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  1. You're welcome for 1,000 rep ;)


    1. Twig


      Took him long enough :lenny:

    2. Violator
  2. I explained to him on steam to go back and read @NotMotder first reply and then comment on here a few times and he has yet to understand what to say. All he has to do is own up to it and apologize but oh well.
  3. Ugh whatever unbanned, stop getting banned.
  4. 25 bans mate what the fuck
  5. Or discord.
  6. Unbanned.
  7. Unbanned. Next time follow the ban appeal form please.
  8. Lol no golden deagle and what's about a disguise?
  9. I know of this already and I am sure half the server will rage quit after being killed by it.
  10. Ban has expired, closing.
  11. I don't think you know what day it is...
  12. 26 bans holy fuck. I will undo it but damn son.
  13. Are you drunk by any chance?
  14. No just ignore it.