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  1. As of 0940 Zulu time the 1v1 server is down. And by the looks of it has been down for a few hours. Any idea why?
  2. Ban Appeal

    My judgment still stands.
  3. Ban Appeal

    After reviewing the demo in question i'm going to recommend this ban stay in effect. This in my opinion is a terrible reason, seems very insincere to me. More like "I'm sorry i got caught." doot doot's steam profile As of this edit, his profile description is "IF UR READING THIS IM CHEATING"
  4. am_playground am_th_civilaction2 am_dust2014 If you could test those maps for the server i'd appriciate it.
  5. I played a bunch of siege on the ps4, but now i'm a CS:GO shill. Either way siege is a fun game to watch!
  6. ART RAFFLE #1

    I like your style. I'd want a head shot done by you. That would be cool.
  7. PCPartpicker.com is a great site. But like others have said. Your budget will decided 90% of the choices you make.
  8. Hope this works for you.
  9. I understand the format of how a loser bracket works. But the way it is displayed doesn't indicate that GFL is still in the running. Here is the bracket. I'll be watching! Good luck.
  10. I was just looking at the Challonge bracket that's on the stream. It doesn't specify any of that. It says losss to loser bracket then loss. When is your game tomorrow?
  11. I personally don't make any music, but ill plug my good friends Dubstep. Here is his soundcloud. Also, i understand that Dubstep or certain genres of music isn't for everyone. So don't hate.
  12. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World or Dr Mario, Sonic, Megaman. Those theme's hit me right in the nostalgia.
  13. Damn meme lords taking over the internet. But seriously sucks that they got 0-2 out of the tourney.
  14. It was in the 1950's so i guess Korean war was going on. But I'm not too sure on why there were so many orphan's and death's in a fairly short period of time.