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  1. I never actually look at the score, but my guess is like 13 or 14. I dont remember that well because that was like a year ago.
  2. If I had to choose which maps to remove it would be airbus, docks. Airbus, people lock the elevator somehow, and docks as a hider I see that is way too dark, atleast for me.
  3. Thanks to this post I know now how to get on the trees in littletown.
  4. Commands

    Useful list, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I did not know that.
  6. A great spot even though it is in the open is in hns_museum, being on top of two giant sings right by the blue whale.
  7. It was a really good map and I totally agreed that it should be brought back.
  8. 11.11.11

    Now that is awesome.
  9. This was an awesome guide. I did learn certain things and skills out of this. Thanks for spending time making this guide.
  10. In my case there are just three, gm_last_stand_mall_2015, desert_atrocity, and hns_district.
  11. One of my favorite maps is desert atrocity. The reason for that is because of the variety of spots that are available. This helps me to practice my parkour skills for other maps.
  12. That's actually a good idea. That could make the actual game a little bit for fun. Hopefully that does happens in a near future.
  13. Fast Rounds

    That was a great topic you were talking about and is not a common thing to happen.
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