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  1. The pipes are calling ? 

  2. Yes
    translated by google: i love you, i'll always remember u for the great dl u were

  3. So weird with you having this server manager colour lol. DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT!

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    2. -_Fx_-


      Its fucking stupid. With how much he has done for the community for them to take some randoms assholes word over someone whos literally poured blood sweat and tears into this community. Fuck these people. 

    3. SkydivingSquid


      I disagree with the whole thing, but I don’t know the complexities or reasoning behind the decision that was made.. It still sucks to see though. Violator has been the Division Leader since I started playing and his, “apply for member today” is iconic and synonymous with GFLClan TTT Minecraft. Everyone, literally everyone, knows Violator. They may not have all met him, but they’ve seen his yellow name and Division Leader title sitting omni-present, eternally in the “Spectator” section. 

      Whenever there was a problem, I could always rely on both Violator or ButterKing5000 to get it fixed right away. Skins, map glitches, all of that. They’ve helped the community understand the rules, helped Admin in uncertain situations, and attributed so much to what makes GFL TTT unique in the face of countless others. 

      I really don’t understand the role of Division Leader in comparison to Server Manager, or what reasons there were to remove Violator from the Division Leader role, but I think I speak for everyone when I say, that as long as Violator is open to it, the community deserves to know why our iconic friend got involuntarily removed from his seat as Division Leader and is now sitting next to Milk Man in the, rarified, yet still lower, Server Manager seat. 

      -1   :excuseme:

    4. Windeetree


      Community has gone to shit 


  4. You were banned for mass rdm which I assume you killed a lot of people in order to gain a perm ban. It has been 2 years since the ban so I am unbanning with the understanding that you will follow the rules on whatever GFL server you play on.
  5. sad

  6. Due to the excessive amount of addons roy put onto the server when he put the server up, we are unable to add anymore without causing the server to blow up. Thank you for your understanding. -Gmod DL Dream Team
  7. You are triggering me roy...
  8. +1 good admin on ttt would make a good mod as well.
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