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  1. @DoctorDJ I chose media management because there is no music role. I would like to try to make this a new role.
  2. @JerryBomb Thanks, I'm willing to help and stay active. Just keep in mind that music takes time. I'm glad that you think I can help a lot. I will try my best to not let the Creative Team down.
  3. I put another song up as examples of my work. Its called Day Dream
  4. This is autisms hear Totally not earrape: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByUPvyszWAlqZ0VUVEI5dDBEND
  5. That would be nice but I don't want to put my PC in harm's way.
  6. I was thinking of you guys could make a Terraria server or Minecraft server. Just something that's off the source engine.
  7. Some more of my work. I'm limited on what I can do with fl studio. For what I want , all the plugins cost money.
  8. The hardest game I ever played is Minecraft. I don't know how to pick stone and ores.
  9. Its gjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgif.
  10. Terraria. Its a 2d build and kill. Its kinda like Minecraft but Terraria is more combat focused. Its $10
  11. @Rose If you are saying that my music could well be used in breach. I have put more music in the examples that would fit the mood for breach.