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  1. Well, sorry for being pessimistic but, thinking that Breach is in a restorable state is delusional. Back in 2018, September we used to get 30~40 players on average even though school just had started. The lowest player count the server ever dips to was 25. Server really peaked around very late 2018 to early 2019 when we used to get 50~60 players on average and didn't really lose players when the school started again. Now, the server dying wasn't really a "long time coming". The server just started declining active players around 4 months ago when the server wasn't even able to get close to its former player count even at summer. Why is school such a huge factor now? About the new managers and the future of Breach— they have nowhere near the technical capabilities and knowledge Xy had about GMod, gLua and the Breach gamemode. Meaning; the upcoming updates are going to be less in number, worse in quality and less in complexion. There are gamemodes which can still continue on relatively alive without any new content coming or with managers that don't know gLua such as TTT, but Breach certainly isn't one of them— It can only get worse from here.
  2. Well, except there's a fix for this without changing SCP-106's speed at all. Though, you should remove it anyways; it's garbage.
  3. Admin app

    Pros: -Gamerlike. -Not retarded. -Sensible person. -Staffing experience. -Magnum Opus Application. Cons: -Prone to Cringe. -Prone to Micspam. ~استقال في الماضي. Final decision: +1. Make this man Divison Leader.
  4. To be fair; 2845 really does need a nerf about its `Passive AoE Attack` this attack has a 3 seconds trigger time and is simply impossible to avoid in most situations. 2845 simply running in your general direction will be easily enough to get you caught in its range. In most cases, people dying from 2845 will complain about them "not being in the circle" at the time, and won't even realise that it was actually the unfair AoE attack that has gotten them.
  5. That's because RN-SCP is literally copy-pasted Last Bastion server files and code. Its owner did not contribute anything to the server. And i would argue otherwise that it was bad. Because content updates and bugfixes would never come for months and the owner tried making up for it by hosting crappy `events` constantly. Besides, the playerbase was generally toxic along with the staff being abusive. This shouldn't even be a problem in the first place. Hence it's very easy to implement a fix for it. To be honest; if you can't fix this, you shouldn't own a server.
  6. Although you're not correcting anything hence i didn't say anything wrong but, yes. They don't necessarily need to be playermodels, however props lack of hitboxes meaning they won't take damage. And if you're wondering how 681 etc. has hitboxes; Their model is a researcher's (model depends) on the serverside and rendered as their prop models on the clientside. Though you could add hitboxes by decompiling the model.
  7. [-1.] I think you should put an end to this garbage suggestion spam. All of your suggestions are basically the same thing but altered a bit and each and every one of them are garbage and not thought through. (You should start wondering about why none of them are even taken into consideration of being added.) This whole thing is retarded... What were you thinking? This SCP can respawn all of the spectators in matter of seconds, let a minute pass (or let them kill someone) when they die; respawn them and let the cycle continue... This reminds me of an another trash suggestion of yours which has extremely similar content: The second playermodel is not even a playermodel; it's a prop. Just like the suggestion up there ( SCP-553 ) you failed to check if it was a playermodel or not. (Even though the author screams 'THIS IS JUST A PROP' on both of them.) Here's a Pro-Tip; Any suggestion containing "a spectator respawning by any means", "a replacer SCP" or a SCP that kind of mixes (or uses) a bunch of SCPs' abilities together are automatically ignored, and will only waste your time. Only creative and thought out SCPs get selected. If you want examples, go check Haxray & Doomnack's suggestions. They're leagues better than any of your suggestions.
  8. please stop

    Boomer was AFK'ing since Lua refresh for ~18+ hours and knowing that he's doing this just to inflate his hours for his admin application, i kicked him. Being AFK when there are 50 players on really isn't helping the server. Him not coming back after me kicking him proves that he was in fact AFK. It takes around 7 to 8 minutes for me to connect to the server alone. And i never AFK. Whenever i have to go for a prolonged amount of time, i disconnect from the server and put my PC on sleep mode. You have a score per minute of 0.09 That is the lowest one. (For players who have over 100 hours) Further proving my point. As of writing this right now, you've been AFK in the server for 24 hours straight. You don't have good intentions like helping the server because: You are a really bad person, Boomer. We are getting players whom are literally crying to admins about a person named: Boomer, making the game unfun and unplayable for them by constantly breaking the rules. Every action you take on the forums or in game is to 'secure' a staff position. For example: your post about the 'moderator' "role" or the aforementioned AFK'ing. But, i'm afraid you'll have to significantly improve your behavior for that. So, maybe "please stop" doing those.
  9. Edit: Even though it only changed the chance of becoming a certain SCP i'm pretty sure it's still pay to win.
  10. That event was for october now it has ended. and members and above make no sense since only members and above could receive them in the first place, i think you meant supporters+
  11. GFL Breach discord link is: https://discord.gg/TNDpDFC the link you were provided is incorrect.
  12. No, there are several flaws with this but, for example: because you have just turned noclip off whenever anyone closes a door on you or if you encounter a closed door/gate, you will have to inevitably switch to noclip mode again and pass trough the obstacle and turn noclip off again etc. and i'm not sure about these but i think you can abuse tesla's and bodyblock with that not sure though, so overall, it would be tiring and pointless.
  13. He's actually a spectator.
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