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  1. Admin app

    confirming sponsor +1 plz accept He's also a furry so he fits right in with the breach admins
  2. Congrats @Fafy, you'll do an amazing job. You truly deserved it. The GMod division's in good hands. We finally have a staff member from HNS lol.
  3. Gary: banned

    rapperdan: banned

    Damn, GFL's boring now.


  4. Look at what I found not too long ago. There are 3 Roy's. Illuminati confirmed. Roy has 3 letters. Illuminati confirmed. Roy and Ben Roy are already directors. RockRoyce will appear soon, and the rest of the directors will be kicked out, leaving the 3 Roy's on top. Illuminati confirmed.
  5. oof In honor of your resignation: Good thing you're still with HnS. I probably would have died if you left again.
  6. Thank you for the shitpost on how to not shitpost.
  7. Merge of the teams.

    I haven't seen any comments from the directors. Could any of them explain why this was necessary or why they voted for it?
  8. @AtomicHeadphones He resigned from hns, prop hunt, and purge a while back. I can't remember how long, though. He came back and was a breach admin. I'm guessing he resigned recently. He's still around. I was actually in discord with him yesterday.
  9. Merge of the teams.

    Am I going crazy or does MA stand for member acceptor, not event management and media team? It's alright, member acceptors have been the real PR all along anyway.
  10. rip to your mac Guess what I got.
  11. Just a friendly reminder you are a god of a person.

    1. rapperdan


      Chill jat fueled man


  12. A few other playermodels such as minecraft steve and zero punctuation have this same problem. They make your character size smaller, which makes it easier to get stuck on objects and prevents anyone from jumping on top of you. I'm not sure if this is possible to fix, but I wouldn't be surprised if @Fafy found a way to do it.
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