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  1. 27 bans what? At least they were from 2 years ago...I will unban.
  2. I explained to him on steam to go back and read @NotMotder first reply and then comment on here a few times and he has yet to understand what to say. All he has to do is own up to it and apologize but oh well.
  3. Ugh whatever unbanned, stop getting banned.
  4. 25 bans mate what the fuck
  5. Or discord.
  6. The server is lacking in perks for people to donate and to keep on donating. TTT is our 2nd top server and we need to take advantage of that. GFL needs more money in order for us to just keep going in the next few months. I want to hear from everyone that plays on the server what would get you to donate and keep on donating. Only restriction really is that we do not do pay to win. Also there is a limited amount of models I can add to pointshop before the FPS of everyone on the server starts to drop drastically. I also want to keep the size of downloads small. Current perks Player Models Discount for pointshop items Tags Icon in scoreboard Future Planned Perks Text hat Being able to buy a traitor pass more often as a vip or donator More player models Knife skins CAG - being able to make rooms. Perkshop possibly see Donator+ items being holstered after donator/vip rank is up.
  7. Unbanned.
  8. Unbanned. Next time follow the ban appeal form please.
  9. Lol no golden deagle and what's about a disguise?
  10. I know of this already and I am sure half the server will rage quit after being killed by it.
  11. Ban has expired, closing.
  12. I don't think you know what day it is...
  13. 26 bans holy fuck. I will undo it but damn son.
  14. Are you drunk by any chance?
  15. No just ignore it.
  16. And that is why. Nothing can be done just go on with life.
  17. Working for me, are you on a mac/linux?
  18. For runners? Why even bother playing deathrun at that point, just find a bhop server.
  19. I feel like that will be useless because of how much I idle on the server lol.
  20. try now
  21. Unbanned but let's stop getting banned shall we?
  22. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.