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  1. Finally, i fking recommended this event like 6 motnhs ago xD
  2. us .com nabs can learn quite a bit from the .ru players
  3. Well if u say so loan, guess i'll take ur word on that
  4. Oh sorry i didn't know that i'll take my words back on that. I mean there are other servers where new players can't nominate and it's not like they are playing tryhard maps 24/7. So i don't get why some people think that only tryhard maps would be played.
  5. Member doesn't equal tryhard. There are more members on the server who like chill maps then tryhard maps tbh. I think that there will be a good mix between tryhard and casual maps. And the casual maps that will be played will be the good ones. And not to be rude or anything but i see u'r pretty new here. So i don't think u have the experience to make an argument like that
  6. So i have been a GFL regular for over a year now. I've seen allot of players come and go. I've seen allot of players grow. But in 2018 i've noticed that the regulars start to lack more in skill then the regulars from 2017. I see allot of players with VIP and members tags and they don't even know the csgo ZE basics. For the cancer as we call it. I think the problem is that we just let it happen and no one wants to deal with it. As a regular its pretty hard to make people shut up since we dont have the power to force them if they don't want to listen. GEtting a server to play a tad more seriously wouldn't be that hard of a trial to overcome. You just get a mid-tier map on. LEt someone lead and mute the people who think they still funny. Then the players will realize how fun ze can be if u beating a map cause of teamwork and by listening to the leader. Also one of the basics of ZE that not many people understand is just nominating good maps. People will always nom maps they wanna play. They will never look at the state of the team. Like if its a cancerteam, a full on tryhard team or just a team with good defenders. If the voted map doesnt meet the requierements that's best for the team that's on the server at that moment allot of people will leave and the server will become either dead or cancer. There should also be a good mix between tryhard maps and casual maps. So everyone can tryhard on the tryhard map and after they gave it a good try or won the map everyone can just go on a casual map and just chill for a bit. Blow of some steam, chat a bit, have some fun. I've thought before of a system were only members or higher could nom maps. Since these people are more experienced and they know wich maps fit the current team. But i guess the admins think tryhard maps would be played all day. I mean people say admins aren't to blame and it's not like i'm blaming them. But at the end of the day a few mutes and a beacon is a good start to get the server more how it should be. Not playing zm all day and spamming ur mic's. So these are just a few basic things that i think would be a good help to reduce the cancer.
  7. God damnit @xSnowyAngel you got me xD
  8. STEAM_0:1:87359580 Look on other pictures. I'm to lazy to upload
  9. FzFuRy has applied for member. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961867728 Steam Check Link: https://steamid.eu/profile/76561197961867728 Why I want to be Member:  I've played on the GFL servers since CSS. I enjoy zombie escape and minigames. I'm always active in chat and I like to make fun. And i want to be a cool guy with cool skins and cool tags hahaha GFL Bans: 0