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  1. Bonk is Big Gay

    Where’s the dislike button
  2. The Future of CS:GO US TTT

    I don’t care if there are a bunch of maps as long as they aren’t all minecraft. Just saying all the admins went inactive because the server died, they may come back if the server saw some light and maybe some people started to rejoin it. @Bonk worked on it for a while fixing all the bugs and I can’t really notice any bugs or exploits on the server. The models for sure need to be fixed or removed completely. But, to be honest, it’s all up to Bonk if he even wants the server to stay. He could just remove it completely and be done with it but it was a great server and was fun very fun to play on and I bet it would thrive if someone would become manager or something like that because like I previously said there aren’t too many bugs. TTT was a great server. I hope you take this into consideration. Peace.
  3. CS:GO Division Leader

    Where’s the dislike button? ay congrats Bork
  4. When you drive a good server into the ground by being a shitty manager ~ @SwegBuster
  5. Y'all think we should add a GFL Roblox server????????????????
  6. GFL's Got Talent! (CS:GO Jailbreak Event!)

    Act: Shitty Joke How Long: Idk like a minute or more possibly idk ecks dee.
  7. GFL's Got Talent! (CS:GO Jailbreak Event!)

    wheres the dislike button
  8. Name play

    D rose D rose D rose.... (Continues forever) for anyone who doesn't understand the meme
  9. Count to 250 before staff comment.

    23 23.1 23.2 23.3 23.4 23.5 23.6 23.7 23.8 23.9
  10. Gamez

    Yes, very triggered, I need my gmod.
  11. Destiny

    I believe the next destiny comes out on PC as well as the consoles which I am excited for considering that before the computer, all my time was spent on that game on the Xbox. I'll probably end up preordering the second one on PC though when I get the chance.
  12. how does one tall

    Instructions not clear, got shorter.
  13. Overwatch or CS:GO?

    CS:GO is more competitive and it's a lot more fun in my opinion but that's just how I feel.