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  1. Even although I have left, I will still complete the giveaway as long as someone reminds me whenever it's completed.
  2. RIP you ;-; we will all miss you ;-;-;-;

    1. VirusKing


      Lit music on full volume and spitting out new game modes

  3. I originally contacted @Roy in December about making servers together since I wanted to hav staff for them which GFL could provide, since on the little other community I had the servers wouldn't have any staff from the start. Unfortunately due to all the toxicity and power grabbing within GFL itself, I don't think it's something that I want to be part of anymore as I simply like to upkeep laid back servers as a side-hobby and focus on the player experience instead of random titles. I'll move on to do that on my own. There's been a lot of progress regarding CS:GO and Rust servers, so I hope they won't go to a waste again, I've transferred all ownership of servers to Roy. Good luck and have fun, peace.
  4. A bit late to complete the giveaway since I forgot about this. The winner number is 1 @positive check your inbox for the redeem instructions.
  5. A bit late to complete the giveaway since I forgot about this. The winner number is 3 @Trigger check your inbox for the steam key.
  6. Closed for a duplicate: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/34667-permenant-ban
  7. Closed for a duplicate: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/34667-permenant-ban
  8. Duplicate account means that you are attempting to evade a previous ban, it seems that you were earlier today permanently banned for cheating on the 1v1 server while admitting to it and intentionally trolling people. All your connection attempts have been to the 1v1 server only, not surf. Your all other accounts are banned as well. If you wish to play on our servers, then you shouldn't cheat. You are also posting a ban appeal in the wrong place, either way it has been denied.
  9. Sounds like the cvar sm_rtv_postvotereaction is set to 1 - Deny to prevent RTVs after map vote has been completed. AttemptRTV(client) { if (!g_RTVAllowed || (GetConVarInt(g_Cvar_RTVPostVoteAction) == 1 && HasEndOfMapVoteFinished())) { CReplyToCommand(client, "[SM] %t", "RTV Not Allowed"); return; } // What to do with RTV's after a mapvote has completed. 0 - Allow, success = instant change, 1 - Deny // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" sm_rtv_postvoteaction "1"
  10. I will be giving away one game copy of Rust Early Access (You get nice early access froggy boots), the giveaway will end at the end of this month 31st of January 10:00 UTC. To qualify you must post below and once the giveaway ends, I will pick a random post number using random.org, as a slight plug be aware that GFL has currently two Rust Vanilla servers with the EU one hitting 50 pop during wipes. Rust EU: Rust AU:
  11. As the title suggests, I am giving away Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as I already have multiple copies of the game. Post below and in 26 hours at 12:00 UTC tomorrow I will pick a random winner via random.org
  12. As the title suggests, I am giving away Tom Clancy's The Division and Tom Clancy's The Division Survival games away as I have zero interest in them. They must be claimed on Ubisofts Uplay platform. Post below and in 24 hours at 10:00 UTC tomorrow I will pick a random winner via random.org
  13. Personally I dislike the current way of having so many teams and sub-teams, sub-leaders and project managers of leaders spread all over the place and have always preferred the basic system regarding roles that is easy to keep up with. I love the basic main administrator (director), DL, manager, SA, dev with actively punishing inactivity and just focusing on the community servers instead of random power grabbing and drama. But I'll just sit here working on my thing and see how the new staff system works out.
  14. FastDL is a storage of maps and files that were used over the course of years, most of them are not in use so you should suggest a map if it's not in the current rotation. The list I provided above is old map rotation of the server before it was shut down