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  1. Director A Director is a key person in GFL who has a huge impact on everything. They are active members of the community who have chosen to donate many hours of their time into managing GFL as a whole. Responsibilities: Set up goals for GFL as a whole. Make community-wide decisions. Ensure that teams are performing well and efficiently. Handle major situations Be active within the community. Manages Division Leader and Community Advisors Attend Administration meetings Attend Division Meetings if applicable Requirements: Trusted by the (current) Directors and the community. | This is by far the biggest factor in choosing a Director. Technical skills can be learned, but trust has to be earned over a considerable time - this is trust from other Directors and also trust from the community. Leadership skill. | The ability to lead and make decisions for the entirely of GFL which benefit everyone. Communication | You should be able to communicate with virtually every part of GFL, whether that be old/new members should not matter. Technical skills/adaptability | The know how to be able to fix issues or just the common sense to handle having access to the entire community backend. Report to: Roy Division Leader Division Leaders are the heads of game divisions in GFL. They oversee all servers in their respective games and make sure that everything is doing well. They know their game well and keep tabs on what is going on in the community surrounding those games. With help from their managers, they move the division in the right direction. Responsibilities: Ensuring server managers are doing a proper job. Review server activity (e.g. SourceBans, player satisfaction, population, etc.). Opens and closes servers in order to seize opportunities to gain population. Act as an advisor when decisions are made. Be active within the community. Help managers with technical issues. Requirements: Skills in managing servers and teams Skills in backend server management Extensive contributions to the divisions Active GFL member Report to: Directors Server Manager Server Managers manage individual servers on a day-to-day basis. They ensure the gameplay is fresh and fun, the staff is active and pleasant, and that issues of any origin are fixed as soon as possible. They know their server and game-mode well from a conceptual level and can make informed decisions that will attract more population. Responsibilities: Ensuring their server is doing well by monitoring activity and being online often. Manage their server’s admins. Be able to configure their servers optimally. Keeping server up to date and running. Requirements: Active GFL member Extensive contributions to the server Additionally, should have some technical skills, though these can be taught. Report to: Division Leaders Community Advisor Mainly advisors for Division Leaders and Directors, however, they can have a word in any team/division. They are hand-picked by the Directors. Responsibilities: Contribute to decision making by Division Leaders and Directors. Manage the “Suggestions” section on the forums. Be a megaphone for the user-base by bringing their opinions up with staff. Requirements: Member+ Extensive contributions to GFL Good reputation among the community Server Admin Server Admins are heavily active players who have taken the duty of keeping the server clean and fun. They assist the Server Manager in making sure GFL delivers the best gaming experience possible. ^Depends on the server Responsibilities: Enforce the rules of the server Handle ban appeals/player reports in the respective server Look at Sourcebans when required Attend Server Meetings^ Assist the Server Manager in keeping the server nice and fun. Assist the Server Manager in decisions by voicing their opinions and the server population’s opinions. Be heavily active (defined by the Server Manager). Requirements: Active GFL member Member+ Report to: Server Manager Moderation Oversees communication server platforms (Discord, Forums or TeamSpeak) and enforces the rules of each server. Responsibilities: Enforce the rules of the platform Be active on the said platform Manage ban appeals and player reports for the respective platform Manage Discord suggestions by discussing with the fellow Moderators (Only Discord Moderators do this) Be transparent in non-personal discussions and decisions. Requirements: Member+ Active on the platform in question No infractions within the past 50 days Understand and follow the rules of the platforms Report to: Moderation Team Leader Public Relations Team The team of groups that each works on community-based endeavors such as events, social media, writing, graphics/art, video editors, streaming and advertising Responsibilities: Wherever applicable per group: Manage GFL Social Media pages | Social Media Manage GFL events | Event Streams | Streamers Edit and post videos in the targeted schedule | Video Editors and (depends) Streamers Release Newsletter in the targeted schedule | Newsletter Complete artwork for GFL as well as requests made by the community | GFX/Arts Be transparent in all decisions and discussions Requirements: Member One or more of the following: Have experience in managing events Have experience with managing social media Have experience with art Have experience with streaming or making videos Have experience with writing Report to: Media Team Leader Developer The developers of GFL that primarily work on server related items. Responsibilities: Produce technical and creative solutions to GFL related problems Work with managers to improve GFL wherever possible Work as part of a development team Requirements: Member Experience using SourceMod, Lua, PHP, or other languages (HTML/CSS will not suffice) Working with GIT or other development platforms Good programming and documentation practices Report to: Developer Team Leader Global Responsibilities and Requirements These are common to all the role mentioned above. Be transparent in non-personal discussions and decisions. Be available to be contacted by members of the community. Be active within the community and on its servers Changes to any definition can be made by the Directors and amendments can be made by contacting the Directors.
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    That sounds like a developer's job, but I'd imagine that it would be possible and easier (According to Darkling's post.) @Nick
  3. Since it doesn't count down like top-five... Avengers: Infinity War | Overall one of the most rewatchable movie this year. I just can't stop thinking about the end and a cliffhanger. All built up from 10 years to here, and I can't wait to see what's ahead for MCU after this. X-Men and Fantastic Four coming after the acquisition is finalized! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | I watched it this weekend, but this movie was released in 2018. This movie is actually rather exciting and entertaining with balanced of serious and humor. If this movie gets a sequel, then I can't wait for it. Ant-Man and the Wasp | Just a good movie, and it have some connections and hints towards to Avengers: Endgame. Aquaman | Good lore, interesting back-story, especially around the Atlantis, and it's somewhat entertaining. DCEU needs more of this with Batman and a possible sequel to Justice League Mission Impossible: Fallout | Henry Cavill did some solid acting as a spy. I can't wait to see him playing more in spy-themed films. Possibly the next James Bond after Daniel Craig? That's all for my opinion. Black Panther is in the top ten for me, though.
  4. I beat my PB in solo with a custom settings (previously 37) on Golf With Your Friends. Was needed since I wanted to beat my personal best before.




  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 25-cringe.gif

  6. Help please


  7. Thanks for opening my eye after we've talked last year. I hope you'll be at least be online on Discord.
  8. By watching movies/shows or use Discord until I fall asleep