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  1. oi my Favorite DLS bday hehe Happy birthday!!!

  2. Profile comment redirect bug

    I'm pretty sure the (FURL) friendly URL is causing this, normal profile FURL would be /profile/(#id)--(?) but in the profile comments, it's missing the (?) SEO parameter for the sub-user (works fine for everything else except the sub-comment.
  3. Not a bug, @Nick was correct regarding his guess. It can be reproduced by opening two tabs and marking site as read on one tab, while clicking "Next unread topic" on the second tab while browsing a thread. You can also refresh the second tab and button for "Next unread topic" will disappear, as it should.
  4. It's a good choice, you've spent a bunch of your time and stress on this community with no monetary return. Go enjoy and work towards your life, it's much more important. TWD died long time ago.
  5. I want cool badges too😐
  6. Congratulations, you won the giveaway. Check your private message for the steam redeem key.
  7. Don't be late or forget to bring the cocaine, I'll be waiting on the beach.

    1. Roy


      Which beach :lenny: 

    2. VirusKing


      The one where we met last night :neckbeard:

    3. Roy


      Sounds good :thumbsup: 

  8. All the plugins on the server are up to date with some code modifications, I didn't edit the version numbers because meh. VG is already there, look into the configs and change the voteguard command to vg. The deputy and taser handcuffs are disabled, because it sucks. Event days should also be on the server already and LRs fixed, only issue is color of T's during LR and glove model on warden, testing + completing store plugin which is easy. If I remember right a few maps didn't have auto door opening setup (type sm_sjddebug in console to find them). There is also ready MOTD in the manager section. Fixed redie with silenced sounds and not eating up bullets exists somewhere. Good luck and have fun.
  9. Even although I have left, I will still complete the giveaway as long as someone reminds me whenever it's completed.
  10. RIP you ;-; we will all miss you ;-;-;-;

    1. VirusKing


      Lit music on full volume and spitting out new game modes

  11. I originally contacted @Roy in December about making servers together since I wanted to hav staff for them which GFL could provide, since on the little other community I had the servers wouldn't have any staff from the start. Unfortunately due to all the toxicity and power grabbing within GFL itself, I don't think it's something that I want to be part of anymore as I simply like to upkeep laid back servers as a side-hobby and focus on the player experience instead of random titles. I'll move on to do that on my own. There's been a lot of progress regarding CS:GO and Rust servers, so I hope they won't go to a waste again, I've transferred all ownership of servers to Roy. Good luck and have fun, peace.
  12. A bit late to complete the giveaway since I forgot about this. The winner number is 1 @positive check your inbox for the redeem instructions.
  13. A bit late to complete the giveaway since I forgot about this. The winner number is 3 @Trigger check your inbox for the steam key.
  14. Closed for a duplicate: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/34667-permenant-ban
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