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  1. Goodbye, Son.
  2. i love you.
  3. No, this would cause many issues. Making time jobs wont stop rdm,rda, or minging If a major troll came to mass rdm or mass rda he wouldn't wait 3 hours to get a job. Most likely he would just switch to a job with a weapon. Or find a gun dealer. Also most players aren't dicks and they follow the rules in general.
  4. Sad to see you go. You were a good admin and a great friend. The Dreamm and Lemon's gambling continues
  5. I like the idea but what if we had a option to set the party amount like 1-10?
  6. It sounds like a OK idea, but i'm completely fine helping new players with rules. It's really their choice if they want to read the rules or not. Also, must admins don't kick/warn new players if they make a simple mistake.
  7. Diamonds when I talk, huh Diamonds when I walk Diamonds, I'm a boss Pockets Rick Ross Look at my face Look at my jacket, huh I pull out that chopper, huh I let you have it, ah, ayy I'ma pull up on your block, huh My niggas sip on that wok, huh Nigga thought shit get knocked off Bitch! Ayy Look at my wrist, goddamn Look at my bitch, goddamn Look at my dick, goddamn Talk shit and get hit, goddamn I pull up on your block Nigga, you a bitch I might fuck yo' bitch I might hit a lick, huh, hey Look at my swag, look at my bitch, huh, hey I got big cash, look at my wrists, hmm, wait Niggas be mad, get off my dick, hmm, wait Bitches be mad, get on my dick, ayy I
  8. but really ill miss you @SuperFineMan you were a great admin and a very funny guy. Also, remember ill always share my food with you
  9. @flyingjoe32 explain
  10. Love you long time Law
  11. Hello Purge community, I have thought about the state of our server’s economy and I would like to go over some ideas I thought of to make the server more fun and more difficult to get money. First off, money is insanely easy to get. Three or four days of oil refining gives you enough money to buy a car or two and basically anything you want. I was thinking of lowering the prices people are able to sell Oil/Meth/Weed for. If we lowered the prices enough, people would actually feel that their money holds weight. We could also add more stuff people can spend money on. Not necessarily for protection, but recreational. Stuff like drugs that add an effect people won’t have a use for other than to have fun. Someone with all the cars they need and enough money left over to buy whatever is needed don’t really have much to do other than role-play as a cop. If people don’t find that too interesting, they’ll just leave. Staying on the topic of cars, I also suggest a small (1k-5k) fee for taking cars out of storage (Spawning them in). Shipments are what people spend the most money on from day-to-day, so increasing the prices by half or more could make defending yourself and your base a bigger deal. Mechanics and Medics are known as the people who can come around and quickly repair or heal whatever you need. Where do medics get these infinite medical supplies? No idea. Where do mechanics get all the material they need to repair cars? No idea. Another suggestion I’d like to bring is making Medics and Mechanics purchase supplies in order to use their Medic Kit and Wrench, respectively. An invoice system could also be added, in order to simplify the workload Mechanics and Medics would get with these additions. Please take into account that Purge isn’t meant to be a SeriousRP server. I love Purge as-is, but I also love throwing suggestions around. It doesn’t matter if you like these suggestions or hate them with a burning passion, leave a reply if you’ve got anything to say. (Special thanks to @flyingjoe32 for proofreading and general construction of the post)
  12. Purge,TTT, and Jailbreak