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  1. Don't think he's being rude. Also don't post on ban appeals unless you're the person banned/admin on the server
  2. I doubt this guy will be back on the server anytime soon, but I took care of it. Thanks for providing proof. This can be closed
  3. What happens when a white person bleach their skin? 

    1. Finnick


      They cease to exist

    2. Lionel_Moosi


      We ascend to the perfect being. 

  4. Welcome to every TTT server ever
  5. In that case I hacking Moosi's myspace account
  6. What's the deal with airline food? 

  7. I'll suck your pickle for a nickle 

  8. Holy fuck I finally figured out how to work this shit 

    1. Gandalf


      black people can't work

  9. I'd face every bitch in this thread. fite me
  10. The main point of not pre-round prop killing is so everyone can have time to look for weapons before the round starts.
  11. Hey, just wanted to apologize to the TTT 1 and TTT 3 admin team, as well as the members, for not playing much lately. Been super busy with this new job. I'll try to put in more hours in the coming days