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  1. I've muted him before for micspam, or ASMR as he likes to call it. He's pretty obnoxious, and it shows from the screenshots you took and from what I've personally experienced. This sort of thing really doesn't call for a ban or him being issued something like a permanent silence right now, but I will keep it in mind for the next time I see him doing this stuff on the server, and be less tolerant for it. Eventually he'll run out of chances if he doesn't improve his act. Thanks for the report.
  2. Here's a link to a download for the map. Try putting it in your maps folder and see if it replaces an old map you might have missed. Either way it should work. https://uploadfiles.io/3n9ayoo4
  3. I agree with you for the most part and we're currently talking about the subject of the map pool in particular. More maps will be added.
  4. 9-ish months later I was Division Leader. Good times LUL
  5. Got a concussion and fucked my neck up simultaneously playing hockey when I was younger. Went head first into the boards. Got two teeth knocked out during a military exercise when i was on my knees tending to someone's fake injury and a guy caught me right in the face with the barrell of his AK5-C. lol
  6. Setting airaccelerate to a number that high is a joke and honestly a bit of a disgrace to surfing. 150 Is ideal and the standard.
  7. I recently got a Razer Ornata Chroma and am pretty satisfied with it. Not as loud as the Blackwidow, which I had for years.
  8. Probably when I first got Admin on Surf Timer. I remember I didn't give a shit about the forums and just shitposted to get to 25 posts so I could apply. Good times.
  9. We had just had a gas attack. It requires you to wash the tear gas off, which sets itself on your body like little crystals that you have to brush off your clothes and shit before taking off your gas mask. It was pretty funny. We didn't notice the gas until we had all breathed it in.
  10. "Free" from the military for the time being, a year well spent. Here's some random pictures from along the way. 😅 Feels good to be home.
  11. One tired motherfucker after 11 days straight out in the field. Earned my first medal!
  12. Special forces at work.
  13. I've been in the Swedish Armed Forces for just over 3 months at this point.
  14. Grats to Calvin but I'd recommend for everyone to stay as far away from Ice Poseidon as humanly possible.
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