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  1. So i was banned from using a vpn on the server and was wondering if i could be unbanned?


  2. Unbanned, please refrain from using a VPN on our servers again.
  3. shammy perm muted

    Hello again. You've been muted/gagged 15 times at this point, and banned once. Mutes add up, as do gags, hence why you didn't just receive an hour like that other guy you mentioned. I simply won't tolerate you harassing, berating and quite frankly abusing our players/admins any longer. What would your wife/girlfriend say about you talking to women like this? As I previously mentioned on your old mute appeal -- You're a grown God damn man. Start acting like it. Mute stays. Thanks.
  4. Unbanned. Please don't use a VPN on our servers again.
  5. Surf server ban

    Yeah, what Dini says pretty much sums it up, minus a few key details. But given how much of a tirade you went on, the mute/gag that was initially only a week got turned into a permanent one. Given the fact that you now used a different account to avoid that punishment, you bumped yourself up to a ban, which will not be undone. Thanks.
  6. Confirmed it was because of the VPN. Unbanned, please be mindful that this may happen again so I definitely suggest not to use it again while playing on our servers. Thanks.
  7. Hello. Map extensions already have a cap. 2 On #1 and #2 and 4 on #3 (Expert). The reason why #3 has more is because some people want to try to finish very hard staged maps, some of them have gone beyond needing two hours even, which is past the 4 extends including the map time itself. (I.e surf_lt_omnific_fix) I guess technically speaking, there is no limit as to how many times you can extend if a vote is called by a VIP/Supporter as they all have the vote extend command when 5 minutes is remaining on a map. (!ve) But that will not be going away as it's a nice feature. With that being said, I could consider lowering the caps slightly. The extend could only be 5 minutes on the easy servers rather than 15, and keep the same number (2), or perhaps only allowing it once there. Certainly open to suggestions. Thanks. PS, moving this to the correct subforum.
  8. Meemo ban

    Ban stays. I reviewed proof that a trial admin had collected (shadowplay). You and I both know what you said, so do we really need to have this discussion? You show no remorse for your actions and instead choose to deny that anything ever happened. If you ever want to be unbanned in the future, that attitude has to change.
  9. Got a bunch of snus, so I'm happy.
  10. Your ban was caused by your VPN. In the future, please disconnect from it when playing on our servers, thanks. Unbanned.
  11. Added 16 New maps. 15 To the Expert Server (#3), most of which are tier 3, but also three 4's and two 5's. Then one tier 2 to the Easy Server. (#2) You can see all of them below. A stopmusic plugin. If you're annoyed by the noises a map makes, just type !stopmusic and all of your problems will go away. Removed Several glitched world records. Updated Several old maps have been updated to have a higher max velocity. Made it so that if you fail on surf_lament_n2p and the first stage of surf_1day you do not have to walk 20~ feet to the start zone.
  12. Ban Appeal

    Unbanned, as previously mentioned we recommend you disconnect from your VPN while playing on our servers.
  13. Unban appeal

    Unbanned. Please refrain from using a VPN on our servers since this can easily happen again.
  14. Hello again. I didn't remove or change shit in terms of the sound that the timer makes when you complete the map. It's entirely dependent on what time you get on it. You've been muted/gagged 12 times at this point, and yes I removed your ban previously because of lack of evidence even though many players and admins alike supported the claims made that caused for it to happen. You show no remorse for your actions, you just decide to shift the blame onto others incompetence as an excuse for your shitty behavior. Reaper is still very new as co-manager, and he will get better at zoning. When running into issues like this, you could have reported it to me or him on Discord and it would've been taken care of. The kind of overly toxic behavior you've shown on the servers will no longer be tolerated. You are still allowed to play on the servers, obviously. But the mute will stay. You're a grown God damn man, start acting like it.
  15. Why am i banned?

    Unbanned. Please do not use a VPN on our servers as this may very well happen again.
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