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  1. I WAS Karma banned for killing afks at over time and this guy was blocking the traitor tester every round  trying to block the golden block to get tester working 

    1. Kite9867


      You have to make a ban appeal in order to get unbanned.


      You can make one here just follow the format.



      Edited by Kite9867
  2. Someone kept spamming to get people to apply for member today.
  3. We change the map, the server population will suffer. Been tried before.
  4. I look around on the charts and have seen first hand what afking has done for the Gmod TTT server also very low down load time helps with your server 1 map very little amount of plugins etc etc people join because people are on remember when wild stark was manager?

    1. rapperdan


      also just noticed this and would like to ask how when me being a member acceptor is legit a deterrent to those that want to follow me.


    2. Violator


      Who in their right mind would want to follow you?

    3. rapperdan


      thats kinda why I'm confused...

  5. Spare some change?
  6. Old bug, player model goes through the ground where the lava still is. Partly the maps fault and the player models. What player model are you using?
  7. You know you kind of did advertise another server in that video, we could perm ban you for that
  8. There's a reason why it's called Trouble In Terrorist Town.
  9. Yes.
  10. That will take too much time to code for little reward. I can just up the respawn time to help with the spam and what not.
  11. Yup, half the time the stats are broken and to get a server removed or added to sql is a bitch.
  12. Should be RDM. Anyone can claim the tester came up as red and no way to prove it otherwise.
  13. You can turn it down or turn it off lol.
  14. This would be a great way to kill the server population why didn't I think of this before.
  15. free

    Kub made me buy this game for no reason, don't believe his lies.