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  1. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a slay from Wildstark
  2. You look like you're about to ask to speak to the manager
  3. How old I am: 15 What my gender is: I can't assume your gender but the haircut throws me off Was I wearing pants: No A trait I have: Not wearing pants If I chose the right meme for me: I don't see pants so yes Describe what I may look like: A pants-less 15 year old boy Rate me as a person: I still can't get over the pants thing
  4. This topic hasn't been made 100 times already at all...
  5. Did you just assume the skin's gender?
  6. You mean to tell me that when no admins are on people break the rules? SAY IT AIN'T SO
  7. I couldn't be bothered to think about all this shit
  8. I'm not reading all of that. I just slay whoever started the rdm chain. Simple as that
  9. Yeah I don't force reports. If someone had a reason to kill another player and want to get the report out of the way, they usually just use the !respond commend. If I see someone massing the server I just slay right away. No point in keeping them alive if they're about to get banned anyways
  10. They'll probably just reboot it
  11. How about right before the first sex scene starts it just skips to the end of the series
  12. When you take a shit but it wasn't a shit and you actually gave birth 

  13. I doubt this guy will be back on the server anytime soon, but I took care of it. Thanks for providing proof. This can be closed
  14. What happens when a white person bleach their skin? 

    1. Finnick


      They cease to exist

    2. Lionel_Moosi


      We ascend to the perfect being.