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  1. This is now @PB-n-Js ban
  2. Yes, if you can get a GFX (if they are still around) to make one. I need to approve it tho.
  3. The server is lacking in perks for people to donate and to keep on donating. TTT is our 2nd top server and we need to take advantage of that. GFL needs more money in order for us to just keep going in the next few months. I want to hear from everyone that plays on the server what would get you to donate and keep on donating. Only restriction really is that we do not do pay to win. Also there is a limited amount of models I can add to pointshop before the FPS of everyone on the server starts to drop drastically. I also want to keep the size of downloads small. Current perks Player Models Discount for pointshop items Tags Icon in scoreboard Future Planned Perks Text hat Being able to buy a traitor pass more often as a vip or donator More player models Knife skins CAG - being able to make rooms. Perkshop possibly see Donator+ items being holstered after donator/vip rank is up.
  4. You have a total of 11 bans, I am not too inclined to unban you.
  5. Unbanned.
  6. I will undo it, be more careful.
  7. Which admin did it?
  8. Yeah I am closing this, nothing is going to come of this. If you want take it to pm.
  9. jailbreak

    Not a radio, it is a marker.
  10. jailbreak

  11. [2015-09-19 05:45:43] !!! DETECTION !!!: Console Variable Manipulation: sv_allowcslua mismatch (1 on client, 0 on server) [2015-09-19 05:45:43] !!! DETECTION !!!: Clientside Lua Execution: Cannot verify input.IsKeyDown call stack entry: Foreign lua source: lua/defcon.lua It is all in the logs mate. Quit your bs.
  12. Mate you were using decon.lua a known hacking script.
  13. First of all you did not get banned for no reason. Our anticheat system saw you cheating as seen here There is no reason for you to ever execute a lua file on a server unless you are trying to cheat. Would you like to explain this?
  14. no
  15. so bad
  16. Interesting idea with the sprays. I am not sure if it is possible to do that but I will look into it. Edit That took only a minute, it looks like it is possible I will test it out.
  17. That hasn't been the case for a year now.
  18. Pretty sure he is talking out of his ass.
  19. I will add one more way to get hours.
  20. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  21. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  22. Yes
  23. The shit you do when I'm asleep.