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  1. fetty is one of the people of this community who deeply care about it. ty mr fetty.
  2. next time i keep the ring. where is my siberia reward. scammaz! only when we play the forest or left 4 dead 2
  3. @xSnowyAngel i bougt left 4 dead 2 lets play it with aze or whoever wants to join
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/akphilo/screenshot/959733479642831637 :wololo: ;C
  5. did my post got deleted or didnt i hit submit. anyways to lazy to repeat it. it was a very positive response though! :cry:
  6. What a topic! Good effort Fetty to bring this up. I agree with your points (activity) and snowy did reply accordingly. And we can already experience a more frequent admin activity. I agree that it is a decision of the manager and the team. We cant dislike applications though but i dont want to be it like reddit that either. Reminds me too much of reddit. If you have a system which heavily relies on "feelgoodpoints" people tend to hide their true opinions in fear of a backleash. Who would desire that. It is mentioned that talking about spacecow derails the topic intention, but honestly admin activity and spacecow leaving are heavily intertwinded. For those of us who interacted on a daily basis with him, the pill that he "abused his powers to get items" is way to bitter to swallow. It feels like the easy way out to sweep the dirt under the rug. He did a lot for gfl thats why we have the turmoil we have right now. Block thank you for trying to shed light in it. Snowy told me the same when i private messaged him about the remains of Spacecow instead of making a forum post like Fetty. Like i said the official version doesnt satisfy some of us because we have quiet the contrary impression to what his crimes are. That is the key point. I donkt know if others think the same: this is not about getting Spacecow back as admin, hell i am confident he doesnt want to come back either as admin. We will continue playing together. My biggest issue is i strongly believe Spacecow is innocent in hinsight of being one of a few admins who were very active at the time, getting in focus in the admins command logs, got lets say unlucky with admin abuse accusations and from here on you can add the official version if you want to believe it or not. Thats why i said before that activity and Spacecow are intertwined. It just saddens me that the cost of having this discussion was way to high (losing an active admin). I look forward for more activity which can be felt already. I trust snowy to do a good job as a manager.I am just unhappy about the sacrifice it took. Hey Alexander great post. I fully agree to your points on the matter. But as you can see from some of the responses in this topic it can be hard to have trust in what you are saying. I kinda like to write more about what just happened in discord but this will only make it worse, instead just play together and let people have their opinions without intervening with mutes or threats. Cheers __________________________________________________________________________________________ Some offtopic but the post from Koala where you can see bb´s response on the admin application. You got a real treasure in your admin team now. Clearly he is fresh and eager to help the community, good response. He really understands what the concept of being an admoon is about. I just know we will argue in the near future because i am a little troublemaker and no admoon material. You made me open my eyes i am not fit to be one (yes you can laugh i totally considered it but i want to be more silly than it is reasonable when i play on non tryhard maps)
  7. Allright i am serious about this so i put more effort in this. This is not my original idea (temple marathon), whoever told me about this thx. I like to hear your input! Please help me to decide which maps we are going to play: ze_frozentemple_rc1_1 ze_hidden_temple_v2_5 ze_sunkentemple_v3_1 ze_sky_temples_v2_1 ze_fire_temple_v2_4 ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4 Green = beaten, red = unbeaten Keep in mind that hidden_temple is a hard map. I am confident in leading this one. To stay in a reasonable time frame i suggest we boil it down to 3 maps and tackle some of the unbeaten maps another time. ze_frozentemple_rc1_1 is beaten on a regular basis. So i like to start with ze_sunkentemple_v3_1 which is easy but not overplayed at all. Starting with an easy map gives people time to warmup and people wont miss a lot if they join the event later on. For second map i suggest ze_hidden_temple_v2_5 . It is a hard map and i am confident a lot of people will be surprised by its dificulty. This map is nice and deserve more attention. If we beat this we can try an unbeaten map. I cant really decide between sky and fire temple. I want to ignore tloz or maybe we can try it after we beat one of those mentioned before. Map(s): ze_sunkentemple_v3_1, ze_hidden_temple_v2_5, ze_sky_temples_v2_1 OR ze_fire_temple_v2_4 and ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4 if you like a desert or we fail the third map Contest Duration: Hard to estimate, i guess we need 20 minutes for the first, at least 1 extend for the second (40 minutes) and a lot of time for the last maps. Should accumulate to a total of at least 2-3 hours Rewards: FUN Event Time preferred: ANYTIME (get in the voting booth Others: No restrictions. I like restrictions but we need the full force.
  8. ss means screenshot or stay safe :D if you are a fee fee person type s/s
  9. Hi kiko and koala. Honestly i am not surprised by your reaction. Sure, i can understand you dont want to discuss this matter seriously since it has been brought up numerous times. I dont want to sound rude, but we as a community have a voice too that want to be heard. I dont have much time today since i got to go in 5 minutes visiting my family, but i wish we can extend this discussion instead of saying just "no". I spend a lot of time on gfl, but you have to see my point of view too. Or even all of the player base. We only see the surface of gfl. We play the game and enjoy it. We dont know what happens behind the curtain. I feel there is more about it. Why is this matter almost "tabou". I dont want to sound like an ass speaking of "we", but we have an interest to make gfl work and flourish too, you know? Be it doing maps, helping answering simple questions from newcomers or leading a group to victory. I would prefer talking to you directly. Time is up. See you tomorrow Thread is still young. Cheers Nied
  10. Sorry to bother with this but what if lower tier admoons can make an extend vote. When we play tryhard maps and the team improved during the map but had a weak start, two extends dont cut it. If this will get through i will probably shoot myself because people may extend maps i hate. Tier 2 can extend maps under following condition: Do a vote "Extend y/n and the hurdle for passing the vote will be absurdly high: 90% (this ofc must be discussed between you guys) This will ensure people will not message higher tier admins and give the player base an enhanced feeling of controlling if they really desire it. This is a plus if you see it this way. I opened this topic because i feel a lot of admins are not very active anymore. This has slighty shifted again to more activity last week, but i saw some faces more frequently. But this is another topic. Cheers Nied
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