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  1. As usual people are coming in here posting without reading what I said. I am just talking about what I still believe to be a bug, and VirusKing seems to have pinpointed the cause. Thanks to everyone who actually responded to what I said.
  2. After the recent changes to how and when maps are changed, the times that rtv is available have changed. I believe these changes are not intentional, since it removes important functionality and control from the players. Here it is: Currently, after a map vote is finished rtv gets disabled (unless extend or no change wins the vote). Since it's not immediately apparent why this is an issue, I will give the specific example that occurred today that led me to making this post. We were doing the final lazers on surf_vortex and had a good number of people alive and it was apparent we were going to win. We voted on a next map and immediately I saw a few people type 'rtv' in the chat. I typed it myself, and noticed it said rtv was not allowed. There were still 2 minutes left on the map though, and the map finished in only like 30 sec or so. Another round started and I was still unable to rtv. I feel confident that this 'feature' of the new system is unintended; but if someone has a reason that it should be kept as-is, I'd be interested in hearing it.
  3. STEAM_0:0:37713045 i won on hell and halloween house
  4. 2nd boss general strategy: Team splits on elevator and ramp. Ramp stays away from the water (no edging!) while elevator shoots boss. Boss spawns NPCs that are HIGH PRIORITY TARGETS. KILL NPCs FIRST ALWAYS. The boss has two identical parts and the defense is also the same. At the end of the second part, defenders can jump on the lift for a free ride to the top! After arriving at the top, stay with the team and defend. About 5-10 people will be triggering and telling you when to fall back (we only really need like 3 but everyone likes triggering amirite). When you teleport from zone to zone you will be spawned facing the wrong direction! Turn 180 degrees and run or get trimmed. For the third boss, you will all be shooting colored hands. There is already a guide on this boss in the previous A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C event thread with pictures, but here's my version: Above there are 3 hands. One has an arrow over it. There is a Roman Numeral (I, II, or III) above. This determines which of the three larger, closer hands you will shoot. Start from the location of the arrow (when it's not moving) and remember where it's pointing. The arrow will start dancing around and one of the numerals will appear up above. Start on where the arrow was pointed and count: Left one hand for I 0 spaces for II Right one space for III Shoot until the arrow stops again, and repeat. After the boss fight, immediately turn and defend from the zombies. I might finish this later, but if not just remember to listen to leaders! Good luck and remember to have fun.
  5. Go check out the last AES event we had if you need help with the 3rd boss. For people that don't know the map: open your ears and stay with the team. For people that think they know the map: careful at the 2nd boss. We reworked how to defend at the 2nd tier about a month before it got removed. For people that actually know the map: don't fuck up. I plan on being there
  6. If you ever look at the bizon spray pattern you'll see that just keeping your crosshair below and little right of your target after the first 5 bullets or so will get you in the right ballpark. If you're facing a horde of zombies and/or running while shooting it'll do the trick.
  7. As far as I can tell, the players that aren't interested in the gamemode tend to drift off after around 100 hours or less, and anyone that sticks around past that becomes recognized pretty quick. I don't remember which players started after me or when, or who plays more or even where everyone's from, but I can say that there are names that I recognize and names I don't. When the server is full of regulars, it's hard for new players to even connect to the server and after the regulars get their fill of mako solos or santa extreme tries, the empty slots are taken by those newer players that don't understand that you can't be holding down your mic button all the time when there are 60 other people trying to communicate. The real solution is to learn to appreciate more diverse maps. I personally don't like several of the "tryhard" maps like deadcore, journey, mako, and several others so I end up playing with new players on other maps a lot and I can say for a fact that even long-time players don't know how many cool maps there are on the server. Did you know there's a map with giant magnets that pull you up to cross large gaps? Or that tactical awareness grenades work in ZE? How many levels are there on Parking? I don't think there's any issue with the state of GFL's ZE, but I also think that most people don't appreciate it as much as they should. If you're interested I'm always happy to teach or lead an interesting map if I have the time.
  8. My favorite maps have mostly been mentioned but when you ask about how maps should be improved it makes me remember farmhouse and complex. Rest in peace. I've already convinced the regular ze crowd of how awesome some maps that were underplayed were like negative legacy and ashen keep, and people have been on that A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C grind lately again, which is cool to see. For a break from the regular map rotation there's always apocastasis, kororinpa, inboxed, eternal void, moon base, turtles, sst, and more that imo aren't played as much as they should be. If you don't know those maps I'd encourage you to learn them a bit. I personally recommend them
  9. New Default Map

    obligatory aesthetic meme
  10. Next time I see Luff I'll try to remember to ask him about this. i.e. does he know how to make playermodels that turn transparent when you get close, has he considered using them, does file size become an issue, and most importantly what settings/plugins were intended for use on his maps. I already have a feeling that he'll be mostly indifferent, as well as most of the rest of the mapping community, but to be fair I'll ask mappers when I can and try to post their responses in this thread. Zeph acts like he's white knighting for the mapping community but I doubt he knows what many mappers want. Based on the fact that many mappers have "home communities" I would guess that they will say they map mostly for whatever community they frequent, and playtest mostly using those settings/plugins. Does that mean that we should increase knockback and slow down lasers for Crobat's maps? I'd say that the ultimate decision is on the community whether or not we want to implement any feature, but asking mappers certainly seems like a good starting point. That addresses the other two of Tibet's 3-point breakdown of this issue (which I agree with). Instead of answering the objective questions I tried to build ways to answer them in more meaningful ways, so let's see where that takes us.
  11. 12 from hitting my slam bind on my old mouse
  12. Minecraft Adventure has an in-map feature that lets you see through teammates in a way you can still see where all your teammates are. I haven't ever heard about this being taxing on the server, but maybe it is? Maybe the !hide wasn't made/implemented in a way to mantain good server performance? Coming from a CAD background, the difference between Suppress and Hide comes to mind: where suppressed objects are basically deleted until you unsuppress them whereas hidden objects are simply not rendered. Is it possible that the !hide command we used in the past was simply operating too much on the server side? Would it be worthwhile contacting the mapper for Minecraft Adventure to see how he did it? Just some thoughts, since as I mentioned before this entire discussion is useless unless it's possible to implement a working !hide in the fist place.
  13. Map(s): ze_luck_matters_v2g Restrictions/Limitations: none plz Event Time preferred: 2018 I noticed chewie put up a bioshock event suggestion so I thought I'd throw in my favorite yet-to-be-beaten map. Thought about just playing it outside of event, but if memory serves everyone dies to the stupid X on the ground and nobody knows which way to go/how to defend the part right after that. Because it's kind of a troll map I don't think it's very doable with a random team, but it's a cool event-type map.
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