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  1. It’s annoying to have to wait a weak because I targeted but didn’t target because I wasn’t going for lone sniper every single round I was mad because he gagged me for something I didn’t do he also ignored my report and I asked him and he just repeated my name back to me every time I said lone and then he wouldn’t say anything after I asked him a question but I’ll wait a week I’ll come back and maybe I’ll actually target lmao show you what it looks like when I go for one person every single round so we can clear this whole targetting thing up and bruh damaging isn’t a 1 day ban I’ve been rdmed shot like 10 times and admins just do 1 slay so uh hm am I rlly just that bad for two accidental pistol shots lmao idk I’ll be waiting for ur response if I get one and Also in that round I never killed lone
  2. I didn’t target lone for 3 round I killed him as t buddies and then killed him again as a t I think idk and I shot babe two times and both times I was trying to switch my weapons and misclicked and after she tried killing me and I didn’t fight back lmao and where did this person I did 49 dmgcome from I didn’t do it and if I did it wasn’t on purpose and no I don’t lmao I was helped by someone just like I was now
  3. I was rdmed by a fellow t made a report was ignored by Lone sniper wolf and then eventually he gagged me and put as the reason I said the game word yet I didn’t say the n word at all and I tried asking why but I don’t know because every time I tried to ask him he ignored my question I asked in admin chat and then another admin gagged me with a smile face for the reason then I rdmed lone sniper and asked him through the report no response and then I accidentally shot babe and was banned after the round
  4. Okay thank you for your help
  5. Steam Name(s): God Jr. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:62796512 Admin that banned you: Lawlness What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): 12 bans on gmod Why should you be unbanned? It’s been four years I got banned from 12 servers because most of them were troll servers in the server I Rarely rdm I followed rules and I didn’t purposely piss people off
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