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  1. My Artwork

    Holy cow, I've been very bad at logging on here in general let alone updating my art page... oopsies. I stopped drawing for a while tbh, so what I'm about to upload is gonna be weird from the time differences in drawing lol. Okay so I can't take full credit for this one.. I just wanted to mess around with colors so I took an anime base from google & used it to start making a self portrait of me. Also yes I know my hair is short in this but not my profile pic, I had a breakdown & chopped it all off it's in the process of regrowing.... This one was my confidence boosting after the previous drawing and watching a random video I found of a speedpaint. The way they started drawing inspired me. So this was a request from one of my old friend's daughter. She asked me to draw her after seeing my previous drawing. I obviously did. I'm really proud of it. Okay, THIS ONE! Oh mah lawd I'm in love. I actually just finished this one not even 10 minutes ago. I did this for a thing called the OC Challenge. The hair has to be your favorite color, the eyes have to be your birth stone, your clothes have to be the color of your phone case, and lastly a bow if you're a girl or a scarf if you're a boy. Feel free to do it yourselves Anyways, that's all the artwork I have right now. Shows how much I've been drawing lately, huh?
  2. I fookin' cut my hair. It's gone lolol

    i literally look like a boy help

    1. rapperdan


      to hot one night?


      I've done the same if I'm being honest lol.

  3. I mean I would be on a lot more if there were more maps. I've only played Construct maybe a couple times at most. I just didn't like how open it was. It was never "fun" to me. I liked the minecraft rotation server for the specific reason that it rotated and it wasn't just huge open spaces. I just liked having something different. The same map over and over again gets boring to me. So, I totally agree with adding rotating maps no matter what kind of maps would be implemented I just like something different. That's probably why I switched to Deathrun for a long time when the minecraft rotation server started dying out.
  4. My Artwork

    So, I've been kind of M.I.A. haven't I? Oopsies. I've done quite a bit of stuff since I've been gone and I feel like sharing them. Now, this I kind of hate a lot. It just makes me cringe looking at it, but I'm sharing it anyway because it's just more art I can add. I'm pretty sure this began as something like a self portrait, but it doesn't look like me, plus I'm not a blonde anymore. My hair has been red for like months now. I think at the time this was my favorite art piece. I just thought it was super cute. Wow, look, a drawing I actually put the date on! Seriously though, this is my favorite drawing of all time. I was super proud of it when I did it. I liked the shading in it compared to my other works and since it's Halloween month I had to put pumpkins in the background. Those weren't drawn by me though, I just imported the pumpkins from Google. EDIT*: I just noticed I forgot to erase a teeny bit of the skin shading from her hair.... oops.
  5. Wow. I've been gone for a while lol

    Uh, hello again. Am back. Honestly though, I probably won't even be as active as I was. I don't know. We'll see lolol

    1. Winter



    2. Tayosaurous


      Welcome back cutie

  6. My Artwork

    I finally got around to drawing some more. I've been doing small sketches in my sketchbook, but I'd rather not post sloppy artwork. I actually just finished this piece. I'm very proud of it. I decided her name to be Baby in memory of my favorite character Baby Firefly. She's going to be representing myself online, so my name is changing to Baby. Kek.
  7. My career choice has changed a lot. I can't make up my mind it seems. At first I was always like, "I'm gonna be a professional artist!", but I don't really want to make a living off of drawings. I'll keep that as just a hobby. I then changed to an author, then to a tattoo artist, an actress, a small engine mechanic, and lastly a diesel mechanic. Currently the diesel mechanic is what I'm after now. I applied to a vocational school for a class called Diesel and Heavy Truck. I was accepted. I think I'm sticking to this one though.
  8. I thought that, but then like I tried one out and it actually keeps me to doing something. I constantly fidget and using that or a fidget cube is actually keeping my hands busy so I don't fidget with my eyebrows and pull them out. So, I guess it just depends on how you are.
  9. Yes. I wasn't planning on going to college anyway. You can get a job anywhere you want to in the world without an issue, but you can't get a raise to manager. Anything below that is acceptable, but manager+ is not.
  10. Friends from Garry's Mod were constantly playing it and then ended up one of said friends bought the game for me and I started playing with them.
  11. I'm sorry, but we can't be friends. Jk, I'm not sorry. We just can't be friends.
  12. Not where I am. They're dying though. I still see people with them all over the place.
  13. For one, should this be in TTT? xD I like the fact that you literally made a tutorial for people to rename things on Discord just because it shows up as "GarrysMod" LMAO
  14. I feel like they would last longer than Fidget Cubes though.
  15. The most recently seen movie would be Austin Powers in Goldmember (for like the second time) My all time favorite would be The Devil's Rejects A movie I haven't seen that I want to see would be Beauty and the Beast
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