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  1. I got banned for rdm, as I sent you a message. hopefully you got it or not.... I'm banned from that server with my user name Jimmy Nowtron and i'm sorry.. plz... I shot a teammate and it got me banned...I love your server.. plz

  2. yes
  3. Time to get the ice cream and popcorn.
  4. caught red handed afking in cod buckoCEA049B523788E64239FDD1B3A8BE5ECD52097DC

    1. Pyros


      though you couldnt see that guy and was getting crazy

    2. Violator
  5. Don't shut off the server so we can't offline raid
  6. yes
  7. Live Rust map: Just so we know how the map looks like and what not.
  9. Look. If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize the small boy you always wanted In one moment Would you capture him Or just let him slip? Yo His palms are sweaty, life's bleak, child is heavy. There's a sniper aimed at him already, moms upsetti. Park service, they're nervous but look calm and ready To drop an ape, but they keep on regretting What they shot down, the Internet grows so loud They open their mouth, but the memes won't stop now Provoking, how, everybody's revolting now Dicks are out, Harambe's down, over, blaow! Snap back to Cincinnati, oh, there goes M Shkreli Oh, there go CBS, they choked, they so mad but he won't Let up that easy nope, he won't have it, he knows Harambe's the only hope, it don't matter to them dopes. He knows that, but he's provoked, he's so sad, they highbrow. When he's got a hold of the ape genome, that's when it's Back to the lab again, yo! This whole tragedy He better go clone that gorilla and hope they don't catch him

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  10. The drama.