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  1. Same here. This map is too big as well as the fact that some features, such as neather, weren't updated as well as I hoped it to be. Jesus christ, have you seen nether? The gamma in that is so high! I'm not really sure if I can get used to this map but at the moment, I do not like this at all.
  2. My Ban Appeal

    Quite unfortunate for me then. How long is it anyways?
  3. My Ban Appeal

    Name: NEXT Black Heart Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:62737761 Banned by: System Ban reason: Karma too low. Why you should be unbanned: It was during an RDM round. Unknown was the one who staged the whole thing so ask him for the details. I just want to be unbanned so I can keep playing TTT and get that Noire skin my dood. This weaboo man wants his anime waifus know what I mean? In short, I should be unbanned because it twas an RDM round obviously meaning all RDMs were fair, thus making my ban unconsitutional.
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