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  1. Hello, I'm new!

    I still have your steam login info
  2. Resignation

    So he stepped down but is still keeping his admin in game...this makes a lot of sense.
  3. Proof That Violator is Literally Trash

  4. What do you guys think?

    Not kosable, people will use he was running towards me from 20 feet away so i killed him. Personally I wouldn't have slayed. Slays are meant for punishment for clear violation of the rules, not simple mistakes as not seeing or hearing that someone picked up a knife for example.
  5. Ask me anything

    What do you think of Ariana Grande?
  6. New Member Application from AJ6301

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  7. Voting - EOTM January

  8. Goodbye GFL.

    This is kubs way of getting attention HE WILL STILL BE AROUND
  9. Your opinions

    In case you didn't know, apple has been slowing down old iphones to make the battery life longer. They are going to update ios, if they haven't already, to make it optional.
  10. Your opinions

    samsung galaxy s9 is coming out soon. I wouldn't worry about it slowing down too much, its the battery you have to worry about. After 2 years that battery will most likely be shit.
  11. Cally Facts

  12. C4 bug in TTT2

  13. C4 bug in TTT2

    Were you the one who planted the bomb? It will disable the bomb no matter what wire you cut.
  14. TTT MC Player Models/Guns/Maps?

    That would be like 50 player models. I add even one or two and people will start crashing. Only thing I can do is replace current models. I am against loadouts, it would make it more of a pay to win server. We tried adding maps in the past, it hurt the server population.
  15. It's nearly Christmas and i'm disappointed.

    I added some and they started crashing people. Don't blame me, blame the game.
  16. New bug in minecraft map (Tester Bug)

    Nothing new, it happens cuz of the skins and what not.
  17. New Discord Moderator application

    +1 Active and cool guy, give it to him.
  18. New Discord Moderator application

    +1 Kub is a great guy and has shown in the past to be a great admin on TTT and GMod discord.
  19. Could we get Murder a new start?

    GMod division leaders pick what servers to close or open.
  20. FCC Overturns Net Neutrality vote 3 - 2

    3 republicans voted to repeal 2 democrats voted to keep. It is clear which party works for the people and which works for corporations. Fuckface will leave the FCC soon enough and go back to Verizon to get paid millions for what he did. The Commissioners in favor of the repeal included - Chairman Ajit Pai Republican - Brendan Carr Republican - Michael O’Rielly Republican The Commissioners against the repeal included - Mignon Clyburn Democrat - Jessica Rosenworcel Democrat