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  1. Ban appeal

    I have seen players with pings of close to 800 and still able to answer reports, so lag is not part of this equation, unless for some reason (hacks) it won’t let you answer reports, so it’s either the server really is bugged which is unlikely since I have been admin for upwards of 7-8 months and have never seen a bug like that, or you are running a script that bounces back admin commands and allows for u to not have to answer reports, now the bouncing back admins commands could be on the accounts of lag but that tends to happen when the ADMIN is lagging not the player being targeted by the command.
  2. @SkydivingSquid banned u
  3. oh um...Idk think i can hepl them srry m8 (Kinda drnk rn antways so)
  4. I like the list that duc put I think that would be really cool but....I feel like we should start a little smaller like m9k
  5. We still aren’t required to provide proof can this be locked and moved he has said the appeal was accepted @flyingjoe32
  6. So I’m unable to look back at death scenes again but going off of logs it does seem ur story adds up appeal accepted have a nice day
  7. I’m currently taking a shower so give me like 20 mins and I will check over everything to make sure
  8. That really doesn’t say much, can u maybe explain a touch bit more what happened?
  9. Drvgbugz

    1.for starters you did dmg to a third guy but it could have been crossfire 2.My mistake I will be unbanning Ban lifted
  10. I see i see This is your first ban so I will let it slide just dont let it happen again Ban lifted
  11. Yes, im sorry, seems i was very over whelmed and still new at this, but that is no excuse. after relooking over logs and reports it did seem very well like you were massing but it seems like i was way off the bat, note taken and will be unbanned as soon as im done typing, like i said im very sorry that this has happened and hopefully never will again. Need @MilkMan or @Pyros to close this.
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