12. Yeah that's fine by me.
  13. I visited this thread excited about a chance of getting a free game... Guess I forgot I already received it from last months bundle 🤷‍♂️
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