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  1. I still think these names should be added to go along with Captain Spaulding. After all, they are a team. Charlie Altamont Otis B. Driftwood Baby Firefly Tiny Clevon
  2. My Artwork

    I finally got around to drawing some more. I've been doing small sketches in my sketchbook, but I'd rather not post sloppy artwork. I actually just finished this piece. I'm very proud of it. I decided her name to be Baby in memory of my favorite character Baby Firefly. She's going to be representing myself online, so my name is changing to Baby. Kek.
  3. My career choice has changed a lot. I can't make up my mind it seems. At first I was always like, "I'm gonna be a professional artist!", but I don't really want to make a living off of drawings. I'll keep that as just a hobby. I then changed to an author, then to a tattoo artist, an actress, a small engine mechanic, and lastly a diesel mechanic. Currently the diesel mechanic is what I'm after now. I applied to a vocational school for a class called Diesel and Heavy Truck. I was accepted. I think I'm sticking to this one though.
  4. I thought that, but then like I tried one out and it actually keeps me to doing something. I constantly fidget and using that or a fidget cube is actually keeping my hands busy so I don't fidget with my eyebrows and pull them out. So, I guess it just depends on how you are.
  5. Yes. I wasn't planning on going to college anyway. You can get a job anywhere you want to in the world without an issue, but you can't get a raise to manager. Anything below that is acceptable, but manager+ is not.
  6. Friends from Garry's Mod were constantly playing it and then ended up one of said friends bought the game for me and I started playing with them.
  7. I'm sorry, but we can't be friends. Jk, I'm not sorry. We just can't be friends.
  8. Not where I am. They're dying though. I still see people with them all over the place.
  9. For one, should this be in TTT? xD I like the fact that you literally made a tutorial for people to rename things on Discord just because it shows up as "GarrysMod" LMAO
  10. I feel like they would last longer than Fidget Cubes though.
  11. The most recently seen movie would be Austin Powers in Goldmember (for like the second time) My all time favorite would be The Devil's Rejects A movie I haven't seen that I want to see would be Beauty and the Beast
  12. This is actually like a couple months old, but I'm too lazy to take a picture.
  13. I don't even have to check lmao. I have over 1,000 hours on GMOD.
  14. Hi my name is @Maskiee and u need to get ur man.