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  1. Light

    Wow, 4:3 actually makes you 10 times better at surfing. It's been scientifically proven.
  2. Light

    Hey there, Andrew! I sure hope you brought your AA batteries, because there is in fact a flashlight plugin on all of our Surf Timer servers! Although not very powerful, !flashlight is the command you're looking for. We have a more juicy solution for supporters+, nightvision goggles! As God said, let there be light! I'll include some screenshots for funsies.
  3. unmute?

    You were previously muted for saying racial slurs in-game, to which you made a previous ban appeal and upon getting that denied you continued to go apeshit on Discord. Today you posted sensitive information on the server, supposedly your own personal phone number which we do not allow for the safety of our players. For one, we cannot even verify if it's your number or not, and even if it is, it's really dumb to post that kind of stuff in a public game server. All of these things combined resulted in a decision by the management side of the server to snuff your ability to talk in game from here on out as you've proved you're not very considerate, and quite frankly toxic. You may appeal your silence again in one month, and I would suggest that you do not try to make the argument that you've done "nothing" if you decide to make one, because you have. This is not a personal attack on you, this is the direct result of very poor behavior.
  4. Your steam (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198969440078) isn't even banned. AM1R1 has no duplicate account bans either. Closed.
  5. unmute? :) <3

    It's a one day commban, pretty standard procedure for first time offenses when it comes to racial slurs. I suggest that in the future you should selfmute people you find annoying. (!sm <player>), or alternatively if they're breaking the rules/harassing people to calladmin. Throwing verbal abuse their way is only going to fuck you over as well.
  6. Yeah, we link it for everyone to see in the main Discord when the meeting starts. Though I suppose people that couldn't attend would have difficulty in finding it. I've went ahead and made a thread and posted the two we've had thus far, we'll update that going forward.
  7. I've made this thread so that anyone can easily access the content of every council meeting if they couldn't make it. We've had two public meetings thus far, the agendas of which I will link below. They contain the summaries for every topic that was brought up. We will update the thread with new posts going forward, so by all means follow it if you want to keep up to date. #1. September 6th, 2020. #2. October 9th, 2020.
  8. The agenda of every meeting contains the summary for all points that are covered.
  9. The original Xbox. Still remember how excited I was when I got it for Christmas.
  10. Apologies for the delay, but this was quite hard to make a call on. It is possible that you've gotten a new IP that just so happened to be banned, seeing as this is indeed a residential IP. I do want to quote you on a couple of things. From what I can see, your steam account has never been on any of our servers. So, I'm a bit puzzled. If this is true, then it obviously couldn't have been you. But if the account that was banned for cheating is your alt, then I'm sure you'd be capable of just making that up. I cannot really unban you with a clear conscience at this time. That being said, if you can provide me with reasonable evidence through DMs that you did in fact move 5-6 months ago, I will unban you. What that could be is really something only you could figure out, and I do sincerely apologize if this is just you getting unlucky. Just way too much circumstancial stuff here for me to push that button.
  11. Want to join my Roblox Discord?
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