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  1. The server has been able to do 50 in the past, before there was a hard limit to the slots. It was really laggy and painful tho.
  2. Recently I added two new dualies, being dragon elites and the CSS elites. Currently dragon elites are buyable for traitors and detectives. The CSS elites are a random spawn. What would you like changed? Should be make it a traitor weapon only? Detective weapon only? How is the damage and the firerate? Are they overpowered at all? Just let me know what you guys think of the weapons.
  3. Do you believe in magic?
  4. sourcebans My issues on there should have been a dead giveaway lol.
  5. sourcebans

    Uhhh this is what we use, you just don't have the perms to see it lol.
  6. Looks interesting, we'll check it out.
  7. has thick thighs all i want in an admin 

  8. It's not, refresh.
  9. If you don't, I will make sure you do.
  10. IDK I think that mask is a bit too scary
  11. Credit where credit is due. @Kubnair was the one who found the gamemode and brought it to our attention.
  12. very nice man who I played croquet with. :thumbsup: 

  13. Yeah I am pretty sure he is talking about an RDM report inside the game. Admins are fully allowed to handle a report against themselves. Admins are not allowed to slay other admins. If you have an issue with an admin, take screenshots or record and send it my way.
  14. 50*