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  1. I have 8GB DDR2, on a 10-year-old AMD Phenom II processor... I'm upgrading soon though. I had 16.04 dual-booted, but a windows update a few months ago messed up my boot sequence. I still have the Ubuntu partition there, I just boot directly into Windows now. GRUB doesn't load at all.
  2. I haven't bothered with the !hide models. My PC is old, just bought some parts today. My 12 year old AMD Phenom CPU is pretty old 😆
  3. Thanks Vauff, I really just need to upgrade then lol
  4. I've got an older rig, but usually can get 40-60 fps throughout most maps. However before zombies spawn, all the CTs make my FPS drop to a standstill on certain maps. Is there any settings I could change? It MIGHT be a sound issue as with a lot of footsteps my frames will drop.
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