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  1. Recently I added two new dualies, being dragon elites and the CSS elites. Currently dragon elites are buyable for traitors and detectives. The CSS elites are a random spawn. What would you like changed? Should be make it a traitor weapon only? Detective weapon only? How is the damage and the firerate? Are they overpowered at all? Just let me know what you guys think of the weapons.
  2. The server has been able to do 50 in the past, before there was a hard limit to the slots. It was really laggy and painful tho.
  3. Do you believe in magic?
  4. sourcebans My issues on there should have been a dead giveaway lol.
  5. sourcebans

    Uhhh this is what we use, you just don't have the perms to see it lol.
  6. Looks interesting, we'll check it out.
  7. It's not, refresh.
  8. If you don't, I will make sure you do.
  9. IDK I think that mask is a bit too scary
  10. Credit where credit is due. @Kubnair was the one who found the gamemode and brought it to our attention.
  11. Yeah I am pretty sure he is talking about an RDM report inside the game. Admins are fully allowed to handle a report against themselves. Admins are not allowed to slay other admins. If you have an issue with an admin, take screenshots or record and send it my way.
  12. 50*
  13. TP should only be used if a person is stuck. I will have words.
  14. Of course I am willing to bring it back but I want a good manager that really wants to run it. We have had too many servers die because of a lack of good manager.
  15. The server is lacking in perks for people to donate and to keep on donating. TTT is our 2nd top server and we need to take advantage of that. GFL needs more money in order for us to just keep going in the next few months. I want to hear from everyone that plays on the server what would get you to donate and keep on donating. Only restriction really is that we do not do pay to win. Also there is a limited amount of models I can add to pointshop before the FPS of everyone on the server starts to drop drastically. I also want to keep the size of downloads small. Current perks Player Models Discount for pointshop items Tags Icon in scoreboard Future Planned Perks Text hat Being able to buy a traitor pass more often as a vip or donator More player models Knife skins CAG - being able to make rooms. Perkshop possibly see Donator+ items being holstered after donator/vip rank is up.
  16. Seems pixilated/bad quality and blurry.
  17. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  18. Yes.
  19. Now he wanted me to follow him.
  20. He also wanted me to like his post.
  21. Kub wanted me to write something.
  22. Is this for ttt? Unless you massed old reports are not dealt with.
  23. Before you begin a player report, please try to reach an admin first on steam or on our discord You will need strong evidence to support your report. Screenshots, demos, videos etc. If you do not have any proof, please do not make a report. USE THIS LINK AND COPY AND PASTE THE TEXT BELOW Your Information Name(ingame): Steam ID: Their Information Name(s): Steam ID(s): Time of incident(include timezone and date): What happened: Proof:
  24. Yup i reported the issue and they put out a hotfix sat that fixes the crashing. It can be put on again.