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  1. Edit: Even though it only changed the chance of becoming a certain SCP i'm pretty sure it's still pay to win.
  2. That event was for october now it has ended. and members and above make no sense since only members and above could receive them in the first place, i think you meant supporters+
  3. GFL Breach discord link is: https://discord.gg/TNDpDFC the link you were provided is incorrect.
  4. No, there are several flaws with this but, for example: because you have just turned noclip off whenever anyone closes a door on you or if you encounter a closed door/gate, you will have to inevitably switch to noclip mode again and pass trough the obstacle and turn noclip off again etc. and i'm not sure about these but i think you can abuse tesla's and bodyblock with that not sure though, so overall, it would be tiring and pointless.
  5. He's actually a spectator.
  6. Sad, since you are not particulary new i knew something was up with you rdm'ing but, you shouldn't have left, if you had responded to the report me or the reporters might've forgiven you, and this would be concluded with a warn or no punishment. Don't forget to not leave and also check your class next time.
  7. I think you meant Epsilon-9, since Nu-7 are Hammer-Down.
  8. I would like to see this happen but, nearly all of the things you've listed here would be extremely hard to implement (especially power-ups) and will cause lag in the server, so this is a -1 for me.
  9. Bugs Thread

    Bug Report General description of the bug: A nasty bug that gets worse gradually over time, it seems to be a problem with the lightning everything gets problematically bright at the start, but 2 minutes in you will be unable to see anything which in case you will need to restart the game or it will stay permanently. I have experienced this bug 3 times, all 3 times out of the 3 times it was when I was an SCP-076-02 I don't know if that is somewhat connected. in all of the instances after 2-3 minutes game lagged unusually much, and I timed out. When the bug occurs: What triggers it is unknown But the effects appear when you spawn. How often does it happen: Rare/Unusual Screenshots/Video of the bug: Unavailable, but I can describe it, it is if you were to set the game's gamma to extremely high levels gradually rising it. Any other information: I heard that several other people have encountered this issue according to them. if they were SCP-076-02 is unknown.
  10. According to Xy 610 is long under development and is to be released soon so +1'ing is unnecessary also strawberry crab I think custom models are always better than disgusting stock models even if it's low-res.
  11. Honestly i've always wanted an sniper we need one. +1
  12. +1 from me i'm always open for more scp's since it really adds to the gameplay experience, and also the idea is very appealing, if added it'll be probably one of the most unique if not the most unique scp currently in the server.