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  1. Ahhh map modifiers. Truly great times for those late night casual runs. As much as I loved them, I think the problem with map modifiers was that casual players were wanting them to be played a little too often which conflicted the player base of casual and tryhard. Also if I remember right, an admin had to be on to turn them on -imo if they actually came back, I would leave the feature decision to admins (T2 ^) rather than a vote, as admins typically have good judgement whether its an unnecessary time or not to have them on. ORRR put a votemm cooldown / limit so that it is not abused (don't even know if that's possible)
  2. Thanks Onahole!! i didnt know of the !emote command 😮
  3. Hey does anyone have the list of compatible Twitch Emotes for our ZE Server? I've noticed there are emotes that work and emotes that don't (Example: Kappa vs KappaPride) Thanks if anyone can help me out!
  4. yesss RAINBOW_FACTORY 😱 finally giving it some attention
  5. Why isn’t this a NNN event with pidaras asiangirl and onahole
  6. temple runs are back yyeahhh babyy 👍
  7. *edit nvm cool looks fun I've been waiting for sunlight to be in an event
  8. shroom 1&2 was too ez and 3 was well, a snooze fest until the boss laser which lasted 5 seconds. Luffmap event next??
  9. Awesome! Looking forward to getting that skin but also being the first noob down lulz
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