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  1. Holy shit Mule Kick is that you?
  2. Admin app

    confirming sponsor +1 plz accept He's also a furry so he fits right in with the breach admins
  3. Congrats @Fafy, you'll do an amazing job. You truly deserved it. The GMod division's in good hands. We finally have a staff member from HNS lol.
  4. Gary: banned

    rapperdan: banned

    Damn, GFL's boring now.


  5. Look at what I found not too long ago. There are 3 Roy's. Illuminati confirmed. Roy has 3 letters. Illuminati confirmed. Roy and Ben Roy are already directors. RockRoyce will appear soon, and the rest of the directors will be kicked out, leaving the 3 Roy's on top. Illuminati confirmed.
  6. oof In honor of your resignation: Good thing you're still with HnS. I probably would have died if you left again.
  7. Thank you for the shitpost on how to not shitpost.
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