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  1. Breach > TTT

  2. Breach > TTT

    No clue who drew it. I saved it years ago
  3. Breach > TTT

  4. Resgninations

    Demote this nigga
  5. Here's a cool April Fools prank. Pretend like you're leaving GFL but actually do it and never come back :kappa:

  6. Rip my cash

    He lost to a match so xd
  7. 2014 - Any members still around?

    Hard to be half-decent on TTT 1 . Glad to have you back
  8. 10/10 greatest shitpost of all time. Give this man the key to the city
  9. 3 month VIP giveway

    I love the way my arms start shaking when I'm eating dirt
  10. Simple question

    It isn't. They're just trigger happy and want a reason to kill people. You'd have to be extra dense to kill someone as a detective because they kosed you
  11. Finally Leaving.

    This is some ironic ass shit lol
  12. Let's make GFL TTT #1

    There's no real answer to how we can fix the server. It'll never be how it used to be. We just have to focus on making the best out of what we have right now. More shit for members besides a traitor pass would be nice tho
  13. Let's make GFL TTT #1

    And Civis