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    Abrud, Alba, Romania

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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
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    XFX Radeon RX 580
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    16gb DDR4
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    Some 500w evga psu
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    They're both 60hz that's all you need to know
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    1x 2tb wd blue

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    Admins when they see my app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EUoXoc_yzc
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    Name(s) (ingame, all of them that you've used on the server): GARY LIPQUIP Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:0:81234302): IDK Hours played: 49 What timezone are you in? WHAT IS THAT Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible. Ik wol graach adminisearje, om't ik de massa rdme helpe wolle, bin ik aardich en noflik Do you have access to discord? what Have you fully read the rules and understand them? no Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes. i was a fortnite admins I BANEED THE NINJA FORTNITE SNIPERS You see a fellow admin abusing, what do you do? what If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? I was banned from fornite CUZ I SNIPED NINJA Which admins sponsor your admin application? @ericthe1234 @Ravelord @Doomnack @sciguy429 @R3DD3AD @Zal @mbs @fortguy69 @fortguy123 @fortguy12 @fortguyyyyyyyy @MB101 @Jat @camperlamper @Dex @rapperdan @COSMICMISTRESS @SoJa @BotoX @juky @EmoBrony38 @Violator @Kite THEESE ARE ALL SPONSOR OFF MINE Additional Comments? Questions for admins / manager? how do i play as scp
  7. What have you stolen?
  8. I love how cosmic was the first to die lol
  9. This is a work of art, now i want a haxray x gary fanfic. Haxray is the bottom boy of course.
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