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  1. Thank you for the shitpost on how to not shitpost.
  2. I haven't seen any comments from the directors. Could any of them explain why this was necessary or why they voted for it?
  3. @AtomicHeadphones He resigned from hns, prop hunt, and purge a while back. I can't remember how long, though. He came back and was a breach admin. I'm guessing he resigned recently. He's still around. I was actually in discord with him yesterday.
  4. Am I going crazy or does MA stand for member acceptor, not event management and media team? It's alright, member acceptors have been the real PR all along anyway.
  5. rip to your mac Guess what I got.
  6. Just a friendly reminder you are a god of a person.

  7. A few other playermodels such as minecraft steve and zero punctuation have this same problem. They make your character size smaller, which makes it easier to get stuck on objects and prevents anyone from jumping on top of you. I'm not sure if this is possible to fix, but I wouldn't be surprised if @Fafy found a way to do it.
  8. you are my hero.

  9. Yikes. This surprised me, but at the same time, it really didn't. I could always tell that you had some toxicity in you since the moment I met you. I thought that you were much better and a great guy after all the "drama" that we went through cooled down. I thought you were doing a good job as staff. I thought we were finally on good terms. After reading this, maybe we were never on good terms? Your toxicity just struck back. I remember when you would say that you wanted to pass me up in the server rankings and reach #1 on the server. What happened to that? A server that you cared about? You sure know how to throw something that you "care" about down the drain real fast. It's funny how you went from toxic to normal, and you're right back to being toxic again in an instant. I'm not sure why you're so upset. Something that I have learned is that the only person who can make you feel a certain way is yourself. For example, if someone were to say something to try to annoy you, you could choose to either ignore the hate and go on with your day or let what they said bother you. This has actually helped me be more positive in life and block out the haters. Speaking of haters, Yikes. Here's something else that I've learned. If someone is hated, they either don't know about it or don't care about it. You just can't let what others think bother you. Also, people probably won't hate you if aren't hateful yourself. Long story short, I think that you just screwed yourself and could have easily prevented it. I never hated you, I just knew that you didn't deserve to be a part of our staff team, and I guess I knew all along that you really didn't "change". Anyway, I hope you'll go on and live your life without being a cancerous cunt. Since you hate most of us now, and you should have been banned in the first place, maybe your resignation demotion was a win for everyone.
  10. New map

    This isn't for the hide and seek special rounds on the breach server, it's for the actual hide and seek server lol.
  11. tag me in boi, we tag teaming out here.


    1. Jat


      We only catch them W's my dude.

    2. rapperdan


      We best Human Resource team GFL