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  1. I joined late 2014 on the ttt server still hanging around
  2. Pigeon get ur ass back here
  3. I already know who just not gonna disclose their name until determined whether right or wrong
  4. Yo yo yo its ur boi um.....fuckin idiot. I was just curious as if you are suppose to use the server wide messenger for serious stuff or if you can use it for what ever, if the chat gets spammed like it did today it is a really bitch pussy to handle, like do u see this!!!! Its a giant pain in the ass for ppl to handle thats not just me that dont have a mic and are trying to call a kos, alot of ppl weren't to happy about this either so I was maybe thinking if the admins could keep the server wide msg to important stuff or at least dont spam it
  5. So have closed this friendly discussion to 3-5 seconds for move warnings?
  6. This new found "rule" has ensued panic on the server and I think there should be a given time limit