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  1. there is a bunch to my story, that would change the view of many of you on this topic. i have been through things people should not have to go through. i have done things i should not have. there was probably a better way to do this, but i chose otherwise. a word of advise, is if you see someone being physically/verbally abused, either step in, or tell someone with more authority. i have had to live a life of pain and suffering, from not only my father, who abused me as a child, but to this day where i am a reject in not only my school, but society. i was pushed to mature faster then i should have, and that has left not only scars, but pain and regret. let this all be a little thing for everyone who hear reads this, that you are not alone in suffering (if you are), that there is always a good conclusion to everything even if it seems impossible. thank you all once again for not only touching me, (lenny), but showing me what it is like to feel wanted, to feel like you belonged somewhere. (oh, and one more thing, how do you add that spoilers thing to posts? i could never figure it out)
  2. please keep any criticism/negative comments out of here. Krzyforbacon clearly didn't read the memo. i am putting this here for anyone else who skipped over my essay on why YAR HAR and I are both assholes.
  3. ech, as you weirdos always say "you'll come crawling back eventually". who knows, maybe i will return. only time will tell.
  4. If you are going to comment something negative or comment critisism on here, please, keep it to yourself. thank you. So, I have reached the conclusion of leaving GFL. I have talked to violator about demoting me for a while now. I decided the best way to get demoted because Violator blew my resignation off, was to abuse my power, then maybe i would get demoted, so i did so, and made a lot of people mad. I apologize to all that i made mad, but i had to do it. I didn't want anything to do with TTT or Breach or GFL, even if there are wonderful people here. There is so much more I would like to say, but I am far too tired to say anything. Now, as anyone would, I am going to do an honorable mentions list of the people that helped me with some of the hardest parts of my life. @Violator, for giving me a chance and always making me smile. @Kubnair, for introducing me to a fantastic relationship with Xy and giving me not only one, but two different chances. @Kumathebear, for being a great pal back in the old days of GFL. @BillyMartin, for always keeping me up to date with what was happening. @Cas, for being a fantastic friend when i needed it. @Stormagettion, for being my best friend through all of this. @Zebra, for being a cool dude and helping me figure things out. @Duc2000 for always making me smile. @Kite9867 for guiding me in the right direction. @Severely_Artistic, for being a good friend and supporting me. And finally, @Xy_, for not only being a grand friend, but helping, no, guiding me through adminship and how to deal with people who want to take you down. I miss the old days of GFL, for they were the best. Goodbye, I will miss you all.
  5. honestly, anyone that left for neon links should not return.
  6. @Xy_ or @Darkling cas wants this locked for some reason. so, go ahead or sumthin.
  7. oh, and you forgot about the "Have you been an admin anywhere else before" you gotta say, 'Yes, i was an admin on this "wonderful" server group named Neon Links'
  8. Welp, we can all learn a valuable lesson here. 



    You Reap what you sow.

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  9. Humm, there needs to be a funniest things that happened while you were playing TTT. The funniest thing while I was playing TTT, was of course, at like, 1 am, when someone somehow got my address and ordered pizza from a pizza place that is open 24 hours. The guy comes to my door and was like "here's your pizza sir, that'll be $8" now of course, I payed, and my mom was confused as fuck. She asks me why I ordered pizza at 1 am, and I was like, "I didn't order this shit". So I come back, and people are dying of laughter, and I ask what is so funny, one of them ordered a Hawaiian pizza for delivery. Jokes on them, because I ATE THAT SHIT. It wasn't that good. My mom was very unimpressed. So, what was the funniest thing that happened to YOU while you were playing TTT?
  10. shit. I thought he would never add it.
  11. Farewell @SuperFineMan! I wish you the greatest luck in life! (and if you don't, you can always come crawling back to us) Oh, and you forgot to send violator a can of whopass for me.