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  1. Hey @Nick I'm finished! Back onto the topic?
  2. @Nick Oh my god, sorry for the late reply. Yes of course I'm always interested in joining the team, but if it is possible for us to wait until after Dec 15 to talk about this again? I will post under this thread once I got time. This is my first term of my senior year, I got 4 course plus a senior design project (the final project of my undergraduate degree) plus a research project from my professor, plus I'm also applying for grad school (Almost finish). I'm much more busy than I expected. Basically most of the stuff finish at Dec 15, so before that I think I don't have much time on other stuff (the hell I already AFK on CSGO for almost the whole term). As for the professional part, I have plenty of time this winter break, I will definitely look into the GLua for Gmod, along with the Source engine. If you want other stuff for me to prepare, please let me know. Also thanks for all of you guys' patient with me. Best,
  3. Hi Rocket, Sorry for the late reply, it's the start of fall term of my senior year, so there are many college things I need to take these days such as senior project, club stuff, and course stuff. And yeah of course I'm still interested in the position! I used to thought maybe I was already declined by the develop team since no one contact me or replied me here, so I didn't considered much about this application in the recent weeks. I would definitely willing to talk with you about the application or team stuff, so please contact me!
  4. Hi, @Nick I don't have any development experience on both sides before, the only thing I know for them is MC for Java and SourcePawn/Mod for C++.
  5. Hi there! Are we still looking for people for the development team?I mean do I still got chance to join the team?
  6. My Age: 23 My Talent: I'm currently a senior Computer Science student in college. Most of my courses such as data structure or artificial intelligence work use C++ and C, so that's my most familiar language. I also have experience using Javascript/Java and Node.js to build the website (HTML and CSS of course), combined with MySQL and MongoDB to build the database application. As for game programming, I'm currently a member of the Game Development Club in my university, we have some experience using Unity to development games, just some prototype game, but that gives me a lot of help on things like game logic and game system design, also my focus recently is on the animation of character, all of these is based on C# programming since that is what Unity uses. My Github link: https://github.com/Alasses, not all of my project was uploaded onto Github, most project online is our group project, I uploaded a C++ example code, I can show you my other history programming example if you needed. C++ Example - puzzle solving algorithm.zip Hours/Week: 5-10 hour
  7. Happy Birthday! It seems we could be friend
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