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    whats dis again?
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    I think i have wun idk
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    A number less than 100 I guess...
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    My mother beat me with a board :(
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    Lightning is my electrical supply.
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    The government is monitoring me.
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    I drive while listening to hard metal.

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  1. @_Marshmello_
  2. D rose D rose D rose.... (Continues forever) for anyone who doesn't understand the meme
  3. 23 23.1 23.2 23.3 23.4 23.5 23.6 23.7 23.8 23.9
  4. video games

    Yes, very triggered, I need my gmod.
  5. I believe the next destiny comes out on PC as well as the consoles which I am excited for considering that before the computer, all my time was spent on that game on the Xbox. I'll probably end up preordering the second one on PC though when I get the chance.
  6. howto

    Instructions not clear, got shorter.
  7. CS:GO is more competitive and it's a lot more fun in my opinion but that's just how I feel.
  8. I think it's also got some similar aspects to gang beasts as well.
  9. Hide and seek = BEST SERVER
  10. Cyan is kewl color.
  11. A F F I R M A T I V E
  12. Meme City
  13. Désolé, la machine espagnole a cassé
  14. Sorry, Jat machine broke.
  15. Don't start shit gecko, and by the way, it's NOT fully fixed. This post was just a joke, no need to say something like that.