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  1. Blake out, Peace GFL.

    But seriously, you were a good admin and cool to play with in general. Hope to still see you around
  2. Evolve Traitor Weapon

    I'm late to the party but we should add the death station
  3. What do you guys think?

    You are 100% correct. I hate when people do shit like that just so they can report a player and get them slain. Just like with people who block people and wait the last second to move, then cry rdm when they get killed for it. It's annoying
  4. Sorry and Good bye

  5. Texture glitch

    This happens at times. An easy fix is to go into your console, type "record 1" then type "stop" That usually helps.
  6. Reporting Violator

    When the shitposting is so bad in admin chat it spreads out into the rest of the forums
  7. yes

    I mean at least he told you to have a good night
  8. Leaving GFL

    I still have no idea why you changed your name to Zero lol. I'll miss playing with you tho
  9. Burts Sighting

    You haven't seen anything until you've seen a slay from Wildstark