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  1. leaked @Xy's face reveal sorry xd not lmao
  2. Discord Ban Appeal

    https://gyazo.com/cc98a231b36b498cf8850a972850062f @Kite9867
  3. Discord Ban Appeal

    Discord/TS3 Username (for those bans): Drag0n Gam31ng Ban time: Permanent/IDK Reason why you were banned: I think for giving gary invite links? (not 100% sure, this is just what I've been told) Moderator who banned you: No clue probably Benroy Why you believe you should be unbanned: First of all, I don't think there's any discreet proof that I gave him the invite link, whether it says I made it or not, that still doesn't say whether I gave him that or made it for that reason, second, there's no rules as I recall for making invite links for other people, joining in the intent to troll or not(not implying I did, just saying I don't believe it's a valid reason for me to be banned.) Third, besides what you guys think I did, I've really not done anything remotely close to getting me banned in the discord so far (as I can recall). Fourth, just a side note, if I am banned for so called giving him invite links, don't you think you should notice the fact that there's a permanent and completely public discord link on the main page of the forums? Well that's all.
  4. @SmoresWaffle Our admins should and most likely know the meanings of all of the rules so if somebody is confused they can just ask them and not literally go and change the rules and move it because either the name be ghosting or meta gaming, it is still stated that you shouldn’t do it, so there isn’t much point in moving it since the rule is still being said and understood. I’ve never really seen people ask about this at all, so I wouldn’t deliberately argue with admins or other players on the server about this, it’s fine.
  5. @Smores if we allowed sprays I’m assuming we wouldn’t be allowing porn or other inappropriate things on those sprays, and if that happens, that’s just more thing admins would have to keep track of and make sure nobody is spraying those types of inappropriate material(considering kids play on the server), even if we were able to allow sprays, idk this for sure but the hide and seek addon could be the thing interfering with sprays, still not sure though.
  6. @PsquawOsaurus come listen to your man cancerous here he got a great idea plz get rid of them they shit
  7. @rapperdan Chaught You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. New PM

    @PsquawOsaurus They already have to get all the half life and css textures, why not some more??? Plus TF2 skins are pretty fire, we already have a bunch of their hats, why not some playermodels too.