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  1. Someone kept spamming to get people to apply for member today.
  2. We change the map, the server population will suffer. Been tried before.
  3. Spare some change?
  4. Old bug, player model goes through the ground where the lava still is. Partly the maps fault and the player models. What player model are you using?
  5. The server is lacking in perks for people to donate and to keep on donating. TTT is our 2nd top server and we need to take advantage of that. GFL needs more money in order for us to just keep going in the next few months. I want to hear from everyone that plays on the server what would get you to donate and keep on donating. Only restriction really is that we do not do pay to win. Also there is a limited amount of models I can add to pointshop before the FPS of everyone on the server starts to drop drastically. I also want to keep the size of downloads small. Current perks Player Models Discount for pointshop items Tags Icon in scoreboard Future Planned Perks Text hat Being able to buy a traitor pass more often as a vip or donator More player models Knife skins CAG - being able to make rooms. Perkshop possibly see Donator+ items being holstered after donator/vip rank is up.
  6. You know you kind of did advertise another server in that video, we could perm ban you for that
  7. There's a reason why it's called Trouble In Terrorist Town.
  8. Yes.
  9. That will take too much time to code for little reward. I can just up the respawn time to help with the spam and what not.
  10. Yup, half the time the stats are broken and to get a server removed or added to sql is a bitch.
  11. Should be RDM. Anyone can claim the tester came up as red and no way to prove it otherwise.
  12. You can turn it down or turn it off lol.
  13. This would be a great way to kill the server population why didn't I think of this before.
  14. free

    Kub made me buy this game for no reason, don't believe his lies.
  15. I should make a request thread.
  16. In your report you put: 1) you were acting sketchy AF 2) high su I wonder why you were slayed.
  17. It's a bug, server breaks and no one can spawn in.
  18. MAYBE if you guys would play on the server I wouldn't have to idle all the time.
  19. Mate just one lol.
  20. Added: Dead players can now use mics with each other. Some other fixes I can't remember. Fixing dmglogs
  21. Added Jailbreak Damagelogs! (Same as the TTT and Breach one) Fixes/Updates Fixed buffer overflow issue that caused people to get kicked and the server to crash. Removed dead map from mapvote and added map (related to above). Fixed crash screen image. Updated Blogs. Updated awarn. Removed broken workshop download. Updated GTAwards Updated hatschat Updated Jukebox (music stopping should be fixed) Removed pmute (broken code) Added items to FastDL. Fixed pointshop item errors. Removed some masks that were not added correctly and causing errors. Added admin ranks to GTAwards and Awarn. Fixed server tickrate.
  22. What were you manager of again?
  23. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  24. Yes he does.
  25. Oh now I remember.