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  1. Damn Joe, I've known you for almost 3 years and ever since the day we met, I've had nothing but good memories. From you giving me advice on purge,irl situations,school work, and roblox, etc. I really miss the good ol days in 2017, playing pubg, and during the summer staying up until 6am playing purge and running into money hackers. Those are some days I'll never forget. I can tell you got a bright future ahead of you and I know you'll accomplish great things in life. I'm lucky to have a friend like you. Hope everything goes well with you Joe.
  2. I always wanted us to talk more so I could get to know you better. Take care nap.
  3. ITS YO BIRTHDAY and ur the worst council lol xd rawr OwO

  4. No, no, no, no... Mama, you will be missed. While I was admin it was great to be a mother and teach you things to become an amazing admin. You were a really fun person to be around and you always made someones day. You're a very smart person and I hope you succeed with college and the jobs.
  5. You can download OBS. I'll give you a link. https://obsproject.com/
  6. Bye, Jat you'll be missed!
  7. Hello, this is my Official goodbye to GFL Purge for now. Most of you might not know who I am but I was a Senior-Admin on GFL's Purge Server. After discussing with the team I was a part of, we've come to the mutual conclusion that my time as Purge Senior-Admin is coming to a close. My time here In GFL for the past 3 years and Also, being an Senior-Admin for the server I love, have been amazing. Making new friends, having great times, learning gr8 skills, etc I will for sure miss this. I will be mentioning a couple people that have made my experience here great @DoctorDJ- OOOF, Thanks for everything man. We got admin the same day and Senior Admin. You've been a great friend to talk to and play many games with. Continue the legacy and be a better Senior then me I will for sure stay in contact with you. @flyingjoe32- MR AdMiN mAnAger dUDe GUY! Thanks for being there for me and supporting me throughout all these months. Playing Roblox with you will continue and you will help me find my true love . Meeting you and playing with you has been an blessing. You're a great manager and hopefully you will continue to make purge even better. One day you will surpass Butter. @Kubnair- I Met you in the summer and you were an amazing person to play TTT with. Thanks for helping me out and teaching me how to play TTT man. You're my TTT buddy @ButterKing5000- Oh man, Butter, first off thanks for letting me be apart of the Purge Staff team and meeting all these amazing people. I know you think I'm retarded but it's Okay Us playing PUBG,GTA,etc will continue thank you for being an amazing friend! @stevepwnsyou9- Steve, you probably will not see this because you don't check the damn forums But I'm super glad I met you even though we get into fights at times. Playing with you for the past months has been spectacular. You taught me lots of things in life and I can say you got me smarter Thanks for being a good friend Steve. Also, stop calling me mean names like the n word name this shit isnt cool. @DaLaw- Thanks for sponsoring me so I could have the chance to become an admin babe. @PotatoMum, @Abyss_ @Gowther, @Urule55, @Unknown, @SkyTailor, @Madaraa, @JoelSmith, @DaPainWayne, @canman1151, @Eli @Lemon, @Latin, @Fuzzy, @Xy_ , @IAmSuperFineMan This post was very hard to make. I will return to Purge someday thanks everybody for everything! I'll still be visiting the forums and such.
  8. Roblox

    Here is my Roblox Montage. Please rate it with your honest opinion
  9. Gmod PUBG Rocket League Arma 3 DayZ Roblox CSGO
  10. Neutral leaning towards +1 Pros: great GFX video editing isn't to bad Cons: you might wanna get your forum activity up.
  11. 15 more like 14 scrub

  12. rip purge jk

    1. flyingjoe32


      you already know it son

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